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Monty Burgess @montyburgess London and Melbourne

Actor. Welcome to Curiosity, Knights of the Damned, @FracturedSpace. Represented by Storm Actors and @paulbyram

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@heatherAtaylor @DonutFriend Ooooh yeah @AskPS_ANZ Hi, have just emailed and am following you. @AskPS_ANZ Sure. How? Do I just reply to the email with the incident number? @AskPS_ANZ Waiting for feedback on an Incident @tvaziri You might like this - dvd editions of Ringu compared (nb: https version of the site breaks image links) @AtYes2Ats I.....what??!casting director: your resume says you can't cry on cue? me: no no, it says i can 'not' cry on cue. that means i c…
Retweeted by Monty Burgess @heatherAtaylor @DonutFriend BOOO SHOW US THE GOODIES.
Just @jennafischer being wonderful. @PanamaPapersDoc in the U.S. on @hulu @PrimeVideo & @EPIXHD Our worldwide release is announcing soon!
Retweeted by Monty Burgess @zenny WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENINGMy. Goodness. @vbaileyactor We shot it on spec for casting of the new series. :) @vbaileyactor Ta Vanessa. We filmed it at Melbourne University. @Sonic_Screwup I just did a double take at the middle character in your Royaum Rippers banner. Granted they've got… Dunbar back on Irish screens this month as Virgin Media's hit drama Blood returns on February 24
Retweeted by Monty Burgess @bearmccreary @grahammctavish Gosh you're right, he does! @Eleanorross102 NOPE. Utterly terrifying.Howdy @ActorsatWork, figured this would be up your street @AislinnDeAth @MrRobertDukes @vbaileyactor, have a look at what we did!, in Middle Earth... Something we put together late last year. #LordOfTheRings #filming #casting #actor is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time! I came into this industry without any experience and stumbled…
Retweeted by Monty BurgessURGENT! Looking for a typical Italian Nonna, 60-80, warm & friendly face with stories to tell, typical Italian/Med…
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@LaMamaTheatre is looking for a General Manager (parental leave position). Apps close 1 Mar. #artsjobs
Retweeted by Monty Burgess“Politics should be removed from _____” is a euphemism for “I’m just gonna defend the status quo because it’s worki…
Retweeted by Monty Burgess @dominicburgess You at home right now know what's really heartwarming? When people who are thoroughly decent human beings get really great opportunit… @AislinnDeAth Manners....ask politely. If she says no, she's fair game.🔹SPECIAL CASTING🔹 BAFTA-nominated actor Samson Kayo (@samsonkayo) will be holding a SPECIAL casting-call in collab…
Retweeted by Monty BurgessSometimes, the comedy writes it self.
Retweeted by Monty Burgess#IHateSuzie coming 2020. 📺 #SkyUpNext
Retweeted by Monty BurgessYou probably already know Trump is profiting off his presidency. What you might not know—because it’s never been r…
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@ChrisStoneFilms GOLDENEYE @Michael_J_Glass @keithcalder @keithcalder Fourth one could be called "Blancety Blank" where Blanc has amnesia and has to prove his innocence of a murder accusation. @PaulyKendrick @PaulyKendrick I take cake very seriously. I have a separate insta just for cake. @PaulyKendrick This is the content I am here for.Curious about working in a film art dept? Here's your chance with @TalkingPointUK Senior Asst Set Decorator Emma Fi…
Retweeted by Monty Burgess📣Introducing "Lumberjack": an Automated Accessibility Scanner. Lumberjack runs accessibility tests on an entire web…
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"Wait...that "Tin Drum"?" "....YES THAT TIN DRUM!!!"
