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liFe is siMpLE.don't compLicATE iT. #paperChasing #MUFC

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A true relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. No secrets and no lies.
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!! a girlfriend i'm never going to be okay with you being around girls that like you or liked you. idc if you don't like them back..
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @mannie___ross adey die @mannie___ross 🤣😂😂see vanish @queeninghere @silvadalla9 aah so dem really wait 🤣😂 @Kofi_Floki oh charley @__striiker 🤣😂🤣 you this guy @bob_lyttle hoh ma guy ebi booze den sleep ego happen @solopteng young dumb and broke🤣😂 @Koffy_9 i doubt this meet and greet was arranged with her organizers.coz she dey she doesn't know wharris going on @Koffy_9 🤣🤣😂😂🤣you are a mess @solopteng Wabon toooo muchyou see say your head die🤣😂 @Kofi_Floki that track is🔥🔥🔥 @DarrenKenDoll @wayne_mensah @Mr_MoReDeY fish head 🤣😂 @DarrenKenDoll @wayne_mensah @Mr_MoReDeY you will regret this @wayne_mensah @DarrenKenDoll @Mr_MoReDeY why your something lost?? @DarrenKenDoll @wayne_mensah @Mr_MoReDeY 🤣😂Shimzy come and lemme show you something @wayne_mensah @Mr_MoReDeY diced pineapples with a glass of orange juice and ice😒Then mine is not a brain coz it is always food,food,food and food real boyfriend: calls you for nothing texts you all the time wants to see you gets jealous is overprotective
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people.
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She’s in her “you gotta prove everything you say to me“ phase of life because she been taken for granted too many times.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Who else is coming to Serallio, Osu tomorrow for my show? 🔥🔥❤️
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Tonight the #AposorLove Tour hits @Serallio. @Kofi_Mole and a host of other acts coming through with the energy. Pu…
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭We are happy to announce THE ANNEX is ending with a bang 💥 We present LAST DAYS ARE DANGEROUS: The Concert Happen…
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@Kofi_Floki drink proper booze and stop the gin gin @perdo_tundra iknow but why is it news?You needed me, I was there. I needed you, and suddenly you were always busy.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭If you knew how much I didn’t fuck with anyone else, you’d appreciate how much I fuck with you
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @fiifiwaddle_ or adey lie??gym boys i get sef you dey 😁The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @officialapenten well i don't care about anybody so no need sharing🤷🏽‍♀️ @elorm18 everyday eyes ad3n?? @iansuzir relax s3n.tchewGiving the wrong people the right attention then realizing later can emotionally drain you.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Imagine a girlfriend that includes you in her prayers. 😩
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭this is point where i will organize boys for you.sia go and look for your own boy🙄 @NanaTinasi @Eddy_Acquah @SoP_dee lmao i have tickets at very cool up
A real girlfriend is going to act like she's your mom, Bestfriend and Girlfriend 3 in 1😘😘💗
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ Lonely is not a feeling when you are alone. Lonely is a feeling when no one cares. .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you, because one sided expectations can mentally destroy you.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Reassurance hits different when it’s not requested!
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @YawPerfumedRice mm the better for you @YawPerfumedRice you figa we dey play for here @YawPerfumedRice 72 please plus $1million @YawPerfumedRice 🙄 come and appease the gods @Endwd_DJ 🤣😂please i am sorry.i didn’t mean it that way my MCForever😁 @YawPerfumedRice oh mmai @Bra_Kwame__ @Chef_Keeks @shikatee_ you never try😭it has started ending in tears for all of you 😂🤣 @YawPerfumedRice 😒 @Chef_Keeks @shikatee_ is this food finished??i want someOften, it's the people you meet by "accident" that end up becoming the most important people in your life.
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@ManlikeTakor @Mzz_rayna @obenewaa_miel she was in Limann i moved from Sey to Kwapong @Mzz_rayna @ManlikeTakor lol she say keys Janet??Limann🤣😂 @obenewaa_miel come and see what keli is doing here @ManlikeTakor @Mzz_rayna ei i am sure it was doppelganger @ManlikeTakor @Mzz_rayna catch your sub @ManlikeTakor @Mzz_rayna Onga had a jollof thingy?🤔 @ManlikeTakor @Mzz_rayna have you met me in town chilling before?? @ManlikeTakor @Mzz_rayna mmm chill and leave us out okay @obenewaa_miel go and get him to follow you @_nenesenor @elorm18 @PhanuelParbey suugaaarrrrrrrMy life isn't perfect, but I'm thankful for everything I have.
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afternoon high is lit😁some of you should stop wearing glasses.i become a very terrible person when i'm pissed off, that's why i avoid triggering people and situations. it's more…
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭i need a higher dosage 😩😭 @NanaTinasi 🤔I seriously can't stop missing you.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭I miss being little kid with no stress, worries, or care in the world.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭in the wilderness all alone😒 @lordpaper_ @DJ_K3V please it vanished from spotify @oseitutu22 @Kofi_Floki hmmm you have no idea he's more than a life saverveeeery true
happy birthday hun @RobbyMusicgh.more wins next year 💃👯‍♀️ @elorm18 yes please @mister_koda @Kofi_Floki please what we have is working perfectly.abegyu @elorm18 don't you think i stress taya?so like joke like joke i am lovesick?ei?
just because the LOML is gone on a trip,i am lonely and sick.this one de3 i fall finish😒😭"are u ok?" no, i'm not. not at all. i'm depressed. my life is falling apart. i want to tell someone. maybe i shou…
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @Kofi_Floki oh i can do 20mins...max 3/4hrs @Kofi_Floki 😁the samtin has been given so i make fine lowkeys/o to man like saved my life bruh😘
i need a solid distraction right now😩
When i finally get rich, deep in my heart, there are some people in my life who'll receive random alert from me wit…
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Trust and communication are the foundation of a healthy relationship.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @iam_skamal 🤣😂😂🤣part 3??like is there a part 2 to this 🤣😂🤣 the nigga started feeling like father Abraham after he's chopped the girl and sh… part of “hiiii” do u not get??? i am in love with u
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Takes years for some moves to play out so you just have to be patient with people because their real intentions tow…
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Psychology says, you realize you love someone when you want them to be happy, even if its not with you.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @QWecuvic 🤔 @QWecuvic come let's talk then @joe_cavani2 i sleep80% of people keep their feelings to themselves because they believe it’s hard for others to understand their pain.
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