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@AnimalsAsia Founder. Loves bears, hates cruelty.

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@GrumpyOldRick than you @GrumpyOldRick - come and see her soon won't you 🐻🧸x
@GrumpyOldRick Thank you Rick - big bear hugs to you across these miles.
@GrumpyOldRick We love you Rick - a big socially distanced bear hug from us all.
@rickygervais You made our @AnimalsAsia day today.Your help lets our bears sh!t in their woods. Thank you, we love you. @AnimalsAsia @rickygervais Your mention meant the world to us all - thank you @rickygervais with love to you and Ja…
@PeterEgan6 @AnimalsAsia Beautiful beautiful bear - and so passionately created Pip. Peter if you ever want to fos…
@PeterEgan6 @AnimalsAsia Goosebumps just seeing this - beautiful beautiful
see you in bearland @AnimalsAsia - food for the soul! xxx
Visit this spectacular country and our beautiful rescued bears in our Vietnam sanctuary in Tam Dao National Park. this spectacular country and our beautiful rescued bears in our Vietnam sanctuary in Tam Dao National Park
@ChrisGPackham @AnimalsAsia @bbcthree Thanks for championing our bears Chris - some positive news soon!It's tough but must watch - inside the Vietnamese Bear Bile farms @AnimalsAsia @bbcthree
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@GerMcDade big hugs from the bears and team we love - across these miles to you Geraldine x @drewquine @AnimalsAsia Doing SO well Drew....all crossed for her long and happy life @drewquine @AnimalsAsia Ah Drew - nothing like a big bear hug - especially with a beautiful soul like your sister :) xxxThis is our family - our ursine family, finally home. Thank you to all who help us @AnimalsAsia now.....and until… @burpeesRfun @AnimalsAsia bless you and thank you SO much x
@Thunderoad75 @AnimalsAsia huge hugs from the Mups to you Annie xxx
@dan710ths Hey Dan, so nice to be in touch - bless you for all you do....and hope to meet you one of these days. Bi…
@GrumpyOldRick Thank you and welcome to the family Mr Ambassador, welcome from us all xxxLucky me, got to spend some time with @moonbearJill, @lesley_nicol, and @GeneBaur in sunny LA at @VegFestLA.
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @Thunderoad75 @AnimalsAsia LOVED hosting you Annie - thank you for all your help and kindness and come back soon! :) xxI'm back from an amazing time at CMBRC @AnimalsAsia Thinking of all you guys this week.It was a privilege to share your work @moonbearJill
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonRescued together from a bile farm, moon bears Coco and Yogi are still side by side in their new sanctuary lives…
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@UKinNYC thank you Loren....such a lovely message - and thank heavens for the inspiration from our beautiful bears. @KevinJHatton @AnimalsAsia @MoonAndBackFilm @PeterEgan6 LOVE this :) Happy Monday to all!!!It's #MoonBearMonday ! @AnimalsAsia @moonbearJill @MoonAndBackFilm @PeterEgan6
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonHappy #moonbearmonday ! And a raised paw to @AnimalsAsia 's newly appointed ambassador, @GrumpyOldRick !!!…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @richwildart @PeterEgan6 @GrumpyOldRick @AnimalsAsia So, so sad not to have been there - adoring our ambassadors wh… @PeterEgan6 @GrumpyOldRick you did it again! Fantastic evening at 'The Mill' raising funds for @AnimalsAsia just br…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @MariaRudArt @PeterEgan6 @GrumpyOldRick @AnimalsAsia @EwanAllinson oh. my. goodness. Sensational.......
