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Health worker, domestic goddess, love Terry Pratchett who envisaged Bloody Stupid Johnson before anyone else had an inkling. Posts are my personal opinions

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Remember these tosspots when they start bleating about the importance of education for children, hungry children ca… @markjohnson @danielrembrandt @Ceemac6 @IanDunt Poor baby! maybe you should avoid these threads given you're so easily bored @markjohnson @danielrembrandt @Ceemac6 @IanDunt Why? Did they not know what they were voting for? @Margackiss @Concealcarrygrl @zeusFanHouse True friends with so much in common @b1_moore @mgtruth I have an assignment to write on the consequences of child poverty. I feel it's going to write itself atm @WelshDalaiLama Shouting pointlessly into the void .... again 🤔 @AlanPhi28707478 @SueSuezep @lewis_goodall @SadiqKhan @TfL Yours probably @PeterKGeoghegan @BBCRadio4 #ToryScumOut
@jamesh5500 @reid6peter @lewis_goodall Just a guess from your avatar, but you were brought up before the era of aus… @FactsReason @AmateurEconomix @lewis_goodall @MarcusRashford You are the avaricious, decaying, gluttonous maw of to… @MaireNiBrun1 @AllisonMorris1 Also pay up front for gas electricity etc @AllisonMorris1 What? Who decided what constituted lower class? @toastofworcesta @Otto_English Put your pearls away Nige! @Krista63231295 @DavidHenigUK @AndrewRosindell Krista buncha numbers has racked up over 17k tweets to her almost 17… @nannalaf54 @nadinebh_ @BBradley_Mans Botty mcbotface 🤖🤖🤖 @BBradley_Mans If only they were ratcatchers, sweetie makers, luxe clothing retailers or hedge funds, then they cou… @sonofshwing @awb58 @JP_Biz @SJAMcBride @StephenFarryMP Grow up idiot @sonofshwing @JP_Biz @SJAMcBride @StephenFarryMP Given you are one of the pro brexit numpties, the issue can be laid firmly at your door. @Colin00007 @ABridgen @Trudellpops Breach international law - no trade with the US Mr fake mayor @ToryRebuttal @AyoCaesar Maybe they should dress as ratcatchers and tender for a PPE contract at £108m, alternative… @robmclean1976 @mac35red @southlondonjohn @wheezylouse @davidschneider @AndyBurnhamGM You scratch my back and I'll… @daisie12roberts The horror, how can you cope? @Sweenbop Great grandparents eh! The sweep of history right there @OSchonrock @PoliticsSense @nickgutteridge After all this time, no political sense and no wit @TRobertsNI @nickgutteridge What remainer gallery? We have left, your comment is disingenuous nonsense @Sweenbop Elderly and on the swally early @_Coaching1 @Manoama89203646 @BeardedGenius Indeed he should have dressed up as a rat catcher and got a PPE contrac… @Jennijeremies @paddy_de @SimonHamilton @niexecutive I believe it is easier to resurrect business than dead people.… @neosevgism Looking very well lads 😘 @GuidoFawkes No connection between far right rag and No 10 @duckanddodge @RealityCheckIrl @DarranMarshall Facebook?? 🤣🤣🤣 @kngxstonesy @bigbluemailer @sekotser_ @DeborahMeaden @BorisJohnson I think it will be a moment in time when the co…
@BMcfitzy @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier He can barely string a coherent sentenc… @dsharpeswfc @sturdyAlex @GeordieRadar @AndyBurnhamGM Of course there's a bottomless pit 🤡, if you are a Tory donor… @NWJK @montie Think he will be before the asshat Johnson @gk5336 @montie Politics? Its peoples lives on the line peoples you absolute walloper @PeterKGeoghegan Maybe they could change careers to rat catchers or ballerinas that's where the money appears to be… @alfisutton @ayeshahazarika Awww has the sexually incontinent fat arse screwed up again ??? @Fudgel11 @DeborahMeaden @BorisJohnson £108 million was given to a rat catcher for PPE. A sweetie maker got anothe… @kngstonesy @bigbluemailer @sekotser_ @DeborahMeaden @BorisJohnson Doubt it. He cares about his constituents unlik… @sekotser_ @bigbluemailer @DeborahMeaden @BorisJohnson Why? Is it the fact he's not a tory donor with millions to spaff on his cronies? @clairejt If you don't find a use for it send it round, I've lost the poker @Choyaa13 Any chance of you getting on an executive committee? Feel competent solution focused leadership in a pan… @drjanaway Racist grandma @Russianbot1703 @geoffwilton2 @SamCadman2 @trussliz So not really interested in sovereignty then? Maybe have a rel… @Sceptified @AdamT69 @WillBlackWriter Just bellends like Wootton @Sceptified That's quite the stupidest comment, neither will lardass Johnson whose government had actually decided not to fund this @davidwilson1517 @LanceForman Like Russia? @911Amelia @LanceForman Where 👀?? @TartanJeff1968 @terrychristian Yes it's just you because you don't know the first think about farming. The reason… @darogade @Baileyphoto1 @MarkusFlemming3 @RhonddaBryant Your kids have my deepest sympathies @darogade @Baileyphoto1 @MarkusFlemming3 @RhonddaBryant From Covid? Know more that have died from Covid in the last… @darogade @Baileyphoto1 @MarkusFlemming3 @RhonddaBryant Like I said you are a conspiracy nut @darogade @Baileyphoto1 @MarkusFlemming3 @RhonddaBryant Your timeline Anti mask Anti vaxx Brexit White supremacy It… @darogade @Baileyphoto1 @MarkusFlemming3 @RhonddaBryant Nice to see the frothing KBF rage erupting to the surface. Keep safe @darogade @Baileyphoto1 @MarkusFlemming3 @RhonddaBryant Idiot @darogade @Baileyphoto1 @MarkusFlemming3 @RhonddaBryant You are a mask denier who disrespectful of other people's h… @darogade @MarkusFlemming3 @RhonddaBryant Really want? Shows the direction of travel @richardthehun @KymYSmith @StephenOld @jacqdodman I was kinda stunned when she sent me a pic of a pineapple plantation in Costa Rica @MarkusFlemming3 @RhonddaBryant You may have missed Dan's contribution to the harassment of Caroline Flack before h… @mikeytfc17 @RhonddaBryant @BelarusPolicy @danwootton Dan works for the Scum, he is not a mental health activist as… @flowesaunders68 @RhonddaBryant There is a public health emergency, agreeing or disagreeing is not the point. The m…
@MrVirtueSignal Does your Ma know you have broken into the Christmas supply? @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier The clown avatar at least shows a glimmering of insight @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier I'm going to have to block you for being an arse.… @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier You do know that demanding stuff like a toddler h… @KymYSmith @StephenOld @jacqdodman I had an argument on here with someone who believed growing pineapples commercia… @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier I don't think crayons count. @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier There is no deal on services. The EU has not rat… @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Hmm borders in Kent, more paperwork for haulage,… @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier So you are looking forward to the double whammy o… @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier You still here slabbering?? @Sweenbop @BorisFarage @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier He's stupid which is worrying. 1st Jan will be a… @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier No one said anything about stopping flights, the… @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Where is this Eire place you talk about?? We can… @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier This is hysterical gibberish, please calm yoursel… @BorisFarage @Sweenbop @dommyjonny11 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier You will of course not know that the UK has a hug… @RobertW48787695 @Prisoner0071 she won't shag you anyway Bobby @Prisoner0071 I think we can all agree you definitely are 🤣🤣🤣 @UnwinRichard @LeaveEUOfficial Given you have that super patriotic Russian troll bot David Jones as one of your fak… @Prisoner0071 @KarmaLlama01 If you are worried about your incontinence Karen, may I recommend some pelvic floor exe… @cottonswood @parkertron @Peston @theresa_may @michaelgove Botty mcbotface 🤖 @imasurvivor66 Poisonous old trout @chip_roh @Mij_Europe You are a fine heft of a man ... her loss @clairejt Congratulations 👏
@twlldun Enjoying the ratio 👍 @Ciaraioch @MsVColquhoun I have screwed up umpteen times in my life, no jellyfish were involved. There were dogs tho @RationalPanic Can't cope wit this @MartinTwigs68 @hedleyfarquhar @joepublic121212 @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 Elderly people get confused it's OK @MartinTwigs68 @joepublic121212 @hedleyfarquhar @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 They haven't , go home ya eejit @MartinTwigs68 @joepublic121212 @hedleyfarquhar @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 They have pumped huge amounts of money to… @MartinTwigs68 @joepublic121212 @hedleyfarquhar @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 Have you joined a club? They are keen on… @joepublic121212 @Urbain_Toreador @MartinTwigs68 @hedleyfarquhar @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 More bunchanumbers shit… @joepublic121212 @hedleyfarquhar @MartinTwigs68 @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 Do you live here? If you sign a contract… @joepublic121212 @MartinTwigs68 @hedleyfarquhar @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 You can do what you like, it will act lik… @joepublic121212 @hedleyfarquhar @MartinTwigs68 @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 Back under your bridge troll 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤡🤡 @joepublic121212 @hedleyfarquhar @MartinTwigs68 @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 The orange berk is going to jail and rene… @joepublic121212 @MartinTwigs68 @hedleyfarquhar @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 Not agreeing with a treaty you prorouged… @BethanAngharadL Start with The Stand @MartinTwigs68 @hedleyfarquhar @bernardjenkin @slimbad92 You mean break the law