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Vampire prince #ENVtuber He/him 3626(21) y/o GER/EN/KR H: @tokkomon_ I: @tamaaabi #TTRPG DM, strategy, horror and variety streamer Art: #MonoHart

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Hello~ I’m kiri, a bunny medic android and here’s my 2.0 (●´ω`●) ママ: @HYEYA_3 ♥︎ | パパ: @otozuki_teru ♡…
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CET @kiriiexe @HYEYA_3 @otozuki_teru OMG KIRI YOU LOOK AMAZING, HAPPY FOR YOUR 2.0 🥺💖💖💖They are so pretty I can't, I love 3YE 😭💖 to vtubers who can do the tongue thing y'all are literally saving my life
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CET @domoarigathanks Mines even pierced 💖 @Kuroji_Tora guess what im doing as we speak HAHAHAHAreason 13789321646762187 why monogatari is superior to other animes: The girls who are the main topic of the curren… @Kuroji_Tora YES! I STILL REMEMBER THE ENTIRE HELL ARC WITH THIS ART STYLE IT WAS SO GOODgod i still need this Hajime Ueda style Senjou figurine! HAJIME UEDA IS SUPERIOR something like this too btw, i mean ofc that i have Arcane art my next mission is: MONOGATARI SCENE RECREATION! And boi im gonna comm a lot of those @HoneyDewVT LMAO I JUST HATE BAMBI SO MUCH WHY DOES SHE EXIST AS CHAMP HAHAHAAthis is a targeted tweet at @HoneyDewVT @Sane_Universe @Blue_VTuber and @SayoAkanashi although today was an espe… who can tolerate me during league gameplay btw is build different and im sorry LMAO Bless all of you 🙏💖 @cyberpyunk you know you already have my handsneak peek of some special art i got for Debut this Saturday 👀
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CET
@HoneyDewVT its so weird to me that people are actually getting mad at others dating like??? When i was with my la… @miniactiff mini omfg hahahaha @HoneyDewVT ayo wtf D: @Blue_VTuber Blue is like a Yugioh series 5Ds @mixiepixiie its soothing and charming how can i not compliment your voice!!Where are all my fellow Vtubers and Streamers who got more used or even started liking their own voice after becomi… @mixiepixiie OMG YOUR CONCEPT IS SO CUTE! i watched your "A hat in time" VOD and i love your voice 🥺💖☁️🦋 Hiya! My name is Mixie, I am a dreamy puppy whale! (wuppy?) and specialize in digital art ✨ Expect to see more…
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CETON GOD THIS MAN IS SCARY, THAT TWEET WAS UP FOR 2 SECONDS @MimiArmelle_ noooo mimi, hope it still works asap qwq @Sane_Universe person: joins stream sane: AYO BIIIIIISH @Sugarplum_vt YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A CREDITED ARTIST NOWAlways credit everyone, that obviously include friends doing voicelines for you far i got my friends to say: -"YOUS A B*TCH!" Raid Alert @/Sane_Universe -"Do you like garlic Mr Vampire?" Fol… @Blue_VTuber WTF, you tagging me? Thats gay jokes aside! I LOVE YOU BLUE WHY ARE YOU SO WHOLESOME QDJQELQWQEQIEQ 🥺💖 @shiose_xixi LETS GO! Im so excited to see your content again Shiose 💖sneak peek of some special art i got for Debut this Saturday 👀 @piixelbaka OMG YES GOOD IDEALore drawings🌙 There once was a lil vampire princess... #PixelVamp #Vtuber #ENVtuber #VTuberUprising 🦇💕 🎨 - All…
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CET @piixelbaka I LOVE IT OMG @Blue_VTuber YOU FUCKING WHAT?!YES looks like Goth Annie is getting a PBE splash update 👀🖤
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CETNyahello~! I am Tooru Frappé and I do Stream Graphic Overlays! Here are some previous works that I did before!💖✨
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CET @toorufrappe Tooru you became so freakin good at this its insane! God tier work @rokokoprufei how did you know @creampuffmochi i love human mochi so much omg @strayberrycakes @toorufrappe another big vouch! Berry is literally the best, also insanely cute and satisfying design! 😩🙏💖 @toorufrappe twitter out here saying "nah fuck that, make the transparent background white so no one can read shit" @toorufrappe I can already vouch for Toorus skills! Look at the insane logo they did for me 😭🙏💖 Honestly you alrea… @piixelbaka Can't wait to see you again 🥺💖tired after cutting but...rigging tomorrow 💜💜💜✨ so hype!! also thank you to everyone who came to my stream!!!! 💜…
