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#eternally7 Wear your fucking masks 😻✨🔪 my birthday 🥳🎂

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Normalize using Vellow instead of Yellow @junghope97 HELPFHGGJHF @nikkekeke Welcome back 🥺 @lLOVETETE Don’t hurt me like this @btsaeso Rest well!! @prodminii I’ll try itI don’t think my teachers understand I have 7 other classes @milkypinky2 I still have to do some work for school so :( @prodminii my mom won’t let me take medicine cause she says “it’ll go away” and it’s probably because I’m not getting enough sleep @milkypinky2 Yeah probably @prodminii oh- 💀My head has been hurting for 3 days straight is that bad- @owhsugar Therapy just ugly cried @jeonsflirty I’m so sad stop 😭😭😭😭I’m so proud of him 🥺🥺🥺 CONGRATULATIONS TAEHYUNG #SweetNightBestOST #SweetNight_BestOST상_축하해And if I say Joke deserves more 😔🤚 @sushinikiii As always 😔Are we interrupting something??? @shyjmn Vminkook soulmates 🥺My head hurts a lotMono will always be my healing album @jtoni_n A mash up of all them 🤡🤡🤡🤡 u can’t expect me to choose @LILI0IDEAE Block them ✨
@pixiesgoo It’s disgustingMy dad is chewing with his mouth open and it’s so fucking gross @dirtaemind Noooo don’t be sad :(Goal for this summer: don’t be free and lazy @dirtaemind FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFF @LILI0IDEAE Uh huh ok thenI’m gonna work at Baskin-Robbins until I’m 16 maybe more or somethingR u ok??? @LILI0IDEAE @vwinterhelloar1 :(I HAVE A CERTAIN URGE TO BLAST EGO FOR NO REASON HELP @vwinterhelloar1 YES💜 @dirtaemind Nuh uh @vwinterhelloar1 Yes 💜 @dirtaemind Can u like move over here so we can do it together @lunarvmn @kimpossibleT_T PainWhat place hires 15 year oldsI wanna do private lessons so I don’t embarrass my self in front of a lot of people then dance in a group or somethingI kind of want to start dance but like I’m fat and I suck at everything @dirtaemind I GUESS???12 people followed me and 6 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by more people like 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @btsaeso You’re a whole fracking angel Ilysm @luvsOT7 Mood tbh @hadyaanwarzada FELTTTT @prodminii I don’t know??? He’s Soobin, anything’s possible 😭 @koosteefiess I saw Jungkook 4 times, is that healthy?Did he grow taller or some shit 😭 @dirtaemind #banenglish2021 @jxekookc 🙈@//Shaekspere Shuteth thy sexual intercourseth upI still don’t want to eat @cphrseok My heart just shattered into 5 million pieces @sushinikiii Country @jesussunbaes I thought we were broke what- @BTS_twt @ampang_jin non-Oomf delete @LILI0IDEAE :(@//STOMACH SHUT THE FUCK UP IM NOT HUNGRY @LILI0IDEAE I DONT WANNAMY STOMACH KEEPS MAKING NOISES BUT I DONT WANT TO EATAnd if this gets 100 likes then what @d2_enthusiast 😙
@piss_n_moan Best one 😭 @LILI0IDEAE Tbh that’s a mood irl @LILI0IDEAE Miso——— @SOPETRIVIA_ THE TRANSLATION—And when you realize baby shark outsold ur favs too also I don’t remember baby shark being #1 on Billboard Hot 100 @dirtaemind 🙈🙈🙈I MISS JINNIE @mikrocosjin I’m so sad now wtf @sweetsumerdays Let me dream 🙄🙄🙄Posting a thread soon maybe (kind of repost) @sweetsumerdays Why are you here again 🚪🚶‍♀️/j @DISKOONECTED HELPDJDNFJFNJokes on you, I’m already married to Joon *sassy hair flip* @Twitter give us folders for our bookmarks 🔪🔪🔪🔪 @dirtaemind SAME AND I NEED TO PUT ALL OF MY OWN THREADS IN ONE SPOTI WANT FOLDERS FOR MY BOOK MARKSNah but it’s the way when every we trend something, it trends for the whole dayReply/retweet if u would join a gc if I made one -14+ -don’t let it die -be active pls -hype each otherrrr @dirtaemind That’s good @LILI0IDEAE Thanks miso! @jjkbbyluv Who do I have to fight? @caffeinetyun Yeonjun and straight in the same sentence does not work @dirtaemind Did u take some painkillers? @dirtaemind Dhdjdjjf sorry 😭 I forgot to tw straight white men @dirtaemind Did I lie though, did I lie?Hobi’s ankle is 10x hotter than him 💀 @sweetsumerdays @GotMyGlovesUp 😔🤚 @sweetsumerdays Shhhh let me dream 🤡 @sweetsumerdays @GotMyGlovesUp Fuck you Karen why’d u put this on my tl @sweetsumerdays Yes🙄 @GotMyGlovesUp He isn’t hot @sweetsumerdays Namjoon just said ur delusional and that me and him are married @sweetsumerdays Name one time I said something dumb 🙄🙄🙄I PARTICIPATED IN ENGLISH and I said something good too @sweetsumerdays Bye fuck off 😒