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miss_harvey🍭 @monibertha none of your business.

liFe is siMpLE.don't compLicATE iT. #paperChasing #MUFC

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@emepha_nanci migraine Charley @joe_cavani2 at all @joe_cavani2 lol they have heard youa very terrible night🤦🏼‍♀️Guys who cum🍆🍑💦and then continue fucking like nothing happend, they're the best.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭I can't seem to explain my feelings anymore... It's too many things I can't understand...I miss when life wasn't this complicated
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Speak to people in a way that if they died the next minute you'd be satisfied with the last thing you said to them.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Val’s day offer!!! Buy an iPhone XS Max or above and get a free ticket to see a movie with your partner at the mall…
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @Pick_up_stores @Mp_o_maa @Mzz_rayna lmao Rayna this be where you catch?? @joe_cavani2 ah but what is the use of housekeepers🙄 @skulteaf @emepha_nanci oh fior
unbearable pain 😩😭Sleeping next to someone you love not only reduces depression, but it helps you live longer, and makes you fall asleep faster...
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @Gh1_Ghost hahahah mati @Gh1_Ghost nice to meet you @fatbellynana more vimsomething nice must be done for someone's son pretty soonIf you need body splash @monibertha is your plug!!!! Hit her up and thank me later🤗🤗
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭hmmm it shall be well
this thing called life is getting scary eiOver here guys
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭some few more to go.kindly dm me for cool deals.t for tenkz😁 I go missing during a party I prolly found some food 😩😩
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭don't settle for a love you have to beg for
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭If I ever marry I hope it's with the one I truly love
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @obenewaa_miel @yo_kreamy he likes that @obenewaa_miel @yo_kreamy but this nigga ankasa who called him here🙄Hi Guys... I'm up for eviction this week on the #FrytolEnrichingLives show... I need your votes to help me progress…
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the gpa or the whatever you people should leave it for science and engineering students. na humanities aaah well....Single room self contain Needed urgently Preferred location: Tesano, Achimota, Dansoman, Lapaz and environs
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Once you have a girlfriend, stop being friendly with other girls 🙄
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @obenewaa_miel 😂🤣😂🤣hooooho shaaaame. @obenewaa_miel 😞i won't mind you @obenewaa_miel 😂😂🤣🤣i will keep shouting if you don't behave @obenewaa_miel 😂😂😂🤣🤣fewlish @obenewaa_miel eediat. you have got morning sex so you are here displaying @obenewaa_miel you are one of the people I will really shit on when i get one aswear😂🤣When you’re the one others rely on... who do you rely on for help when you need it?
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @obenewaa_miel fiw @obenewaa_miel oh fior😂🤣 @obenewaa_miel but you this girl do you know that you are a fool @obenewaa_miel he should go fvck himself gyimiii😂🤣Eminem still slapping with Hardcore bars. Young M.A ❤️
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @Chef_Keeks 😂🤣🤣😂ahForget about club/disco nights. I just want all my nights to be with you ♥️
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @obenewaa_miel we that don't have the boyfriend some de3 hmm
This is the tweet Ladies go get yours
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭I have seen #TwittaUniversity trend a whole lot of stuff
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭For all your social media marketing #TwittaUniversity
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭For quality contents #TwittaUniversity
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @gershon_dzansi hmmm @Dwillsrepgh @maamie_araba i will check your heels out soon tooI really want to be pampered this evening
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @King_Izzle okay @obenewaa_miel sia banku 🤣 @obenewaa_miel don't be sillyLaaaadieessssss💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 Make you sure smell good when you step out. Follow @monibertha and get your body splashes i…
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭someone should make me smile today erh 😪i need it. @gershon_dzansi HmmmIf I spend money on you it’s not because I got it like that .. it’s because I got you like that .
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭i really don’t understand why some people touch me when they’re talking to me. I can hear you very well, no need to touch me.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭this is a gathering i will stop and say yo what you niggas dey do for here?? is sooo fvcking short😭 @Fiifiknowless please sleep!!
like why why???😭😭see erh my bestfriend sent me an appreciation monologue 2days ago.i was actually supposed to wake up to it buh unfo… distin go happen for the ghana here!!! @AcquahBertha herh herh herhThe Chairman 🔥🔥Don’t ghost on me and show up later and pretend like we cool
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @emepha_nanci maybe she wasn't your friend or you didn't like herIf you need me, call me. I don't care if I'm: - sleeping - having my own problems - angry with you. I'll be there for you.
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭 @Kaypoisson1 😂🤣🤣abeg na correct sha @Stiiixx 😂😂🤣😂i think i should switch back to my old fooling self after all who "primpro" help🤷🏽‍♀️ @obenewaa_mielblinded by your Grace🙏🏽 @officialapenten happy birthday 🎉 🎊.lunch is on me okaysee are you okay??? @_ketturah_ they better doyou treat a female good she ain’t gone see no other nigga but you
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭Trying to get a man to see things your way is harddddd. Even if you reverse the situation and explain it, nope. Nev…
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭I play dumb just to see if you gone lie
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭do you ever hangout with someone for hours and hours and hours, but still miss them the second they leave???? because same
Retweeted by miss_harvey🍭trash🙄 this guy dances better than some of us here 😍 @_ketturah_ hmm how to iron this morning is even an extra headacheGet these body splash and perfumes from @monibertha. Just hit her dm and she will sort you
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@AbeikuLytle @ewuramaaaa oh no but u why lolthe song+the singer @NanaTinasi 😂🤣e chill @NanaTinasi lmho.adey die @NanaTinasi 😂😂but you and I see receipts that they bring or?? @NanaTinasi see even followers and followees on the app are eating how much bestfriends😂 @NanaTinasi ah😂😂he eat finish @Esinu__ @Koffy_9 for which one?see erh my best friend is a different type of sweet😍Why drip when you can flood ? Try @ohenemantse .
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