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@BigBucksBryant The only person who cares about our personalities is our mom😒😔💀I really like this💯 We always need to remember there is billions of people out there that are not as lucky as us.… @TheWiseEffect @SaveYourSons @thehdmovement I agree 100% @LaComputadora14 I agree but more blame falls to the board and management. They should have told Rakitic to start l… @TheWiseEffect @SaveYourSons @thehdmovement I think we have officially reached that stage honestly 👎 @laalex2 @gracielenzner2 The only option we have is to teach our daughters and raise them different. Most women wo… @TWayneHicks You had me at Church Goers🔥🔥🔥💯 @AskTheGiver Creating memories with people you love💯-Cut the sugar, carbs and junk -Eat protein, fruits and drink lots of water @CoachJoeHart I am saving money to go for surgery immediately (it's a personal embarrassing one I don't want to say here publicly) @lawrencekingyo I would have told myself to start dieting I can't stress how life changing eating healthy is 🔥 @BigBucksBryant I don't get why people buy books on "what women want"🙄 The answer is obvious, Get ript and make cas… rather have someone’s trust than access to their bank account
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@networkwithlyn I know man, you spend hours overthinking trying to come up with the master plan. If it takes too l… @BuildBigMoney1 My first book is almost ready. It's done, I'm just building up the landing pages now bro💪 @BuildBigMoney1 I definitely have higher expectations but I wanted to give a most rational answer I'm definitely s… @KalebFirkins @Hormetik @alpharivelino Don't know why but I like it sometimes...for example Maria Sharapova and Let… @alpharivelino This guy is such an idiot. It was so annoying seeing girls praise him on the tl 24/7🙄 @BuildBigMoney1 I think for me the lowest expectations I have for myself in the next 3 years are: -20k -Medical Bi… @ThinkInPeach I see it the same way💯 Without religion people are lost judging from the behavior Atheists @mathewchicks Sure man💪 I hope I will also get results like that soon
@JulianaStewart_ I noticed that because I always see Western men praise Easten women and I'm like WTF...they more c… @JulianaStewart_ A WHOLE...NOTHER LEVEL! Don't believe what you see in the Bollywood movies, it's all fake! In… @alpharivelino Its honestly brainwashing you That's why people think they wont get influenced but end falling into… @RationalMale This!
Retweeted by Life Assistance @thedatingboss @JulianaStewart_ I was gonna say shut up, then I saw your profile pic...and it looks so damn good...anyway shut up @JulianaStewart_ I wish women in India were like this, Eastern women are the strongest feminists you will ever find. A whole nother level @LuisSuarez9 @FCBarcelona_es I don't feel sorry for him He ruined his own Barca career by not taking his health se… @PhilMitchell83 The moment a man talks about his pain, he is insulted for being weak and accused of having a fragil… @MllcKenzie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @EcomEmily Not be selfish Think about it... @jxelofficial @fakestpua @DonovansDen I think what he means is, it's amazing how men constantly shit on their own g… @kaylienaylor @simsimmaaz Thank you. Hopefully you will advise those women to pull their heads out their asses and… @mindstatex Haven't practiced this lol but I can control each eyebrow @FitFounder I don't think they were very successful then ?😂 @mathewchicks That's an incredible amount dude🔥 @SycamoreFlint @BrittanyVenti No that tweet wasn't so bad but the other ones I see are. You just tweet anything ins… @kaylienaylor @simsimmaaz 99% of straight women born after the year 1990 @ouspapa1 @TellYourSonThis You never did...and don't worry nobody cares about your account @simsimmaaz Men can't communicate their feelings Because women claim men have fragile egos everytime they mention… @BrittanyVenti Anything that degrades or humiliates men gets Likes now tbh @ouspapa1 @TellYourSonThis I'm just being humble for a sec, I have some good women following me, that's why. @alpharivelino It does...and most likely I am BUT Being bitter doesn't mean it isn't truthful☝️ (I don't date anyone over 21) @mindstatex I agree, that's how things should be but unfortunately it doesn't go down like that👎 I don't like shout…
