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Br. Simon, OSB @MonkSimonOSB St. Meinrad, IN

Benedictine monk at @SaintMeinrad. All things in moderation (RB 48): seminarian, young adult ministry, beekeeper, sandstone blaster, reader, sports, Xbox.

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"What Saint Meinrad does well is engage the Church in what the Church needs – I see Saint Meinrad and our work here…
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSB @treezie363 Prayers for your search and discernment, friend. @KatiePrejean Keep up the awesome work Mom Katie. Be assured of my prayers as you continue your pregnancy and good…
@buttkicker7 Hope you have a holy, hopeful, and joyful Lent, brother! @joebuddejr Absolutely! Maybe on a warmer day I could do a FT with our beehives and also an outside tour of our gro… solved. He needed a tutorial of working his Kindle app. He joked with me that I probably could not read his… you’re looking for a reflective, sacred music playlist — this radio playlist of @cappellaromana has been a great… @namikogage Of course, friend!
“Our confidence in God must go at least that far: to believe that He is good enough and powerful enough to draw goo… @namikogage Hang in there friend! I think one of our infirmary nurses or another monk sent this decoded email: “Need some help with the kind…**Correction, he's in his 102nd year. He will be 102 in September, God-willing! @TheHappyPriest @DaughterStPaul You are welcome at @SaintMeinrad, brother.I plan to check in on him tomorrow and see how I can help.I received an email from our 102-year-old confrere that he likely sent from his iPad. He does not see as well as he…
@dominickjeanOP Bro, I’ve been craving Oreos! That sounds amazing. @Br0therBrother @kroro43 @ncycofficial Well, I sure hope so, BROTHER!
...and affirmed man, man as he is. This means men and women in history, men and women offered grace, men and women… in human history is changed by entry of the Son of God into it, by his making it his own and taking the… life at a deep level! @robertfeduccia Blessings on your prayer and work, Robert! @MrsRuvi ^^ All-star flock helper.This day marks the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter. We remember the foundation upon which Christ has established hi… is ironic I am posting this on Twitter, but I mean it as encouragement. From 1 Peter on today’s Feast of the C…
@goingblondzo Selfie with some Holy photo bombers. to the eighteen students who made deacon promises last night in the St. Thomas Aquinas chapel!
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSB @kroro43 @Br0therBrother @ncycofficial That's awesome, Bonnie! I also should add that I have a brother. So all thin… @Br0therBrother Of course! Count on my prayers. 🙏🤘🏼 @Br0therBrother 🤯Dear @Br0therBrother: I am a monk, in a fraternity, and I follow you on Twitter. Does that make me a Brother Brother Brother, brother?
@bpdflores Grin!😅 No pressure...A friend invited me to be deacon at his Mass of Thanksgiving this summer. Alas, we… @JudyMcAferty Thanks, Judy, for your support and prayers. @MrsRuvi @Lenneir @SrTeresam Hey friends. Hey @Lenneir, monastic life is a challenging and joyful way of life. If y… it was a bit intimidating, it went well, and it makes me look forward to my diaconate ordination two months…’ve been an acolyte for a year now. It’s one of the ministerial roles leading up to diaconate and priesthood. One… @MrsRuvi Mmmm!
It’s easy to think of dying for love when you’re young...facing a dragon, sword in hand! Then after years of marria…
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@TCecilJr A quick note of empathy: sometime (and probably several times) within a year of my dad’s death, I remembe…
Moment of honesty: It’s hard to abandon myself to God. “If we leave God free to act in His way, He is infinitely… from Catholic Social Ethics class today: EVERYONE (the sum total of all social conditions) is responsible to… @pursuedbytruth Sister! Wow. 😋 @church_nerd2010 @projo 🎤 drop
We need to focus on the poor, not primarily because the poor need us, but because we need the poor. Jesus says: ‘Bl…
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSB @JimSichko @SaintMeinrad It’s a beautiful place to live and encounter God while also challenging in the sense of en…
Before I joined the monastery, I worked in our Development Office here at @SaintMeinrad. Janet was my Associate Dir…
I sent my bro a text just now, but it reminded me of a text he sent me last month: 😂
@Pauline72366462 Hi Pauline. I plan to start selling them soon at our scholar shop and gift shop on campus here at the monastery. @FrHarrison May God enrich the lives of many through your priesthood, especially in the way of mercy and intellectual formation. PAX!Brother Michael-Francis, the visiting Anglican Benedictine, made these glass prints for each of us that have made s…
If you keep looking for happiness in and because of the world, buckle up. It’s a long journey of searching and comi…
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A faithful companion since high school. A gift from my pastor when I graduated. Grateful for my home parish — found…
@BenGerken @LibBentonBBall @Habitat_org Hope you saw the Gary Herrmann volunteer meeting room. A cool memorial ther… will make us discover God better than His silence inscribed in the center of our being. If we do not culti…
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSBThe Saint Meinrad Day of Service keeps getting BIGGER! Join us this year on March 14 and add to our growing tradit…
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSB @BrianGaerke The sign of the covenant. Pretty! @KronkyMalonky ...and being open to what “clicks” when you start to read up on different orders and visit different… @KronkyMalonky different directions. From there, regarding religious orders, it is about doing an observance… @KronkyMalonky ...Diocesan priesthood because we’ve been involved in parish life. So, I recommend to guys who are d… @KronkyMalonky Hey Daniel. Regarding discernment, it depends on the person. For me I was weighing heavily between m… @MrsRuvi 🧨😋 @dominickjeanOP Thank you, brother!