@KevinJHatton @nadsday @JacquiCooks @randomnloveit @DeadSeaSusan @L1VEalife @mafiax @MauriceRoncalli @marienassar_ Mother's Day, may we see beyond difference & protect the common, indelible bonds of love that unite mothers ev…
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@pupaid @rickygervais @JaneFallon @PeterEgan6 @AnimalsAsia @DrBrianMay @themayhew @Raystede @AllDogsMatter @Protect_Wldlife thank you! xo @moonbearJill will be visiting #Glasgow in June at @thehugandpint for the @AnimalsAsiaUK Art Tour. For tickets visi…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @CFCCA_UK will be host to our #Manchester Art Tour with @moonbearJill Have you got your tickets yet? Visit…
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonThe Leadenhall Building sits beside @TheGherkin & provides an equally spectacular view of #London. Join us,Art Tour…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @mattsorum @moonbearJill @AnimalsAsia Happy #Belated #Birthday #moonbearJill,thank u 4 all u do 4 #animals #MattSorum #animalsAsia
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @mariasloughpics @Sallyst83540181 @PeterEgan6 @AnimalsAsiaUK love this too.....we're so luck to have friendship xxxThat's why people need to follow and support @AnimalsAsia & @moonbearJill
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Vietnam has >1,000 bears on illegal bile farms. Rescuing them is one thing, rehab is another.@moonbearJill offers o…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @PeterEgan6 @GrumpyOldRick @NationalTheatre @AnimalsAsia You brilliant people you - can't wait to hear plans! xxx.@GrumpyOldRick GR8 seeing U &@MariaRudArt @NationalTheatre V exciting plans 4 event for @AnimalsAsia @moonbearJill
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@richwildart I was 39,000 feet in the air at this point! :) Thank you, so much! Big hugs xxxxxxxx @richwildart @AnimalsAsia Oh Richard and everyone - just saw this......awesome, thank you again for the evening and… birthday from us all tonight @moonbearJill we had a great night fundraising for your awesome @AnimalsAsia bea…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @SpanielHarry @RileyDevilDog And you're always there for the bears too Harry.....endless thanks super dog xxx @RileyDevilDog @moonbearJill Yap pal is vewy vewy sad. Me has @moonbearJill moonbear documentary on DVD it is pawsome @MoonAndBackFilm
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonAnimals Asia Support Group @ #Vegan Fest in #Rome 🙌💮🐝🐬🐄🐖🐕🐈🐀🐇🐻 @AnimalsAsia @AnimalsAsiaNYC @moonbearJill Thanks to…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @AnimalsAsiaNYC @AnimalsAsia Yeah!!!Go Kai - our super bear hero :) xx @AnimalsAsiaNYC @AnimalsAsia loving you guys....thank you across these miles from the bears and I xxxMonday motivation...'There's a great saying in China...' @moonbearJill Buy the film here:
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonWant to hear speak? @_CarolJAdams @coe_sue Donna Haraway, Lori Gruen, @moonbearJill Come to @mindinganimals
Retweeted by Jill Robinson20,000+ reasons why we do what we do 🌙🐻💛 Support #crueltyfree living & help @AnimalsAsia save more precious bears a…
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@Thunderoad75 @AnimalsAsia @springsteen just bring you Annie - so looking forward to seeing you in bearland :) x
@mattsorum @AnimalsAsia love you Mr Ambassador....thank you MattA very happy Birthday to @moonbearJill You are an inspiration. Thank u for your dedication to @AnimalsAsia
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Bye bye Jasper, our peacemaker, our friend xxx @lesley_nicol @AnimalsAsia @VegFestLA please join @lesley_nicol and I at @VegFestLA on Sunday as we celebrate moon… @AnimalsAsia @VegFestLA So looking forward to visiting Vegfest tomorrow- come and say hi to me and @moonbearJill on the stand around noon x
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonOur wonderful sound track is available to buy from @amazon #moonandbackfilm
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonThis guy really is a legend for all he does for animals! @rickygervais #MOONANDBACKFILM Available to buy + download…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @bromleyca was you. Gulp and a few tears shed...thank you lovely man - missing Jasper too xxx
Big day for us! @MoonAndBackFilm is released worldwide & tells the story of the remarkable @moonbearJill Features @PeterEgan6 @lesley_nicol
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonJill Robinson @moonbearJill from @AnimalsAsia is 1 of my all time conservation heroes.Please support her & the bea…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @michaelastracha @AnimalsAsia back at you Michaela - loving you xJill Robinson @moonbearJill from @AnimalsAsia is 1 of my all time conservation heroes.Please support her & the...