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CET @xiondenoir 🥺💖 @ufosadako @yosbrk The power you hold 🙏💖 @AC031151 Not putting all of them in s or z tier is basically murdering my entire family in front of my eyes. How dare youAlso, bite me if you wanna fight about watch order My first watch through was bakemono into chronological and will… it, rewatching all of monogatari now! I normally do that in summer but forgot this year! I mean look at my na…“If you steal art you suck and I hate you.” -Calliope Mori 2021
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CET @ArataHorologist I'M NOT PLEASE STOP SLANDERING ME 😭😭WHILE KANBARU SURUGA IS BEST GIRL IN MONOGATARI SENJOUGAHARA IS THE BEST GIRLFRIEND IN ANKME HISTORY AND THAT'S A… @ArataHorologist WITH WET DREAM I MEANT YOUR FACE EKENROSF @ArataHorologist Sad kinda wet dream @papuchochoe Oh Draven 100% would Screenshot it and claim it as his @rokokoprufei B E E G SIP @oogetsurina You really played yourself with this one huh lmaoStill really wanna plan a collab of like 6 friends casually roasting each other in a funny way on stream like a tal… @FrogNois Oh I fully understand and agree with this mindset 🙏 @HighRollerVT It's funny how they are afraid to seem like children and try to seem like adults, but actual act like… @HighRollerVT @VtuberMushi Omg please tell me you mean you watch frontier tho, cuz that hit different 😩👌💖 @FrogNois Even better! Standing up when needed and baby energy rest of the time 😤💖 I love it @FrogNois Absolute boss energy! All the power to you Froggy!! 🙏 @miniactiff I will do it againI've returned! I'm sorry for disappearing for so long! Please accept these wips as a token of my apology ❤
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CETGo support Mini! After hard times, my Lil sister returned to Twitter!! She deserves all the love 😤💖 @miniactiff And I will literally support you forever, stinky @miniactiff I love you with all my heart sis! Glad you are coming back 🥺 You deserve all the freakin love there is… that I will never forget or forgive you for this @VTuberOfTheWeek📢‼️ #VTUBEROFTHEWEEK (#7) @sssucrose ! Cat turned E-girl through the power of S-Fuel. As well as Part time studen…
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CET @solalarei Bless, thank you 🙏💖 @bunini_roll IT LOOKS SO CUTE @SilverCatBoi The US is somehow an entire country delusional beyond compare and help @SaxClips Yeah one thing missing, you in my arms 😳
@AshleyButSix BRUNO, RUN!Fun fact: One of Viego's original concepts had him carry Isolde's tomb stone as his blade.
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CETstill sick af btw @Amane_Zen all the love to you!Ehhh, wait a minute @SbezKruzic The only way to beat him was a not Canon ass pull that got beaten by punches 😭 @rakugamikohaku Sticky fingers is the coolest stand ever you can't change my mindTo anyone saying "oh but reality warping abilities" AND WILLPOWER HE LITERALLY RETURNS YOU TO THE POINT OF BEFORE Y… @Blue_VTuber @Sane_Universe'm sorry but anyone who thinks there is even one character that can beat giorno is completely lost GER is the mos… my kids this was ARAM
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CET @NotClover I already love you cloverA tie... Really now @moroinini GOD TIER TASTE @piixelbaka Ily and vampire 💖 @PenchanOyasumi well you stole dem words outta my mouth @bunini_roll got ya dont worry @bunini_roll forgot to unfollow you, oopsSo let me get this right riot You gave us a dragon soul that's basically a GA but with death count And then give yo… @Blue_VTuber Ohhhh a list is a smart idea! Thank you blue!!!#SugarSketches
Retweeted by Mono Van Tepes 🌹🩸DEBUT: December 11th 7pm CET @kirinVT Dont feel bad kirin! You should get all the time and preparation you need! We will all be here supporting you anyways 💖