I spent the last year of my PhD & first two years of TT as a newly divorced single mom. I’m from a working class fa…
Retweeted by Monty Burgess @sjjphd @DrCristinaF Thanks for sharing.Last thing: there is this myth in academia that we are supposed to be doing all this labor (and it’s a lot) purely…
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@Dublinactor YUP.Finally catching "The King". Nice to see you @stevelder01 :)
@AndrewDowbiggin You have tinnitus? @Stealth40k I love Playstation but the lack of backwards compatibility is perhaps my biggest bugbear with the platform. @GennHutchison The only Batman that counts... @GaryUsher_Chef @Cparks1976 Oi @Cparks1976, time to start a culinary podcast? How about sharing your recipe? Pretty please! :)
Being nearly 30 is cancelling plans on a lovely pal and her replying ‘oh thank god’ and then us texting each other…
Retweeted by Monty Burgess @ChrisBevan89 "Oh this old thing?"....yeah there's no way that's good news.🔥 NO TV EXPERIENCE REQUIRED 🔥 The TV production group behind #ElizabethIsMissing, @WeAreSTV, are looking for a Dra…
Retweeted by Monty BurgessWillow got Friday attitude. #DogsofTwittter #puppy #mood
Shock Survey Shows Many U.K. Producers Earn Less Than $7,800 a Year via @Variety
Retweeted by Monty BurgessThe HBOAccess 2020 Directing Fellowship is open for submissions beginning today! Winners will direct a pilot presen…
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“There should be roles for Black folks that isn’t all about Blackness. Because White folks can make unending TV sho…
Retweeted by Monty BurgessStill looking for ACTORS: JOSH (23) black, Manchester. And KIKO black rapper from London. Pilot for a 10 part comed…
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@scott_squires Wow. I thought he'd been undone by an expensive office redecorating. @The_UnSilent_ @scott_squires Ben Carson is still a thing??My directorial debut short film is nearing a thousand views on Vimeo! It won awards and people have said nice thing…
Retweeted by Monty BurgessTfw when you can't be poet laureate because you are in fact two lesbians in a trenchcoat.
Retweeted by Monty BurgessThe coyote is super stoked to see the badger!! (@LaurenStardust) @tvaziri As an actor and a vfx artist, it's just so terribly exciting.If you only read one article about how "The Mandalorian" was made, make it this one. ICG: On-set VFX makes a might…
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Who could have seen this coming?🤔🤔🤔 #TAXBILLIONAIRES #VoteOutGOP
Retweeted by Monty BurgessThis stupidity right here. Who the hell do they think they are. Drama department are looking for a Development Assistant! More info can be found on our website:…
Retweeted by Monty BurgessThis bloody nonsense we have to put up with from our politicians .
@HenryDouthwaite @MissAliceHenley @marcus_bernard @RyanMcVeigh96 WOW......I mean......
May have an assistant directing role coming up on a BIG show. #justsaying Hit me up with recommendations. Goes w…
Retweeted by Monty Burgess @danielfyork Mystifying @NoContextTrek @joesteel
Best of luck with that request.... Blogpost: Brexit in Historical Perspective. Brexit reopens all the big strategic questions of British politics,…
Retweeted by Monty Burgess @DanticsOfficial Ahoy. Coffee maker. Actor too.That's a massive decline in indie film production. From £319m to £175m. Signals fewer films being made and likely l…
Retweeted by Monty Burgess @delaneykingrox @heatherAtaylor Bunya Talent Indigenous Hub is a five-day talent incubator aimed at mid-career Indigenous writers, showrunners,…
Retweeted by Monty Burgess @joelidster Loved Sylvester. He was my favourite.
@chrisgreybrexit Never mind the modern era. Nothing else really compares to it in recorded human history. I've chec… @LucyVHayAuthor
@garretdillahunt My heart goes out to you and yours.
@agraphafx Ah I remember it well.
@Lou_Jameson Brilliant :) @Raejayy4721 Hell yesso if i am understanding correctly, a fair process should happen neither in public nor behind closed doors, not wit…
Retweeted by Monty BurgessRomeo and Juliet the Musical Oh. My. God. #sexeducation #Netflix
That's the post. That one right there. everywhere @zenny @keithgow A government ditching out of a beneficial union, taking away your access to other countries... @mehlsbells Perfect! @mehlsbells Follow up with some absinthe.
@Duncan_Gates First single off their solo album. @Duncan_Gates Author photo for the book dust jacket. @Jamberee13 @valoriecurry 17. It has the emo haircut of trees. Listens to The Cure, NIN on repeat.