@anymanfitness Impressive af🔥🔥🔥 And yes Pizza is the ultimate cheat food🤤 @BrandonAldae @AskTheGiver You can control it for sure, trust me. I went from gaming over 8 hours a day to gaming 2… @LuisTheWiz It's so damaging and frustrating. I'm seeing people encourage racism and turn on their parents because… @muslimahpaintsx Your skills are unbelievable 🔥🔥🔥 AMAZING 💚 @SemperFiMessi Prime Suarez is the best player in EPL history tbh @mindstatex Sometimes it necessary 🤷‍♂️ Most ppl don't stop to listen until you get serious @MoneySarahHills They making alot of money but that company is such SHIT rn its unbelievable They have been trash… @mindstatex Judging from most people I've met...its a mental thing...most guys think women are special Angel's that… @alpharivelino The moment you realize can make almost any girl lose control and jump into bed with you @alpharivelino Personally for me the cursing is what REALLYYYY gets on my just looks so FUCKIN UGLY 😖😖 @Lamb_Bytes @taryntesta @amymastrine Nononono that is the past. Its 2020 and the game has changed. The pressure is… @mindstatex I understand but you'll notice men have energy to fight for womens rights but not their own. And that's… @AskTheGiver Its dumb... If you gonna hate on men playing video games cause it gets you nowhere then hate on ppl fo… @kanwalful Yeah and if women wasn't on the planet for 24 hours Men will finally understand what peace actually is Says alot @BitsyItsySpidy @Faahahahahahad @kanwalful Lol your tweets are not gonna change men you brainless idiots... Women… @livinginloveee Can I strangle you?😑... 😖I just can't handle you LOOK for a problem in EVERYYYYTHING!… @ThinkInPeach I agree People think "she will change" and it never happens, they just go through more and more shit with her @CJ_Johnson17th That's ALOT lmfao @livinginloveee I can't reply to you anymore. Sorry. If you ever manage to drop your pride, my DM is open TC💚 @JoshuaLisec Freedom is the ultimate goal💯😁 @JoshuaLisec I want someone else to run it so I can play videogamez😄 @thericklowe True I mean if its'll learn nothing @WealthMail Agree, not giving up is the biggest challenge I think @taryntesta @Lamb_Bytes @amymastrine @_hannah_ramsay @themultibeast @amymastrine @amymastrine I agree with you BUT Women keep saying they don't want to marry virgins, they always say they want a… @mindstatex You have almost 6000 followers but not even one guy retweeted this...THAT is what pisses me off so much… you can't debate how everyone has their advantages and disadvantages 🤷🏻‍♀️. Because of differences in upbring…
Retweeted by Life Assistance @TheDeeGroup I used to do that...when I was a kid. @XaviercMiller Pretty sure it was not a female that got such a harsh sentence
Wrote about 1400 words for my book today Should be ready for release in 2 days Its gonna be something everyone w…
Retweeted by Life AssistanceI can relate so much to this When I was morbidly obese in 2017, I didn't even want to go out with my friends and b…
Retweeted by Life Assistance @PriyankaRSA She's an attention seeking privileged coward.Guys, trust me Stick to ones that are free, Don't waste your money buying Twitter and Instagram guides The apps h… @KEEMSTAR So she cried on TV like an innocent virgin and said she regretted showing her body And now she does thi… cried on TV saying it wasn't her fault that she did porn, it was the men that "tricked" her (she was a grown ad… @CureIncome Same Use the 9 to 5 income to finance that side hustle @BumOfBarca Have you seen her insta?
@alpharivelino This guy is the worst ffs @MoneyPheonix Can't control this man...cant🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ its human nature? @livinginloveee Just shurup for one day...just for one day atleast...its so early and you still doing this shit Why… @paik_michael Girls that say men that cook are sexy are either dominant or lying...Christian Grey never cooked shit tbhAs little stress as possible @thericklowe That clown blocked me lmfaoYou can only tweet honest opinions when you have atleast 6k followers Otherwise its seen as whining🙄 @tem_ryn That's the best you could come up with...that's it???? Bad bad bad And I do know you...its all over your… @thericklowe I agree bro🤔💯 @BumOfBarca What the😱😱😱 WHAT!.....WHY??? like why???I can relate so much to this When I was morbidly obese in 2017, I didn't even want to go out with my friends and b…'s that energy you give off. People can sense it and feed of it. Always believe in yourself and your ability 🔥 @BumOfBarca I'm not shaming them tho, it's just...surprising to me🤷‍♂️ I'm gonna take a guess you are a Sommer Ray fan lol? @tem_ryn No I was talking to you in a respectful adult way but you respond like an enraged child Not surprised @BumOfBarca Me too bro But you know something...I think most guys prefer boobs...I dont know why but even my bros h… @BumOfBarca Which one are you? Boobs > butt or butt > boobs? @KharonLaQua 😁🔥🔥🔥🔥🤝🤝🤝 That guys lyrics are printed in my head by now @BumOfBarca I was thinking about it but I think she has to atleast have a good butt as well...because when you are…