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mic @mooodyvirgo Vancouver, British Columbia

big chaotic gay energy | ♍♑♎ | she/her 🏳️‍🌈

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Retweeted by micomg was born stressedIt's only December 2nd and I'm stressed that I don't have all my Christmas shopping done yet. I only have two more… only have two moods, Machine Gun Kelly and Ariana Grande“what if homeless people buy drugs with my money?” bitch YOU buy drugs with your money 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by mic @elnpls Same I didn't even know I still had itWhy is Machine Gun Kelly my second most listened to artist this year, I'm such an emoIt is no longer denim jacket weather
Me hearing all the gay drama from home knowing that I'm no longer a part of it meeeeee @laurahansen96 @earthdombaby Ahahaha @nerdontherocks HahahahaaIt's December and I am still going around wearing a denim jacketCommissioned this fab drawing from @gothbabys for my friend for Christmas ✨
Retweeted by micRent due again. Every bastard month with this
Retweeted by micThis is the final draft of the harassment harmful communications and related offences bill
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I just wanna know who the fool is that runs the Canadian immigration websitei told my 14 year old sister we used to buy ringtones and mobile games off the back of magazines and she thinks i'm taking the piss
Retweeted by micMy Dad text me lastnight and asked how the cat is and I was like I don't know I'm not in Laura's tonight and he lef… mind is my favourite one yet have been told multiple times now that I look like this superhero and yano what? I'll take it do I get rid of winter allergies I'm going insane with all the coughing and sniffing x x x’m going to cry
Retweeted by mic @laurahansen96 neveri love to sit .where yuo want to sit
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Megan Thee Scallion @nerdontherocks The child hahahahPut it up for adoption
And I OOP are some nice gifts to give someone who's just had a baby?? I'm talking gifts for the mum not the baby! @laurahansen96 yes
U know how people get arrested for stealing from shops? Do you ever hear someone say “well, if you didn’t want to b…
Retweeted by micSo guards asked anyone who came into contact with the material to forward it straight on to them and not look at it…
Retweeted by micThis is making me so mad 😶 @ellebellenic Like this! I just kinda assumed all cups were the same until my womb started sucking them up to unrea… @GhostlySpells Cuteeelink in bio for free tickets !!!!
Retweeted by micThe start of Gimme Gimme Gimme by ABBA gets me so RILED UP. Feel like I could rob a bank listening to it and get away with it
Retweeted by micIf you want to get one please measure your cervix first so you don't end up wasting $80 on ones that don't fit like I did hahahaMenstrual cups are such a game changer I don't even feel like I'm on my periodWent to guards yesterday to report ibsa, we were told unless we have the url nothing can be done, which is ridiculo…
Retweeted by micNeed to take an antihistamine but need to get work done and not feel like I'm falling into a deep comaI can't believe winter allergies are a thing like what the hell I feel scammedCan't cope with how cute Frankie is being tonight
@ellebrigitte I don't have a pair myself but I've been told they're v good quality and super comfy!helo ! im hope youre having a nice day : )
Retweeted by mic @dyke_kit_ Omg I LOVE @QueenGeebag Hottest escapee in town hahahaha I'm very short so would need to roll up the sleeves and legs anyways!!It will either look really cool or like I'm straight out of prisonDo I get this jumpsuit yes or no interestingI am once again crying while watching This Is UsHello, it’ll cost you €0 to retweet my work and I’d really appreciate it 😊 Hi my name is Ellie and I’m a graphic d…
Retweeted by mic @nicegirlmeg OmgObvs I've been wearing lots of jumpers lately because it's cold and I kinda just forgot I had tattoos on my arms li…
quite shocking the organisation responsible for leaking a video of a mentally ill naked woman without her consent l…
Retweeted by mictw/ ibsa the school in carlow, the leak and the garda response to it are all part of the same major problem. women…
Retweeted by micI don’t care if the girls wear tiny booty shorts and a crop top to PE, the teachers should not be distracted by a m…
Retweeted by micI need everyone who could have possibly been in those files or who found themselves in those files into the guards…
Retweeted by mic......sorry WHAT @laurahansen96 He did try to redeem himself in the end @NicNiChadhla Thought that decoration said "nope" and was like honestly same what a mood, then I realised it says hope oopsI love my Dad's reply to this @rsiereilly Omg stunning response I love thisPersonally I don't but in interested to see what the consensus is hereWhen you break up with someone do you delete your photos with/of them from your social media?I have this big long meeting in work at the end of every month and this is the second month in a row now where I've… have my usual stomach pains mixed with period pain today. Gorgeous xI find it so strange and ableist that many schools still reward children for not missing any days. There's somethin…
Retweeted by micCan't believe I used to regularly get less than five hours sleep and would be grand, like if I get less than eight… you ever wake up with a pain in your stomach and it's like.... How did this even happen all I did was SLEEP @shellymurphy23 So annoying!!Hello, it will cost you €0 to retweet my work and I'd really appreciate it 💛 I'm Eilís, I'm a 25 year old photogra…
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How does anyone like oranges, they're so stringy and disgusting. I'm trying to force myself to eat them for my ✨ he… stop looking at plants on Facebook marketplace challengeI spend over 60 hours per week in the hospital. 39 of these hours are completely unpaid. We are burnt out. We are s…
Retweeted by mic @MuirennwithnoA I should be back to wearing contacts in three weeks and would prob take just as long for them to ge… @JudgeDyl My glasses are so light they just bounce off it 😭 nightmareLate to the conversation here but... How the hell are people with glasses wearing masks all the time? How do you st…
men be like: i personally havent experienced misogyny so it must not exist
Retweeted by micthey look like they're called Ciara, Clodagh and Clíona and they're in a family trad band and are studying veterina…
Retweeted by mic @sighcrywhy ❤️❤️❤️Why do Winter jackets make everyone look straight? Does a gay Winter jacket even exist? If so, where can I purchase?
being a femme is hard because i want long nails but, like, i also want to sleep with women
Retweeted by micgirls in Presentation College Carlow told they cannot wear any form fitting clothes to PE (INCLUDING THEIR UNIFORM…
Retweeted by micstudents across ireland : Sexism against female students in school by the staff and students - Sign the Petition!…
@complvted That's ok hahahaI mean.... It didn't go as badly as I thought it would *is completely blind* Me: I should cut my fringeI'm extremely extremely blind and I can't wear my contact lenses for three weeks because I have an infection thing… warm ,,,im safe ,im happy
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@GhostlySpells Ahhhh so pretty 💓💓 @Li_Bo_X Absolutely