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@imakeelit & black @JewlsTheIcon “Slow down” got me out for the countClear ppl let they kids get away with too much. This why they be shooting up sc- nvm @DMVMOSTFAMOUS Accounts with celeb pics be talking the most shit🤧🤧 @Jen_Dei Please say no @IamKickz Aight lemme gon head and buy some @wadeinreallife She a lil sumn sumn @jaspyology lmao @jaspyology lmao i almost said sumn @cookiedeaux_ for them Lol @cookiedeaux_ This person also tried to mirror me with Jacqui 🥴didn’t go too well @wadeinreallife You probably really good lol @cookiedeaux_ I haven’t even picked her up. I just did her tutorial to find out how punishable that damn roll was. @jaspyology They gon clap yo cheeksI haven't played much since the update. & i def dnt know shit abt this matchup #BuffJacqui quality & not the authentic're young and you still have your whole life ahead of you.
Retweeted by illist sinister @urban_elegance A magician lol @TheShawnyboy For Colored GirlsRapist them folks a favor
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@itz_travy She deleted that bitch @InThierry atp it’s only for publicityI’m so overwhelmed with life🖕🏾it @DonJordxn nah i just haven’t eaten a ham in like 6 years and haven’t eaten pork at all in almost 3. @DonJordxn’all: everything doesn’t have to be about race everything:
Retweeted by illist sinisterI do not do work potlucks @bigalexande And will push your edge up back to the 80s @tenderoniTONY This why v*rs anything should be extinctain’t getting rid of me it’s putting successful women against each other but when literally everyone was putting Nicki down just so you…
Retweeted by illist sinister @_jaytovah They the only ones who have remained faithful
@MeechMilli Racist ass Burts Bees will do the trick @AndAwllThatJazz @beaucoupbougee Tryna say Ray name to get some press @MrAmbitious12 No @TheMarxxxist I’m good king & you? @____tsuchikage I hear this song in my dreamsY’all got your fits ready for a quarantine Thanksgiving?“eVERyThINg ISnt AbT RAce” bitch, yes it is be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a state of rage almost, almost all of the…
Retweeted by illist sinisterThat’s exactly what you ordered“You bitches have Dior bags & ya p*ssy stank” @HisMajestyJT Right back at you broGood morning beautiful pplTwitter really bully y’all into not liking anything sisters Rolling Ray and Santana fighting all because a nonblack wanted to be messy
Retweeted by illist sinisterKash Doll is def tip toein round 50 @ThatsJust_JU Me no use dat shit lolAnd this the shit that works the best on my lips smh Santana finally catch Rolling Ray
Retweeted by illist sinister @iLLmak3Ufamous @IamKickz I have never had it but ppl tend to indulge. I might have to tryI asked once & imma ask again, can yo nigga fight? BAH @jaspyology But you know this lol
Rollin Ray def earned my follow today lolIs that miracle whip?! @DMVMOSTFAMOUS Not santanerrr😂😂Today marks a year since our first date. And I’m still here, getting on his nerves 😊❤️. Don’t be afraid to shoot yo…
Retweeted by illist sinister in this world a complete stranger has pictures of you saved in their phone
Retweeted by illist sinisterSo this Happened Today🥰... Yes I’m about to “My Fiancé” y’all to death 🤗😅🤵🏾💍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Retweeted by illist sinister @itsKARY_ 💀J. Lo at the #AMAs tonight 😍 >>>>
Retweeted by illist sinisterThis is really ALL i listen to... i can’t get with this new shit Anniversary Jellybean 😊😘
Retweeted by illist sinister @timmygotsoul Focccckkk youuuAlways @doctuh_p It’s a new Meg The Stallion songIf I hear “bodyodyody” one more mf time. The song been out 2 days & im over it already
@jaspyology Adds that to places we ain’t going no moreCongrats Ceeyon! You deserve it @SimplyHer_Cee, you were born in the 70s go hand in hand. Can’t have one without the other all my Aries, Leos & Sagittarius - continue to burn these fuckers with your fire ass personality. They talk shit…
Retweeted by illist sinisterNow you’re “Black” bc it’s convenient? u?
Retweeted by illist sinisterNot y’all risking your grandmas livelihood to see a wig snatcher lemme add “Mussy” to the mute list sounds like some black gays too tho
Retweeted by illist sinisterDon’t refer to me as an “older gay” if the back row of your teeth are missing. You’re cruising through life much faster 😎
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Go get your money back gob and get outta line.... the food trash GUYS… I hope y’all meat extra warm this winter. It’s cold out! 😬
Retweeted by illist sinister @iamquintenlamar happy birthday bro 🎈i don’t know a single song that matches this energy
Retweeted by illist sinister32?!?!! Wtf A NIGGA OFF FAST , GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HIS ASS 🥵✂️🔥
Retweeted by illist sinisterIt may be a little early, but Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without Wanda & Jamal. In 2016 they went viral whe…
Retweeted by illist sinister @ScorpioStingg @KingSkendarian 💀💀💀 @pyrvmid_pvpi You know this tho lolCuz they be wanting em for themselves’s only because i love you 😂😂
@jg_major With that skin glow, I’d have to agree* Aries get the worst slander.
Retweeted by illist sinisterJ A Z M I N E! Damn you woman!
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