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How do you do fellow squids, our mission is to inspire conservation of the Ocean 🌊💙 || @SeafoodWatch

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Wonderful photo by wonderful photographer Jr Sosky! weekend everyone! May you spend some time in your happy place, like this early morning sunbath in a kelp fore… @TreniseFerreira @AEO ty wly've seen the light! Research on Ophiocoma had suspected that brittle star skeletons could act as a body-wide comp… so, eyes COPEPOD: i'll take one FISH:✌️🙏 BOX JELLY: 8 is gr8 lol RED-EYE JELLY: red BRITTLE STAR: can i us…
@mean_kitteh It's a great question! They're covered in slippery mucus that helps them slip and slide off of each other. @Theeejorgee 🥺If you’re using your tax-prep software, make sure to check out the Voluntary Contributions tabs! And if you’re havi…🚨ATTENTION CALIFORNIAN SEA OTTER FANS DOING THEIR TAXES!🚨You can help support the rescue and recovery of your favor… @densaer Thanks for stopping by!
@mandafredette birb @JRScribe @enotsola Our staff photographers Randy and Tyson over the years!(hey #TeamBird can we get some love for the least sandpiper?) (#TeamFish look away)Least, but by no means last! The least sandpiper is the smallest shorebird in the world. These 1oz peeps rely on mu… it's overfishing or deforestation, governments spend billions each year subsidizing the destruction of natu…
Retweeted by Monterey Bay Aquarium @enotsola Yep! They spin in circles to create a vortex that sucks plankton to the surface! We use the same principl… @enotsola Those would be the red-necked and red phalaropes! To tell them apart when they're in their winter plumage… @curlyred96 That's a great egret! Ardea albaAnd if you'd like a bird identified, take a screenshot and post it in the replies and we'll do our best! The cam is… birds in our Aviary are all rescues or were hatched in zoos and aquariums and wouldn't survive in the wild. The… flies when you’re watching the Aviary Cam! had a blast talking with @GuyKawasaki about the many ways @MontereyAq works to inspire people to care more -- and…
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@MyPalMae not exactly but we have a favorite ocean and that's one where there are as many sharks as possible since…'s the original photo and post about our microscopic larval bat stars we've been growing behind the scenes che… @FrostFire425 @curlyred96 Indeed it's a microscopic larval bat star photoshopped to look huge in a nod to some meme… @oigevalt 😅 just a heads up that this is meme playing off the viral "baby platypus" and that this is in fact a micr… @Komodihro The larval bat star is real, but it's photoshopped over the hand that was holding the viral 'baby platyp… bat star not to scale)(this post is brought to you by an excess of Timeline)Baby bat star felt cute, might delete later ma, robot hands! 🤖🙌
Retweeted by Monterey Bay Aquarium @tree_bee_501 that's what happens when you go too hard on the jelly @ecctv Hey there! The crate is there for some training to get the birds comfortable with being transported in them to and from their exams!A large smack of bell jellies—with their sights apparently set on Monterey beaches—showed up this last weekend! The…, the bumps on the red-eye jelly's tentacles are cnidocytes, which hold the classic venomous harpoons known as n… at the end of the dangly gut (or gastric peduncle if we're feeling fancy) is the jelly's mouth, or manubriu… may be hard to stomach but here we go: The squigglies inside the red-eye jelly's bell are the radial canals, w… the rim of Polyorchis's crystal-clear bell are myriad red eye-spots that help the jelly sense light and dark… you've gotta catch a red-eye, make it a Polyorchis penicillatus red-eye bell jelly! @andrew__travers @NatGeo Thanks for stopping by!!
A Deep Sea Feast ☀️ 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 🌿🦐🐟🐋 🤧 💀 💩 M̴̢̝̻͍̙̥̻̩̳̤̟̟̰̜͕̱̙͇͍a̷̡̬̻̺̥̝͈͉̺̰͓̦̯̰͕͍̝̜̝͖r̴̦͙i̴̦̫̹͔̼n̸͚e̴̻͔…
Retweeted by Monterey Bay Aquarium @MBARI_News @SciShow Lookin' good fronds!!Want to know more about what it’s like to live in the deep sea? Snow problem! Together with our friends over… @SciShow @MBARI_News Today's deep-sea forecast: Cloudy with a chance of fecal pellets! @DMos150 @SciShow @MBARI_News Thanks for watching! @Hawaiianimages @TeaDrivenDev @echinoblog @SarahMackAttack @leogaskins Definitely looks salpy, the black and orange… @LuzCuriel2 @MrBeastYT let's plant some sea trees @TygerWDR thanks Tyger you're always there for the sea @YogaPantsNoBra that's fair @bambipotf a-sea-stant TO THE . . . @bambipotf you miss every shot you don't hake @bambipotf every day an oppor-tuna-ty to learnthe Ocean, but we're not ready for that conversoceanToday we salute Lincoln, President of Sea Pups. Nothing but respect for our furred party candidate. #PresidentsDay
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@FrescoHagel no we thought you had some?! @FrescoHagel Ey! We don't have any at the moment. Churros do sound good tho @flanbonjovi they're all significant otters, to usHappy #ValentinesDay from the Aquarium! 🦦❤️🐙 @nicolioo11 tysm @SeerSnively *sea-n? ;)(Mnemiopsis comb jellies are hermaphrodites that can self-fertilize so with that said enjoy the meme)… for the kelp but #ValentinesDay #OceanSweethearts three hearts go out to you #ValentinesDay #OceanSweethearts're my littoral crush #ValentinesDay #OceanSweethearts my cuddlefish #ValentinesDay #OceanSweethearts give me the warm fuzzies #ValentinesDay #OceanSweethearts love for the pengWIN #ValentinesDay #OceanSweethearts're so jawesome #ValentinesDay #OceanSweethearts mine #ValentinesDay #OceanSweethearts turn me to jelly #ValentinesDay #OceanSweethearts's #ValentinesDay and we've got some #ValentinesDayMemes: #OceanSweethearts! #AnotherValentinesHashtag
International Day of Women and Girls in Science celebrated this week! Kudos to our awesome Young Women in Science p…
Retweeted by Monterey Bay Aquarium @elkeleld it's wavingtHe OcEaN do be like that, sometimes @Patrici71909729 That would be a leopard shark! @aggierican Thanks for stopping by!! @dfoliver68 that would be its name at the sand barOn Valentine's Eve, monkeyface prickleback isn't about to catch eelings! With its proud pectoral fins and lack of a… fish is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-YES! (It's a monkeyface prickleback) @_jrap That's so cool!!!
@NagricultureMin Thanks for watching! @otter_bean Woo sea you soon! @wildsheepchase Hope to sea you soon! @Xim_Neri Here's a copper rockfish tho if you still needed some fronds @wannabelikethee putting in the work @tale_of_the_fox we have a suggestocean @Rat_king420 Outside of hydrothermal vents where animals get their energy from chemosynthetic bacteria, food int he… @NASA_GESDISC sung AAAHcapella @Rat_king420 @UrBiologyBud what's happening? @naguwyen @tree_bee_501 for a frond? It's the Kelp Forest Cam! @ashleyreese_ opening up your drafts to the world: pain @Bigchilicity 🌊 ☝️Checking in on the drafts @mariahabp we know 😔 @vaydamclane Yay welcome to the Aquarium family!