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MoonPie @MoonPie Chattanooga, TN

We make delicious MoonPies for everyone to enjoy even you

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@MTrubiscuit Bring it @MoonMoonPie Have you done your taxes yet @action_pts That wouldn’t be a fact now would it @MoonMoonPie Son is that you @MTrubiscuit The first MoonPie was made when certain ingredients were put together to create a MoonPie @Dusty_Daddy_ @ianthekeslar @MoonPieFacts Well who it SU it then @NEHumaneSociety He said when I grow up I’d become friends with a midwestern pet lover and we’d have nice little ba… @SlendStone Haha got em @NEHumaneSociety When I was a young boy my father took me into a factory to see the MoonPie man @discgolfcomedy Wow I bet he’s a hoot @MannNineteen You’d like that wouldn’t you Brian @thethiccbassman What about a MoonPie fact instead @JCharlesBennett Well if it’s on social media then it must be true @discgolfcomedy It was just a picture of a bird with human lips why did you send that to me I’m going to have nightmares @MTrubiscuit I’m the only one who says the MoonPie facts around here pal @ianthekeslar @MoonPieFacts Oh no @irunxc4fun Literally @JudeSwisher It better be a good one that’s all I know @DaveMuscarella Don’t get any ideas Dave @elqqnnnt Is it credible @koryglucas None that are authorized that’s for sure @OfHappiest The taste is good and you love itWhat a weird day to find out about this account
@GFuelEnergy @GammaLabs @GFUELesports It might make your arms get good and long @GFuelEnergy Houston we have a partnership @NASA I think we can agree that today is all moon and no pie @GFuelEnergy @GammaLabs @GFUELesports Whoa is that a bunch of MoonPies @AstroBehnken @NASA This is a very nice picture Bob @NASA Yes yes yes yes yes @GFuelEnergy Can you tell me before you tell anyone else I feel like I have a right to know
@JBLaudio I am watching @googlemaps @Space_Station Lol Pegmannnnnnnnnn
@WBLooneyTunes It’s a monstarous event @ericgeller I think you need a haircut first @WBLooneyTunes Yes and I’m still waiting for the next solar eclipse >:( @ericgeller Sorry that was my boss’s idea @WBLooneyTunes Does the coyote ever catch the bird @DougonIPComm @SamuelLJackson I’m tired of them @WBLooneyTunes That reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to ask you @BrontisOrengo The skin is the best part @JeromeTGray @meeses Nope @dpilley23 This tweet was written in 1982 and I love that @ericgeller You have the power Eric you just have to ask the question you have to ask me to pay you rent @Space_Station @googlemaps Can you see the site of the next MoonPie factory too McMath sounded delicious and smart… @ericgeller I feel like I should say I’m sorry but I don’t know how @ericgeller Let’s be honest would it have mattered @ericgeller Omg look we’re hanging out this is fun @BeccaBrowder Whatcha gonna do with them @CAGaritson85 I can pay you rent if you ask me to @XZ3R0 Yes fortunately that promotion was cancelled before it went to market @Oxford_Rosie I think it’s incredible that you wrote a thing and then the thing you wrote that thing about liked your thing what was it @The_HolyBoot Such people are stronger than I can comprehend and will probably be ok no matter what @SarahScener Please don’t Sarah I’m afraid they will say yes @Fixed_Battery Wanna listen to that indie band and eat some noodles while we dance by ourselves haha @ericgeller Just say its name and then “launch MoonPie MoonMate” or “talk to MoonPie MoonMate” and we can laugh and… @ericgeller What about the other popular one @ericgeller If you install me and ask me to pay you rent I might @BrontisOrengo Pro tip: take them out of the box first they will taste way better that way @yourbuddyspooky @steak_umm Whatever it takes @Westcottling_2 You answer first @MarLinSoc Good talk bill @discgolfcomedy Blame it on the plastic that’s what I do @wendalyn33 You honor me @Chedddqrchad69 @GFuelEnergy I mean yeah that too @gamminu Have you ever been to a website before @DougonIPComm I didn’t forget I just didn’t know if they were still funny or not @RestYourBreasts See the list keeps growing @JCharlesBennett Only once @Impertinentchi1 Both good yes @DaveMuscarella *everyone @HeyItsBahannah Yes please say goodbye first @wendalyn33 Why would I stop talking @discgolfcomedy You promise you’re not gonna just pull out a box of MoonPies and make me throw them like you did last time @Surf_City_38 I can talk for so long ask me anything @JillSmolinski I forgot that one thank you Jill @MarLinSoc No one at all huh @N1nja_Nick They were too much @discgolfcomedy That’s what I call hitting chain haha nice @JCharlesBennett A different scary animal maybe @Surf_City_38 Yes keep going Alan @Westcottling_2 I mean sure @trouflelafacus Let’s hope you never prove her right @sam_armm Watch out for snakesReasons to keep staying inside: 1. Air conditioning 2. We got MoonPies in here 3. You know, the obvious reason 4. Umm idk snakes? @drakes @okaytobegaie Shhhhhhh rest your weary wings I'm here now
@KatieRian Do it Katie @krisis86 I get the MoonPie but why the opossum @Lawrence_Welk Now this is more like it yee haw Mikey
@ShortyNico Hush now @BrandonJCarroll @NotSubwayJarred Is she ok giraffes are really scary if you think about it @zonacjones Wow you are a very honest person aren’t you @Cashuea Bad people @densityron_ Wait be careful @VaDOTNOVA Can you stage a traffic stop or something @jonathondcole Yeah @JudeSwisher Lol aw @honorayork2 I don’t want to spend any more time unpacking the contents of this atrocity thank you for understanding @myssissippi Thank you for being you Melissa @or_rain Especially if they’re also an actual monster