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonThe @moonbearJill: to the @MoonAndBackFilm is out TODAY!
Retweeted by Jill Robinson.@moonbearJill @MoonAndBackFilm Film is available to buy DVD in Europe at and globally on t…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @KevinJHatton @MoonAndBackFilm @AnimalsAsia thank you Kevin xxx @CthJarvis @MoonAndBackFilm @PeterEgan6 @ChrisGPackham @rickygervais @OrangePlanetPic @lesley_nicol @andrew_telling traveling, it's difficult to see animals suffer & not know what to do. Still haunts me. @moonbearJill couldn't…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson#CharityTuesday please support @moonbearJill & @AnimalsAsia to get more results like this
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @ascoltatrice @AnimalsAsia for the love of Jasper and friends....thank you Jane xxx
oh yikes :) TIMES for Art Exhibition Tour with @moonbearJill are 6.00pm-9.00pm with @mariasloughpics, @richwildart, Suzie…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson#FF Fab @AnimalsAsia founded by @moonbearJill -Proud Amb/s @PeterEgan6 @lesley_nicol (UK) @mattsorum (US) check out…
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonIf you have a dream don't ever give up! One person can make a change #moonandbackfilm @moonbearJill #ChangeisComing
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @Thunderoad75 @ToughMudderBear @AnimalsAsia @bromleyca Brilliant run Kai @ToughMudderBear - hero you are. The bigg… stopped on phone, finally saw @ToughMudderBear He's doing good this was 15.5. Running for @AnimalsAsia
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @PeterEgan6 @MoonAndBackFilm @OrangePlanetPic @lesley_nicol @andrew_telling @NatColesy @ChrisGPackham @mattsorum @MoonAndBackFilm @moonbearJill @OrangePlanetPic @lesley_nicol @andrew_telling @NatColesy @ChrisGPackham @mattsorum
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @AnimalsAsiaNYC @AnimalsAsia Bear hero Kai!!!!And he crossed the finish line!!! Thank you Kai for running for Animals Asia! @AnimalsAsia @moonbearJill
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @RandiRQ @MoonAndBackFilm @OrangePlanetPic @lesley_nicol @PeterEgan6 @andrew_telling @NatColesy @ChrisGPackham
#HopeSprings @moonbearJill has a drink for Wendles LIVE TIMELINE HERE:
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonLIVE: @moonbearJill & 🇻🇳 boss Tuan describe #HopeSprings bear rescue & the task still ahead (with added bug noise)…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @MoonAndBackFilm @lesley_nicol @OrangePlanetPic @andrew_telling @PeterEgan6 @DeborahMeaden @rickygervais wonderful @lesley_nicol on @moonbearJill #Moonandbackfilm An @OrangePlanetPic film by @andrew_telling Released…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @RobertLindsay @AnimalsAsia come and see us soon.....xx @7_Shadows @AnimalsAsia bless you - thank you for all your support xoBeautiful words from artist @mariasloughpics who will be joining @PeterEgan6 & @moonbearJill to abseil the Spinnake…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson.@moonbearJill on bear rescues and Bazan & Wendles coming home:
Retweeted by Jill RobinsonLIVE: Follow the #HopeSprings #Bear Rescue. Thank you #Heros @AnimalsAsia @moonbearJill for saving them from cruelty
Retweeted by Jill Robinson#HopeSprings Bazan & Wendles are home! No more fear, no more pain. Support this FANTASTIC Charity!! @AnimalsAsia F…
Retweeted by Jill Robinson @amazinlethi @AnimalsAsia thank you and see you soon :) @ChildfreeGirl loving our bears :) thank you for helping them xo @lisabrearley1 @AnimalsAsia bless you - and for loving our bears :) xo @PomonaUK @rmonica2017 here to the end - until the cruelty ends.....xo