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Marc Laming @monkey__marc At the drawing board

Marc Laming Comic book drawist COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN Convention & commission representation by

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More wine!!!
Retweeted by Marc LamingFolks, we need to check on Mike NOW! @johnreppion to 18 year old me - "Let it go."More wine!!!
@jordi_pz @NateCosby that's a fab page! @RobertMBall He certainly is. @NickDerington Magnu horse with golden mane! @RobertMBall I have! It’s great, I loved the stuff about The Stone RosesHIRING! -Interior Artists -Interior Colour Artists -Interior Letter Artists Various gigs. All paying, all EXTREME…
Retweeted by Marc LamingPage 1 of Madi step by step, find out more info here
Retweeted by Marc Laming#YouAreHere inks detail
Retweeted by Marc Laming @JsPprter1966 nope - not a fan of that one :)#YouAreHere inks detail's all gone all Hawkwind in studio - #spaceisdeepPeek in my sketchbook. #zebraambassador #sketchbook #zebrapen #zebrapencil #sketching #sketches #drawislife
Retweeted by Marc Laming @Big5Army Thanks Kirk, August like January is my nightmare month for finances so it’s great relief :)The Doctor. The Kid. Be both. 🦋A new post about creativity👇:
Retweeted by Marc LamingThe Monkey Mobile is home, serviced and MOTed and the bill wasn’t sky high - thanks for the good vibes friends.What is the story of By Man & Angels? Allow me to go all Norse on you. (🔉sound on! ... also for those couple of fri…
Retweeted by Marc LamingWhat is this Kickstarter about? 🤔(🔉sound on)
Retweeted by Marc LamingToday I will be here in my head and going for a pint & lunch in the Nelson Creepy titles pages by Alex Toth
Retweeted by Marc LamingOof! Yep. This is the stuff. @seanpphillips, @jacobr_phillips and Brubaker taking the rest of us to school once aga…
Retweeted by Marc Laming @mackchater I feel you and sending good vibes your way brother!After a scant two hours sleeps I got the car to the car doctors for a service and MOT - think positive thoughts for… is one of the most intriguing comics launch vids I've seen in a long time. Can't stop watching!!
Retweeted by Marc Laming @JennieGyllblad @EnglishmanSDCC Jennie is a super star!!On the drawing board #InkDec
Retweeted by Marc LamingIvo Milazzo
Retweeted by Marc Lamingprocess stuff - pencils detail
Retweeted by Marc LamingWhere now?
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I'm nervous about participating in art tags, but imma jump in for once cause faces are fun😳 #faceyourart
Retweeted by Marc Laming @BrianChurilla @OniPress One of my all time favourite comics too!process stuff - pencils detail was a fun poses to work out :) I do love the puzzles and problems comics present me with. #makingcomics @philhester I loved Mythic! You and John were firing on all cylinders!It’s #faceyourart time again apparently. I really couldn’t pick down to 9, I feel like I’ve made a lot progress thi…
Retweeted by Marc LamingAround this time last year I was a guest at the Manchester @MCMComicCon - it was an excellent show, I had a wonderf… just backed Beasts of The Black Hand vol 2: The Viking League on @Kickstarter
Retweeted by Marc LamingDefinitely 7. Yup 7 for sure.! Another recycle post ♻️ #faceyourart 🔥😅 #hulk #punisher #batman #morbius #taskmaster #kingpin #conan #maestro
Retweeted by Marc Laming @MattGarvey1981 @ArjunaSusini @deezoid I love the art! @Marc_Deering @LeeMFerguson @JAKeDetonator @drew_moss @rickeypurdin @Kevin_Cuffe @seangallowayart @GabeEltaeb #MentionMondays #comics #buycomics @LeeMFerguson @JAKeDetonator @drew_moss @rickeypurdin @Kevin_Cuffe
Retweeted by Marc Laming @MrRiktus hahahahahahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahaProcess time - pencils. #makingcomics
