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@c_squared13 Those were good times 306!! @monetthismoment
Retweeted by brandoooooOmg now I get what y’all were trying to do lol. My big head is in the way 🤣
5/ And so my advice to every founder is this: Make time to think. It is quite literally a competitive advantage.…
Retweeted by brandoooooOrganizers tweet every damn day what can be done outside of electoral politics and y’all are STILL asking “what’s the alternative?”
Retweeted by brandoooooThe Fastt team is off to a great start #launchpadsw #ny a stranger presumes you as a bad person, what do you think is the reason?Do you often feel jealous? If so, why?What worries you the most at the moment?Describe the most humiliating thing you’ve experienced?What was the last time you acted irrationally? What happened?I wanna touch it
Retweeted by brandooooo @c_squared13 A serve 💅
What was I thinking giving away my squatty potty 🤦‍♂️Every time I see him (since he leaked his nude) I think about his meat. Send help! went to a virtual conference all day today and it was awesome. Conferences need to stay virtual. The virtual p… @kieranbedford_ I like it, I just be forgetting it exists lol
God be moving so funny. Like he don’t care what you be whining about switching from being a troll on this account to talking about politics in a span of two tweets
Retweeted by brandoooooI wonder what Twitter would be like if Tr*mp wins againy'all are too quick
Retweeted by brandoooooIf this ain’t going to be the high speed trains they got in Japan, I don’t see it’all better not say nothing when I pop up on IG with dreads 🤣 way she bout to be sounding like Summer Walker. We won"we got london on da track" "yuh"
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“Crystal was concerned—-She should be” takes me out 💀💀’d get so frustrated when they wouldn’t get embarrassed when I called them out for stuff (mainly a lack of cleanli… is so powerful. I wish the whole black community could hear this. I’ve noticed that embarrassment and shame… when she made nightride
Retweeted by brandoooooyou can leave your front door cracked a lil bit according to a new study conducted by mosquitos and flies
Retweeted by brandooooo🍄 USING SHROOMS TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFE - THREAD 🍄 These fantastic fungi have a lot to offer, if you're looking for:…
Retweeted by brandooooo#ENDSARS 🇳🇬
Retweeted by brandoooooKids are so funny. Trying to be more childlike everyday do I actually want to watch? 😂 organ just dropped
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If prison is meant to “rehabilitate” the inmates, and he’s been incarcerated for 5 years, doesn’t that mean the PRI…
Retweeted by brandoooooAccording to the Indian consulate, at least 2 Indian labourers commit suicide in Dubai each week. This city is lite…
Retweeted by brandoooooMe and @breerunway have a song! AND IT BANGSSS 😛💕
Retweeted by brandoooooA MOOOOOD. 😎✨
Retweeted by brandooooome pretending this is healthy
Retweeted by brandoooooPurrr
Not to be dramatic but switching to natural deodorant has changed my life! I’ve got a whole new perspective on cleanlinessKaty perry had to improvise her whole SNL bon appetit performance when Migos refused to be on stage with drag queen…
Retweeted by brandooooo @Nacho_Oshe @serkif @SolBrah @modernrogueshow @shwood What if there was an implant that monitored your health? (Nut…
Why did my homemade body butter crack the mason jar I had it in???
this the most NY video i ever seen 😳
Retweeted by brandoooooMy children will know inner peace and how to connect within at an early age ✨✨
Retweeted by brandoooooNot eating out got my grocery Bill going crazy! What do I be eating?!?!“Around 1900 Nigerians were killed by security forces in 2020.” That’s more than twice the amount of people killed…
Retweeted by brandoooooTHE BADDEST.
Retweeted by brandoooooJessie J will have her huge comeback.
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Wasn’t expecting this. Pleasantly surprised’all was calling them kids weird. it’s true.
Retweeted by brandoooooJust got my first pair of Lululemon shorts. I love how they feel and that they’re made of recycled fabric but they…’s normally a little corny but she’s been on a hot streak lately interview of how Plies got his name is killing me
Retweeted by brandooooo @StlTez1 Yes tips are appreciated! Back when I used to binge drink frequently, it would send me into a deep depress…
“i’m a guy who likes guys idgaf about ariana grande or drag race”
Retweeted by brandoooooI don’t see how y’all like white light over warm light. I am not a lab rat!My mom did Italian nachos this time. Really don't think there's a dish she can't make well 😳@ChefLisaBrooks
Retweeted by brandoooooI don’t know how folk don’t know basic cooking techniques at age 20!
Retweeted by brandoooooYeah life ain’t gonna be much different in 2021 #WholeLottaChoppas 🚀🚨
Retweeted by brandoooooYes
Retweeted by brandooooothe fact that this is 4 different reaction videos in one is SENDING ME /!]>,\€|>
Retweeted by brandoooooThe way my mail in ballot has been sitting in my apartment’s outbox for a week sure if it’s registering for people but the world literally can’t afford to ignore what’s happening in Nigeria right now. This is huge
Retweeted by brandooooothis man was mesmerised
Retweeted by brandoooooDid they teach us how to do cpr in high school?Y’all making memes but the song kinda hot if you listen to the whole thing“Say their names or keep it on the playground”
Retweeted by brandoooooThe way my mouth dropped 💀💀💀
Retweeted by brandoooooIt's honestly so hilarious how the takeaway from that election has been "We just need to vote more!" Instead of "Ab…
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We halfway through October and I ain’t seen no pomegranates in the grocery store yet deleting this App 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by brandoooooApartments should be sound proof
Retweeted by brandoooooThe ig memes are hitting today spilled omg
Retweeted by brandooooo“Ariana oversaturating the market can she please go away”
Retweeted by brandoooooThey do all that but when you ask them to do a v-lookup in excel it’s 🦗🦗 celebs “dragging” Trump in an attempt to be relatable and funny is so tired to me. especially when they show…
Retweeted by brandoooooThis is what happens with "reforms."
Retweeted by brandoooooNot to be a dick but why do you have your Instagram in your bio if your account is private like who is this for
Retweeted by brandoooooThe techniques mentioned in this podcast definitely helped me dramatically shift my outlook on life. After putting… @bagofmilk420 I know it’s tough to snap out of that mindset but It’s never too late to start being the star of your own life“How did that make you feel?” “Why did ____ trigger such a strong reaction from you?” “How have you processed that?… great reminder to be a better listener through compassion and empathy. When people tell you about their problems… if @IthacaDSA is organizing any online presence at the public forum on police reform on Thursday? mindset will have you jumping to do things because of fear that the “opportunity” or thing won’t happen again
Retweeted by brandooooowhy do gays like scary movies so much can’t we just watch something and SMILE
Retweeted by brandoooooWhat reform instead of systemic change looks like......
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Phones are really on the way out. The only thing manufactures are doing is making them cheaper and/or minimal perfo… better way to “network:” Send more cold emails. Don’t ask for anything. Express gratitude for their work. Never…
Retweeted by brandoooooNormalize saying “I don’t know enough to have an opinion.”
Retweeted by brandoooooapple explaining the difference between the iphone x, xs, 11, and 12
Retweeted by brandooooorent free
Retweeted by brandoooooYou guys would not believe the roller coaster of emotions I’ve been through
Retweeted by brandooooo"Nonwhite voters are seven times more likely than white voters to wait in line for more than an hour to vote." SEV…
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