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@contrarianEPS @thebluehue_ @adi2five @RNTata2000 Nope Arora Ji. You are undervalued. You deserve more popularity.… quality > Growth.Today's #Infographic: The Loss & Gain Cycle in the Market How much Y% gains do you need to recover from X% losses?…
Retweeted by Money TheoryPent up demand supporting the September quarter across industries. Source: Asian paints ltd latest PPT. @durgeshskumar Not an expert.Stay local. Think Global.
Retweeted by Money TheoryAnother great thread by @ShubhamAggarwl on Term insurance. Must read. time to create assets. Use assets to create time.Your time is limited. Your energy is limited. Your money is limited.
Retweeted by Money Theory @naval Hi everyone, Naval has tweeted. Now you can see every single possible dimension of his original tweet in the… you trade your health for money, soon you have to trade your money for health.
@stocks_in I trade stocks. I am helping brokers, government, depository participants :-)When stocks in your watchlist increasing in price daily. in High debt businesses using high debt = Bankruptcy zone.Invest in yourself.
Retweeted by Money TheoryDebt can grow your business faster. Debt can kill your business faster too.
Retweeted by Money Theory @vintm2295 Haha. @vintm2295 Yes. It is. In that case, after 5 years, you owe some money to AMC.Curate to borrow attention. Create to build attention. - @jackbutcher
Me: Buys a mutual fund from AMC. 1 month passed AMC: Your expense ratio increased. 2 months passed AMC: Your… are the new blogs. @AnishA_Moonka We are living in history. Let someone write in the future after the dust settles. @LongtrmInvests An extract from the CRISIL credit rating report dated June 18, 2020. 50 is the real hero. It has a solid allocation in reliance industries in its portfolio before all those momentum guys caught it.
Retweeted by Money Theory @contrarianEPS My hunch is these coffee cans rather than falling abruptly like a fraud NBFC, may underperform for long periods. @SmartSyncServ @FI_InvestIndia Nicely written. Want to add one small point. Replace EBIT with Op cash flow in the i… long string of impressive numbers multiplied by a single zero always equals zero. - Warren BuffetSocial media: •Time waster for consumers •Money gainer for producers
Invest in an asset or produce an asset.
Retweeted by Money TheoryYou only lose what you cling to - Gautama Buddha
Retweeted by Money Theory @FI_InvestIndia Brilliant writing Sir Ji. Positivity spreads all over the place in your words. You have understood… @Prashanth_Krish Congrats @Prashanth_Krish . Wish you all the best. Hope the advisory services become a huge success. @jaganmsna It makes sense now. Instead of saying "best is over", they are saying "worst is over" since 2010.Nifty 50 is the real hero. It has a solid allocation in reliance industries in its portfolio before all those momentum guys caught it. @TheAnkitThakker As of now, eat dark fantasy biscuits friend. Will post soon.Expecting privacy from Google is like expecting multi-bagger returns from a PSU bank.It is a New Day. It is also a great day to learn about the excellent metric 'Cash flows from operations'
Overconfidence + Ignorance = Recipe for failure
Retweeted by Money Theory @thebluehue_ That is the price you pay for fast growth.Debt can grow your business faster. Debt can kill your business faster too. @thebluehue_ Only if the cost of debt < Return on investment @janibaba_jb Narratives drink. @vishal_bhatia91 Haha. @abhishec_s Two words 'retail deposits', 'short term' provides the answer. The bank should take a hit on profits. @mikgeoth @mangubamboo Let me know what u think about Exide diversification into the insurance business. @PalakKobawala Let's hope so. @AvinashOjha007 Why?ITC Ltd fair value is Rs 1000. Here is my SOTP calculation: FMCG: Rs 8000/share Hotels: Rs -1000/share Cigarette… @passivefool Wonderful thread. Wish it was much shorter. @Vivek_Investor What about the remaining 35%, Vivek Ji.Life insurance simplified. Great work @ShubhamAggarwl @AdityaD_Shah A mega IPO of a big company called LIC coming soon. I expect a similar result. @thebluehue_ Beware, focussed funds might be cloning your portfolio after that 10x fiver gain 😉 @iamgonnatweet Already said. Turnaround. @iamgonnatweet No specific reason. For fun and discussion purpose.Share one stock in your portfolio and tell me what you are betting on. I start with mine: Tata Power Ltd, betting on Turnaround.Emotion makes you react. Logic makes you respond.Law of attraction: Ask, Believe, Receive Law of action: Believe, Act, Receive
Time is investor's friend, borrower's enemy.
Retweeted by Money Theory @Mjkfinvestment Top 10 stocks constitute 62.07% of Nifty 50.Concept of 'Pay yourself first': Today I will talk about this simple yet powerful concept and how you can implemen…
Retweeted by Money Theory @BrianFeroldi You should replace profits with cash flows from operations.Invest in yourself.Can't explain better than this on e-commerce sale.
@uniQhemanth Thank you. Not a book summary though. Robert Kiyosaki has talked about this concept in one of the chap… @VidyaG88 @Vivek_Investor Nice work madam.Good tweets get likes. Better tweets get retweets. Best tweets get bookmarks. @gvkreddi Ok. Thank you. @Keyur3404 Start now :-) @amoalsale Great job. @Prashanth_Krish @paragparikh The rat race. @AdityaD_Shah Don't know which book, but this point is fair. @varinder_bansal Old news. It is to De-leverage the balance sheet.Hi all, let me know how much you 'Pay Yourself First' :-) @Cryptomation2 Thank you for your support.That's it, folks. Hope you enjoyed reading. Like and retweet if you find the thread value-added. Have a great day.Long story short, Get SIP notifications instead of EMI notifications at the beginning of the month. To conclude,… •You are prepared financially •You are making you as a priority •You are creating good savings habitsSome tips: •Reduce your expenses •Do not touch your savings •Create alternative incomes •Maintain separate ban… word: Simply 'pay yourself first' a % of your income (say 10%-20%) initially even if you don't have any fina… instance, say you want to buy a car which costs Rs 4,80,000 after 5 years. You save and invest Rs 8000 per mont… normal way (With a plan) Say after watching personal finance videos all day, your IQ rose a little bit. You ha… instance, say your monthly income is Rs 10,000, monthly expenses are Rs 8,000 bringing net cash to Rs 2,000.…, you take the time to calculate Your monthly income Your monthly expenses To arrive at how much amount you can pay yourselfThe normal way (without a plan): Here, you don't want to pay yourself whatever the amount you want every single ti… landlord is ready to throw you off the house, Your taxman is ready to fine you, Your creditors are ready to su… The rich dad way This way is pretty hard for most of us to practice. Here you 'pay yourself first' every sin… said that, there are two ways you can practice this 1. The rich dad way 2. The normal wayOne notable point here is 'Pay yourself first' means not only to save first but also to channel your savings into i… is a diagram from the book rich dad poor dad that explains it nicely. Take a moment to observe the direction o…'Pay yourself first' is an investor mentality where you automatically route a specified savings contribution from e… this is where the concept of 'pay yourself first' comes in. This is a statement first coined by George in his b… assume you as a normal employee who works for money, gets a paycheck monthly, pay your bills, spend money on life…, so I assume you are not Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg who have created path-breaking products that generate income forever.Concept of 'Pay yourself first': Today I will talk about this simple yet powerful concept and how you can implemen… @Vivek_Investor Scarcity premium. These companies defy valuation principles.Overconfidence + Ignorance = Recipe for failure
Most of the free guides out there end at paid links. @gvkreddi Hi there, I wanted to know how much weightage does top 10 stocks constituted in the nifty 50 index over t…