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To gain support, Hitler popularized the term "Lügenpresse." Literally meaning "lying press," he would accuse media…
Retweeted by Ⓜ️“I’m the least racist person in this room.” N¡GGA WHO’S IN THE ROOM????
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trump just be saying words and things, things and words
Retweeted by Ⓜ️ @drivingeyeballs This!! And I feel like it’s unhygienic. I had a roommate years ago put on my slides to go outside… first trimester is trash. Literally sick and tired all damn day 🤮☹️ @_elyazz_ Oh @SoxSphere_CWH @AndrewYang Wait I must have missed that wtfTrump has definitely been coached and listened to feedback about the last debate. He seems muted and deferential.
Retweeted by Ⓜ️So I’m laying in my bed, my son already awake playing in his room. And I hear someone say “I love you.” I’m like 😳😰… dat chronic oxygen For All being labeled as a “socialist” plan is so funny bc it would save $450 million and 68,000 lives per…
Retweeted by Ⓜ️Y’all ready to make some memes for this debate tonight
My son really playing with a potato. All these damn toys and he’s being entertained by a POTATO 🥔 @KaaylaLynnn LMAOOOO I’m dead. Like why’d we allow that mess I fuckin can’t. We were so dumb. @KaaylaLynnn LMAOOO you was one of the friends so yea probably @flywireballer23 😂😂😂In middle school there was this boy who dated me and literally every single one of my friends. And we were all just…
Deeply disturbed by Brewton’s lack of a 24 hour donut shopI’m sorry, they did what? @kperez_karen @PrisonPlanet Shut up KarenHands up if you’ve never had an abortion but still support abortions
Retweeted by Ⓜ️Fetus: Eat Also Fetus: Throw it up
@KaaylaLynnn Not only that but if you’d lie about something like that you’d lie about ANYTHING.
@FaceTheyHate @BlackPplCrazyy I’m glad someone said it.
How y’all walk around in them tiny heelsSharing a bedroom when one of you is semi-neat and the other is pure disorder really hurts the soul dad and I went to a restaurant and the waiter pointed at the QR code on the wall and said “thats our menu” and l…
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forever pro choice go cry ab it❤️
Retweeted by Ⓜ️I’m convinced people support Donald Trump cause he’s on their reading level.They should have started teaching us foreign languages sooner than high school.
The only sport season I don’t hate is soccer season cause y’all don’t talk about itMy man is a blessing I can’t even lie
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@__kayywhite And like... Biden is in way better shape than him lmao. Does he not see that?
For all the Christian Trump supporters I would like to draw your attention to this
Retweeted by Ⓜ️The best part of Lilo & Stitch that I did NOT appreciate as a kid was pleakly believing mosquitoes were an endangered species
@mvrv2k and you shall receive wish my grandma was alive to make me some tamales.I feel bad for my dog. He been eating the same dry ass kibbles for like 5 years. And he gotta see me eat something… HE THINKS.. HE THINKS HES ELITE LMAOOOO OKAAAAYY can’t believe this happened 😭
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I like ghetto bitches that wear too much lip glossThis is soooo dumb. Why would you pretend to be in to something you’re not for a dude? Couldn’t be me. brother cool… FRIENDS OUTGROWING EACH OTHER WITHOUT ANIMOSITY!! We all move differently and have different priorities.…
Retweeted by Ⓜ️Yo this brought me to tears I laughed so hard
hi 👋 a science reporter popping in here to say that we absolutely DO know what's causing climate change, despite wh…
Retweeted by Ⓜ️October 10 will be 10-10-20s on yo titties biiiiiitchhh
Retweeted by Ⓜ️Fracking is bad, actually
Retweeted by Ⓜ️ @ghallll @ChickfilA @ChickfilA comp the meal and give her a bottle of sauce right now @ghallll @ChickfilA Charge for a bottle? For some extra sauce packs? Where they do that at? @ChickfilA This is an ungodly act of greed.Telling people they should vote for the “winning side” is what got us here in the first place. Fuck the two party s…
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The fact that Andrew Yang didn’t gain more traction don’t sit right with me.A dumb bitch once said.. internet stay winning😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Retweeted by Ⓜ️ @__kayywhite Not to mention it’s awkward AFHis last tweet must not have been well received.’t forget about the way our President is willing to let American citizens sit in economic distress instead of si…
Retweeted by Ⓜ️ @__kayywhite I mean... this is Donald Trump we are talking about...
I binge watched @thehomeedit 2 weeks ago and I haven’t stopped editing my home since.Fought COVID for 3 days...then back to normal?Lol......cap
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Those lil chocolate covered Rice Krispie poppers are dangerous. Fucked around and ate a whole box. @isaisaachtx That Nigga says ANYTHING
Retweeted by Ⓜ️ @KaaylaLynnn It be like that. I put my son down for a nap and said “ima just play a couple games then I’ll clean up…
People who “wash” their hands but don’t use soap: why? Now your hands are dirty AND wet
I been watching Handy Manny with my son for like a week now. And I kept thinking “I know I watched this as a kid bu… really thought trump was “asserting dominance” during last nights debate. Naaahhhh he was being a dick head… @__kayywhite It’s been racking my brain all damn dayThey killed Kennedy bc he was the polar opposite of this mf. said “every year I get the call that California is on fire.” Like it’s a plumbing issue or something 😭
Retweeted by Ⓜ️ @_daissssyyy It was very entertaining. Historical.You do not truly know someone till you’ve lived with them for a couple years; seen their living habits, seen them a… we not gonna talk about how Trump didn’t denounce the KKK when prompted? @Teedie__ LMAO oooook 💀 @Teedie__ I live in Alabama 😂😂😂 @Teedie__ I just get hungryGlad I’m not a trump supporter cause whew I’d be embarrassedI should not be laughing this hard at our presidential debate“Manufacturing went in the hole, number 2, number 2, number 3 — ‘No, you’re on number 2 —‘ No..”IS THIS REAL LIFE???! How tf are these are choices for president??
Retweeted by Ⓜ️The fact that Biden is laughing just as much as I am at Trump. Dude is a joke 😂😂😂 Disclaimer: This is not a pro-Biden tweet. They both 💩.
Still thinking about how I went to renew my license this morning and I was only in there for like 5 minutes. A Slidell DMV could never.Name a better feeling than “Your package has been delivered.”My license photos always come out good 😌Companies that make masks gotta be loving this pandemic
@marcusbrown16 @RebelxGangGodly @TOO_LIVE_MILZ If you broke just say that
@louisa_tetteh @TOO_LIVE_MILZ They wanna use us too tho @RebelxGangGodly @TOO_LIVE_MILZ Or maybe she just ain’t like youwatched my neighbor get tased IN HIS FACE over less. Got pulled over on our street, stopped at his house, rolled hi… to many, she resisted arrest here, therefor shooting her would have been justified
Retweeted by Ⓜ️I really hate mediacomm. Worst internet service provider in fucking existence. I wish somebody else would service the Brewton area 😠😠😠 @drivingeyeballs Also six nine was messing with a 14 year old so there’s that tooIdk I became a mom and suddenly I felt leggings weren’t pants anymore
Breonna Taylor's and Emmett Till's murders were let off scott free on the same day 65 years apart.
Retweeted by Ⓜ️ @badboychadhoy And y’all think it’s ok to live like this 1st will make 5 years with my man 😌❤️ @flywireballer23 So y’all watch all the commercials they scheduled
I haven’t seen a half dollar in like 10 years.Just watch till the end. Pls. @mercurymartina I’d like more details to this study. @drivingeyeballs I did once as a dare. When they said “state your emergency” I hung up and then they showed up at…