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Royal Tai Creations. NYC. VERY Black. #CoutureCosplay. I’m here to showcase my artistic works & talk a lot of shit. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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@OnlyOmare That’s the WHOLE dollar van ride lmaoI was never a Mac fan. But I luhhhhh me some Fez @Kehlani Y’all: member when Kehlani said to be a wack bitch 🥺 ???? Kehlani:“Treat me like white tees. Don’t get me dirty. Love-love-love on me. Yea When we in the V Jump on- jump on me Fuc… had ONE job! he the reason Tony dead uglass
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo @ItsZaeOk Ashley Tisdale getting ready before every red carpet @ItsZaeOk The Thats so Raven Costume Designers MUST be spared, look at the material ✨
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo @queenlondy That was me @countthickula Omg i hate that show Lmaoo.When was y’all balancing brooms in the house? Was that this year??“What’s up DORKS !?” ———————————- #CoutureCosplay #RoyalTai #EdEddnEddy #cartoonnetwork #Kevin #cosplay
I grew up with a front lawn, backyard, a garage & neighbors who wave bye as you water your grass. I’m okay with tha… @jamiebadu Sorry to all cis-women with multiple reasons & health complications of being unable to get pregnant or c… might be an artist, but ion paint. Idk about other gays.... acoustic; out now 🕰✨ (📽 @goldsilkB )
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo @IndiiGleaux I HEAR THE MUSIC PLAYIN IN MY HEAD RN.... going my wayyyyyyIf you have Sagittarius placements you are literally forced to be a people magnet against your own will. You can’t…
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooIf y’all let “ring” go 2x platinum... this should run up the charts - I fixed it The movie villain. vs The ACTUAL villains @TefariAmanfi @DAMAGEDTROOPRIP This is the abomination @jaebreezy__ THE REAL VILLAINS ICONIC REAL villain is Big Red.
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo!!!!!!!!’s like Taraji P Henson & Nina Simone had a daughter. I get in it? I got Midas pussy. My pussy give you 3 wishes. My pussy put you on the Forbes list. My pussy is th…
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooAS SOOOOON as a black person give props to something actually being Black, all of sudden white people can see color… @TefariAmanfi @DAMAGEDTROOPRIP links for the win though
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooNowadays the movie trailers/commercials be giving away the WHOLE damn movie. Shit, what ima pay to watch the extra… @terrkeith CHICKEN !?’all literally just gave away the movie .. nd now so did I around me I’m keeping several
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The comic villain vs the actual villain whack flow is impeccable
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo @terrkeith Me sitting here waiting really be having a whole bunch of nonsense in my photo album !
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo @_Tommy_yx I accept the challenge @Petty_Spice Me in the mirror after my cut @makeitwayne9 Graceeeee. Bishop. Darius @_Tommy_yx We did say😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 especially from Brownsville/Jamaica queens remember that top model episode when they had to do the impromptu cover girl commercial? 😭 @MsPackyetti @countthickula Lmfaoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 Halle gives me baby Willow vibes. There’s something so separately beautiful about both of them 😭 @dboyrocka I am cryingggggg @URB0SA Thank you for sharing thisRegina Hall carried this entire franchise
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooCleaning on Cleaning on Tuesday night. Sunday morning’ll take one in Frank Ocean please. Actually, make that 3 encourage y’all to simply cut ties with that group of friends you never really felt like you belonged to/ always…
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo @ErikCLN96 @KyuuGosi Fox News cut him out of the photograph with Jeffrey Epstein
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooThe category is Black women on water
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooShe literally came & swooped RIGHT into Blac Chyna’s spot... deadass @terrkeith Don’t ... @HELDbytheBELLE @bigboyteddyyy Okay Frennnnn ! When he say he wanna see different people? BOOM. Here you go😭😭😭😭😭 Tobirama was a menace I just know it. Lmaooo soon as Hashirama passed this nigga BOSSED UP on that innocent v… @fluffyblkboy LMAO WHY YALL LYING. Prudence was an odee bitch in the beginning of the show. Honestly she wasn’t eve… @slimethedime Lower that voice hunnyyyyyy @slimethedime
I’m not gonna hold you, 80% of my camera roll since Covid/Quarantine are all nudes. So here y’all go 🤣… @slaykurdae_ @MMFDOOM @DracunculusMeds @YungYinkv TURNT THE COON UP 1000 🌡’s a thread of black owned businesses for anyone looking to decorate their rooms with black owned items:
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooY’all fail #cancelculture EVERYTIME cause all someone has to do is be quiet for 15 minutes then come back out with… @muthaevrth AND WHAT ABOUT IT you know it’s completely free to support my art? All you have to do is retweet 🤍🤍🤍
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo @denzeldion @slimethedime Jeans don’t actually taste bad, kinda earthy taste. Try eating them rawYUP. YUP. Her miserable ass yo I screamed wear a bonnet around the house, wash dishes, cook for my guests & complain about my house being a mess when there…’all better stop using that microwave. I ain’t gone tell you again @dreamyanais 😭😭😭 nah I’m so confused why the audience wasn’t losing their mind watching A REAL fightTHESE BITCHES LEFT WWE AND WAS IN BROOKLYN SHOOTIN IT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thing about me is ima figure it out.
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo @Sirferrell1 Me after i nut for the 3rd time did I get separated at birth from my family in the Southern Water Tribe? They ain’t want no anemic water benders ??????avatar characters with their hair down just hit different
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo @Sirferrell1 @Sirferrell1 ADULTS WATCHING CARTOONS/ANIME WITHOUT BEING LABELED NERDS OR LOSERS.I’m bout to watch after I finish Kipo @sweatytiddie @VEGETEARIAN @youniqsy @__dlocc As LOW as her dads brim is, he GOTTA be black 🤣 @Ceesohollywood @Sirferrell1 apparently they thought this VICTIM was a suspect and ended up finding the person they were looking for AFTER th…
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooNah if you still doing S4S for followers on my timeline... yo ass just lost one follower.
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooWAYNE 😭 how you the goat but a giant coon... nigga one of those animals from Avatar last airbender’s okay tho, i’m being forced to work on and focus on self in this stage of life, i’m lovin it too. i’m fun.
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooZodiac signs that say they don’t care and they actually don’t. -Sagittarius -Gemini -Aquarius -Capricorn -Pisces
Retweeted by Prince of Zamunbafoo @EliTheStallion Lmao but they don’t wanna hear thatI keep telling ya bitches normalize bisexual men ! Because these niggas gon do it anyway 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Prince of ZamunbafooThis whole video stoops 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @bigboyteddyyy Welp. @jayemonet I come in flavors
HE IS NOT FROM NEW YORK. KEEP THATTTTTT @ofcoursegreg Yoooooo what day was that cause I dead lost $200 while walking around the city drunk 😭😭🧐