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VT 2021 🌈 Cul-de-sac Angels out April 12.

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@ovenbaylo GeniusYou’re welcome attention @jesshcalv__ is the supreme goddess of poetry analysis I am currently FLOORED during classi would die for poodle rice
Retweeted by mich @lacson_lacsoff I AM IN LOVE!!This is online school with all of my classmates. Sorry we aren’t social distancing grabbed a lit candle to sip instead of my coffee, happy Thursday mfs
you could also eat rice with kittens in outer space
Retweeted by mich @daclis0n this is EXACTLY it!!! I feel so honored to be growing up at the same time as her 🥺 @blkpunningpoet Her power is unmatched. I can’t wait to see where she goes with this enormous gift @blkpunningpoet Brought me to tears. I cannot believe she is only 22. How do you do that—I just aspire to be half the poet Amanda Gorman is. Holy goodness.Amanda Gorman. That’s it.Amanda Gorman is the youngest inaugural poet ever in the United States.
Retweeted by michbernie arrives at inauguration, carrying what can only be a copy of The Plan in his manila envelope
Retweeted by michThis is now a Bernard Sanders’ Mittens Fan Club Joe rattle off vague, centrist rhetoric while folding my laundry. This is Alright For Now @dianaofvirginia Mission: failed @natalyaaxg I’m so excited for it @AlyssaBroccoli It was all super easy but ??? WHY @MariahSellers6 omg YES I remember you!taking a creative writing course on fiction w @mooopsy and i'm excited that i can't safely assume i'm the best writer in the class anymore
Retweeted by mich @C_Cox42 @HoesChiMinh STOP IT no way @_trulyjulie Image description: two (2) grown women commemorating a fairly significant event via Post-It note*heavy breathing*
Retweeted by michThe bros & me, unboxing almost every Catan expansion known to man
Every time I get on a Zoom call for class my heart rate goes: 📈📈📈 125 bpmExcited and nostalgic and bittersweet #fdoc #vt21 @dianaofvirginia Capitalism :( @liam757vt I WISH @mooopsy Ooh are there any slots left for communist writing?
Retweeted by mich @ace_albe Peace was never an option :( @ChaseSabadaba can you save us a tableI have conditioned myself to rely on late night chocolate chip waffles for sustenance and I am convinced I cannot f… & 2021 authors are like
Retweeted by michYes❤️ @camp_soph_ Like.... they obviously don’t know me LMAO @foucauley Truly. I feel wrongedComment 🗣 below ⬇️ if we 👯‍♀️ have any classes 📚✏️📝 together 🤝
I have 6 assignments due tomorrow morning before any of my classes beginwhen i’m walking in the woods & spot a mushroom
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They always just hit us with the “✨essay 1 due tomorrow✨” that nightI’ve NEVER had one of my Canvas pages up before the first day of classes I am truly shocked that you are all shocked!!! @dianaofvirginia RESURRECT me at makeout creek @jermiest20 !!!!!!! FOR REAL. Also, the whole idea that throwing away food in large quantities > simply DONATING to… @smjxmj Oh my god top tier movieWho are the lambs and why do we care about them being silent
Retweeted by michIn 2021 the cool kids are manifesting both Lorde and Mitski. We’re starving @kaylakoenig_ Ugh that is so good, I wish more places were like that. Props to that Starbucks!! it’s really dishear… mom worked in food service for 10+ years and they were told repeatedly that taking home food could send them to…
Retweeted by michThis thread... read it. As someone who has worked food service jobs, I’ve always found this ridiculous, not to ment… @SethMegan I am in loOooOoooOoveeeedate idea: cute girl takes me to the animal shelter and has me put to sleep for biting
Retweeted by michthis asshole fish decided to walk out of the water one day and now i have to go to work and pay rent
Retweeted by michevery "burger flipper" has contributed more to society than some design guy who decides whether an interface should…
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@AJ_Lich Incredibly soPSA!!! are certain fragrances and scents that will melt me at the slightest hint of it in the air. Some aromas take…
Retweeted by michLast day of winter classes being tomorrow has me DROOLING but then... we begin again in 2 days
Sorry, I had to do it
Retweeted by michMe at parties like
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Trump has more impeachments than Sappho has poems that have survived intact
Retweeted by michI can’t wait
Retweeted by michMy favorite part about Bridgerton is that each time a suitor comes to begin a courtship, he brings the lady flowers…
Retweeted by mich @_trulyjulie yes my blankets are very warmBACK IN BLACKSBURG!!! LET ME BAKE FOR YOU!!! song makes me forget I’m in a perfectly healthy relationship LIGHTS STOP SIGNS I STILL SEE YOUR FACE IN THE WHITE CARS FRONT YARDS
so is getting impeached twice orwellian or kafkaesque
Retweeted by michif adults can still be employed after storming the capitol building i can probably get a job with a nose ring
Retweeted by mich @CayerSydney BABIEme and the boys, fully vaccinated, summer 2022
Retweeted by michSee you soon bestie <3 @sarahadeIaide Ooh do you have any brand/general what-to-look-for recommendations? @jaykospeed12 Interesting... 🤔Opinions on CBD oil/products. Ready set go @ohkhammerhead I’d sell multiple organs for thisblacksburg needs a cat cafe. there. i said it.
Retweeted by michTwitter needed to see these too 🤧
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Retweeted by mich @yanalxndrvna Deal 🥺 in 2021 our health will go 📈📈📈
blasting NPR at the taco bell drive thru so they know I’m smart
Retweeted by michDang y’all really want stability for me huh? Too kind @julessjoness The most love for you Jules, just as proud of you 💗 @taylorlargen You flatter me 😭 so thankful for youYou can hear the bonus track “Titanic Risen” on the juke box in my simulated bedroom in the lobby of the Roblox Tit…
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Retweeted by mich @RileysAutoParts I tried simply TUNING mine the other night and two of them just popped off into oblivionLike this and I’ll finally call my therapist who I accidentally ghosted for a year @hudackj LOVE YOU DEEPAHHHHHHHHH
Retweeted by mich:) date... ✨APRIL 12, 2021✨ Preorder info coming soon. Y’all, my excitement is through the roof— I just wan… I walked 10 miles around the suburbs with my hometown best friend and we listened to movie soundtracks until… hate texting can we just merge into one soul
Retweeted by michWhat Olivia Rodrigo did in drivers license at 17 years old is what I’ve been trying to do for the past 21
He is speaking to me