Getting ready for the Indy Mini, 2020. I have cooped myself up inside. So, it was great to be outside. @FrHarrison 🤯!
"I know that I am known."
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSB @MrsRuvi Soft pretzels are my favorite! Yum.
Grateful for monastic life with my awesome brothers at @SaintMeinrad.
was confirmed. Now he labels himself as just "Christian." I told him he is always welcome in the Catholic Church. W…"Order of St. Benedict". I explained that I am a monk studying to be a priest, and no, I will not get married. He a… meant to play solos on a game on Xbox today. It launched me into squads. The one guy that could talk asked me wha… @maymomedith Wow! That is so kind of you. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. That made my day, and I am sure, his. 😁He is super close to his goal -- $90. A slew of donations, and BOOM!In an effort at ecumenism, I am asking for your support on behalf of a friend who is an Anglican Benedictine monk.… just want to throw really fun parties at my house. I’ll call it: Young adult ministry. I dont need a space on…
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Gonna do the whole @twitch thing again tonight. You should check it out, it’s pretty cool. I’m live at…
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSBParticipants had a great time and the singing was sweet at Saint Meinrad’s Winter Chant Conference last week. Plan…
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSB @MrsRuvi 😋
@gmarcbentley This is a personal take. I’m not a huge blog reader, but I could see the helpfulness of a multi media…
To a wonderful @Saintmeinrad’ian, @bthgt4, thank you for the lovely new rosary twine colors and beautiful card! Loo…, draw us into your mystery and your depth. Purify us with your light. Trust. Mercy. Love. Peace. you in prayer.
#WhyWeMarch Check out our timelapse of the world's largest pro-life march!
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSBWhen you really have encountered God, it is impossible to compromise the Gospel and the precepts of divine revelati…
Out to eat with my grandparents and my mom. I miss my grandparents. They were and are a bright light in my life. Go… me, circa 1987. I found this in some of my files the other day, and I sent a text to my mom with baby me and t… is 45 minutes before school starts and the ⁦@BishopChatardHS⁩ chapel is full for Adoration. We are praying for a…
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSBWe are all part of the human mosaic - unique, unrepeatable. Unfortunately, some of our images have been stamped out…
@HollyMarie84 Thanks, Holly. I’m especially grateful for your prayers — I’ve developed a headache that has derailed… ⬇️⬇️
@CoreyBruns Thanks, Corey! @BrotherAloysius Great suggestion, Brother. Thank you!! @FrHarrison Brilliant. I have that on my shelf. want to bring my love and joy for God to them, but I also want to hone my intellectual knowledge of the Mass.Crowd sourcing #CatholicTwitter: I am giving a talk to a local parish’s middle school and high school faith formati… @KatiePrejean Can you have a “Coffee with a Monk” featuring mystic monk coffee, and I can share about monastic life?Here is a small snippet of Brother Michael's first profession. (Sorry about the video quality. The GoPro decided to… @OSBBristowVA Thank you dear sisters! @BroAJK Thanks for sharing, Brother.
Congratulations Br. Michael! #catholic #vocations
Retweeted by Br. Simon, OSB @MrsRuvi @SaintMeinrad Hey birthday girl -- thanks a million. Glad we can share this day in a cool way!