Retweeted by Marc LamingI'm back to working on this beast today - buildings are all pencilled now - time to add around a hundred figures...…
Retweeted by Marc Laming#OTD Hayao Miyazaki's Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986) had its release in Japan. The first animated film produced a…
Retweeted by Marc Laming @woodythepriest nice! :) Golden food! @JonathanWyke I have bought back so much of my teens via ebay... :( @matthaig1 I have two - @PageFortyFive in Nottingham & @ChaosCityStA in St.Albans - both have wonderful service, ar… @JenniferLMeyer 👍 @hp_matt I love Kermit but he's clearly mad - where's the MILK!! Animation: Hideaki Anno (庵野 秀明) Anime: Macross Plus (マクロスプラス) (1994)
Retweeted by Marc Laming @rpace I always loved Looking For Clues.I need tea @badmachinery ❤️❤️All for one, one for all
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New Comics For Week Of Wednesday 5th August
Retweeted by Marc LamingX-23 (2019)
Retweeted by Marc Laming#YouAreHere cover colours by Jordie bigger tease
Retweeted by Marc Laming#ragnarok pencils lots of fun with this one #waltsimonson #wip
Retweeted by Marc Laming @MrRiktus Oh my gawd!!!!PLEASE retweet listen @Pabl007Gunner review #graphicnovel @Marvel Star Wars: Age of Rebelli…
Retweeted by Marc Laming @tulalotay that's wonderful, Lisa!!#YouAreHere cover colours by Jordie bigger tease @Big5Army thank you, Kirk! @RECKLESS_IMBER thanks, Chris!
Retweeted by Marc Laming @Mike2112McKone that's great!Captain Britain #captainbritain #marvelcomics #commissions #mckone
Retweeted by Marc LamingProcess time - pencils. #makingcomics @TreeBeerd @rpace @hellocookie She is at that. And this is another occasion where cg need to acknowledge that their… guys! You can read online ( French) for FREE a new chapter of my upcoming graphic novel every Sunday from today…
Retweeted by Marc LamingI've known @hellocookie a few years. She's a great fighter for better treatment of creatives in comics and greater…
Retweeted by Marc Lamingit's always worth reposting this - I'm sure Mr Ellison would want the art paid too... @PeteDoree @MIKECOLLINS99 right on! Less Skins more Soldier and Me & Noah's Castle! @MIKECOLLINS99 The BBC's 60s and 70s Children's programming was so good - Who knew we were living in the golden age? @PeteRogers @VinceBon @JHWilliamsIII @theprogreport The album years sounds very much like the conversation I had wi… @PeteRogers @VinceBon @JHWilliamsIII @theprogreport you might also enjoy the European Perspective prog podcast Pete.Mr. Freeze
Retweeted by Marc LamingSteven Wilson's The Album Years podcast with Tim Bowness is really great - I think @VinceBon @PeteRogers and…
Retweeted by Marc LamingSome mid-development Zorii costume concepts. A script prompt suggested the heroes being reflected in her visor so w…
Retweeted by Marc Laming @PeteDoree @lewstringer No response at allHappy #SpiderManDay !
Retweeted by Marc Lamingthis child is a genius.
Retweeted by Marc LamingProcess stuff - bare bones rough before the details go on #makingcomics
Retweeted by Marc LamingIf you’re going to retweet Coke, make it a fake one you wholeheartedly endorse.
Retweeted by Marc Laming @lucastestro hahahahahahahahaMore process - pencils #makingcomics @lewstringer I don't think they like me any more. @Wolfesghost thanks!New ep! Amid Snyder sneak previews & Comicsgate controversies, we get excited about 2 new Image #comics and nostalg…
Retweeted by Marc Laming @Mindyleedoodles wowSucculent Succubus.
Retweeted by Marc Laming @PaulMoore_121 that's such a bad photoshopping I don't believe even el Prez would release that.- EVENT HORIZON - Incredible colors by @Spidey2099 Lines by Me.
Retweeted by Marc LamingBatman inherits another murder —-
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