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@firapuh gw takut mau beropini tentang kpop skrg @emilmarioo SETUJUWWWWmake sure to stop by at Shishi when you’re in Bali, one of the best newly opened fine dinings in Bali <3the desserts mains appetizers had mie kober for brunch
18.26 know but the one on the bottom right smells like fkin ASS @settimomese cakep @amanbrug wifey* correct yoself @firapuh mana bisa genki gofreudian @zxzima facts @icekabo 👏 @BINTANGmhaptra Close HAHAH idk about the mirror too it’s a giftyang 512gb terus full nyimpenin apa di hp @brianshits lupa bgt!! dapet gift beli di korea waktu ituuchallenge for the men what’s ur take on how much all of these are worth @solorkr Let’s have a tour around Sephora together @rizarwi sweet lord @raihandilah yeah none of us has ever said that but go offLove it when men think 500k could buy a whole full face makeup setDitanya apa jawab apa
Astaghfirullah @cudble GIRLIE????so are u saying when i get married nanti i’ll get uang panai?
@bigcryingenergy HewwoWalk the talk is such a great album tbhI have men shoulders 😫blue sky @shittymfs THE REPLIESSSSAYOOOOO LMFAO😩😩😩😩😢 @amanbrug ILYILYILY WE LOVE YOU @vajijay Yeah but me and u tho @firapuh Gak sabaran banget😘if home was a person
@_Hrst doyannya buah 🤣 @cudble he likes meIt’s madagascar AYOOOO😫 @BROCKHAMPlON Kata bapaknya nya jauh bawa dari afrika @gudfuckinppl YES correctionI mean madagascar IDK whatever that animal movie is !me n the animal from ice age @firapuh Wakakakaka rambutnya masi haramLagi produktif
good morning🌞
Namanya Lovina Beach Club & Resort daerah Buleleng, aku booking di Traveloka sih karena setiap Jumat diskon 50%😩😩 L… sharing lagi hotel yang worth to try banget di Bali, suka sekaliii nginep disini karena pinggir pantai + ada re… @unchmea me, I, myself, I WANNA LOOK LIKE YOUUUUUUU SHHHFHSGT
when ur friend just randomly take cool shots of you @firapuh @hokagege Pengen tp pacarku gak ngerti makeupThey changed it to this @mrwiner_ and blocked me, i’m not the only one being harassed there, please help report, th… pls help rt❤️Please help guys, thank you so much 🤍Hello can you please help report @misterwiner they been sexually harassing me and other girls in their tweets, thanks guys
@firapuh samperin dong @anakinten WHYI got Jhené Aiko 🧘‍♀️🕊 reply for an artist @vajijay WKWKWKWKWKW oq @vajijay Huft @civilianflower @afterhourdrinks THANKSSSSSS and yes ikr!!! @Lust_cifer I wish it was like this instead!! @lilnzi Gimme a polite way @ardianpancaa Oh gitu ya, terus kalo emg gw beneran ga tertarik karena ga minat yg sopan jawabnya selain begini gmn🙃 @afterhourdrinks context: ditawarin job jadi artis bigo liveAY YO 😃 kerjaan terus jawab “mohon maaf untuk saat ini belum tertarik, semoga bisa bekerja sama di lain waktu” te…
PLSSSS TELL ME TO START PACKING LMFAOOO I HAVE A MORNING FLIGHT TMR @OMENNOCAP Scary babie🙈🙈are they expensive i mean cats of this breed? cuz they look so fucking cool who they are im a digital marketing student who watches emily in paris im sorry to all the anna wintour of twitterthese thrifted pieces be looking like i’m wearing jean paul gaultier and vivienne westwoodanyways #CampusFit @vajijay jacqueline @lilnzi did it for the pic bitch i take royce @lilnzi i deservw that cuz thats my first and last time in tjmy 3x3 instagram @kevinfransen Why would u do that*context: gila @arasseooooooo @Sharon_Lollipop Mintaaaa @yinfutang my cutie baby! @sinemarah RIGHTTT i miss the first time euphoria @prttydark 5🤣 @Sharon_Lollipop wl waxing paling gak sakit ditambah numbing spray nya kalau menurutku😝Brazilian wax dont hurt me no moreGUYS GUYS I SAID “OOH YOU WANNA KISS ME SO BAD” IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ARGUMENT AND THEN HE DID WTF WTF HE KISSED ME WHAT THE FUCK IM NOT OKAY
Retweeted by a @tearfulnes GAK TP UDH BELI @ngemtct belum kayak angel=malaikatI really like my short hairmalu lah ketika lo orang manado tapi gabisa makan pedes sama sekali
@nadjanameera maen ayosiapa si ni hilda esme selena disebut2 mulu sama cowo w @moonsangt mau:’(
Retweeted by a @doublesodium i truly love u ??!!!);::/#\%^ GNmadame @jillukba DISINFEKTAN FAQIH ANJING BBBJJGKGT @notwilona glad to hear this :-) stay happy weelo