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16 y/o DJ / producer / visual artist | creator + EP of STARGAZERS ⭐️ | NB & Pan 🏳️‍🌈💖🦄 | mgmt:

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@wizzymmd70 so are you kind sir 🥺💖 @stormwing151 thank you 🥰 @stormwing151 yes?? @SanTarraf this is fucking insane @PhaseOneAU I do not understand shoeys and I don’t think I ever will LMAO @TheJakeneutron it’s the way these don’t even look like the same person that bothers my soul @nvctve OH SHIIT @robtswthrayguns ah, yeah people always come for the unicorn, then stay for the music and the gay 😂 @Cate_Harvey YOU SCREAMING HIS NAME MIXED WITH GRAEME’S FACE SENT ME LMAOO this gave me “Skrillex standing on CDJ… @robtswthrayguns why did you follow me?? I’m like genuinely curious and this seems like a good window to ask LMAO @holidaykiss_ it really should not have taken me that long to figure out where my profile picture was LOL @Wuki @Skrillex @boysnoize @courtneyroxanne that’s absolutely insane @MUSTDIEmusic iss me 🥺 @wearewavedash I seriously can’t decide @skybreakedm @phononmusic OK you must not have gotten the joke LOL @phononmusic @skybreakedm that doesn’t matter LMAO also my bathroom has literally been infested with ants for the… @skybreakedm as I was telling the story, it literally stopped and looked at me LMAO @BassheadZaddy @NawtystepBlog @voltra her name is Voltra??? 😂😂 @imraycheljay LETS GO RAYCHEL @formerhero_ hi Mike 🥺💖 @akeos_ WOW @BassheadZaddy @NawtystepBlog @voltra the woman who tweeted this original response literally did EXACTLY this in her most recent release lol @SuperFutureDJ @GurlGunz @summetmusic @Floret_Loret if you haven’t signed a contract yet, then you have every right…
@yeahitsgoldi @Gladez same @summetmusic @GurlGunz @Floret_Loret oh I know. he’s iconic. everyone else who is still willingly playing this in J… @summetmusic @GurlGunz @Floret_Loret that’s the one. there are a few others, but in retrospect, I don’t really care… @Gladez my mom had this exact same reaction to it because she didn’t watch the trailer first. I did multiple times… @GurlGunz definitely not this. this is the last place any minor should be. @GurlGunz everything else you mentioned + it being in fucking Ohio of all places just makes it substantially worse… @GurlGunz all-ages events are actually really dope when done correctly. it’s not like parents are going to bring th… @GurlGunz maybe I’m overreacting, but there are a select few artists that I actually care about on this lineup that… @MUSTDIEmusic @KellyannePolls I found out about this earlier this morning and was absolutely disgusted, she is literally demented @emplexx @voltra they made an attack helicopter joke @kumarionmusic @UKF WHAT THE HELL @summetmusic good luck Justin!! 💖🌺 @crimsonchild__ @kraysh_ THIS!! I am literally so envious that I wasn’t the one who made this. it’s such a beautifu… @TeamBandL @Fluxpavilion @feedme @Twitch @amazonmusic OH MY GOD @johnnybhoode @Virtual_Riot SAME LOL @novaslaps @nappyisCRACKED I was listing one (1) specific example of what you were referring to as interactions go.… @infektdubstep this is soo true @NawtystepBlog @voltra if that person wants to call it a riddim track, then by all means, they can. it's just anoth… @nappyisCRACKED see, singling out one genre when literally EVERYONE does this and not even for clout is dumb as fuc… @JaronTwo THIS IS SUCH A GOOD DRESS @eraxtrana @EchoXrayMusic no, but you did walk right into it 😂 @eraxtrana AHAHAHAHAH @duumu @madeon PLEASE finish this omg, this is so gorgeous if you need the vocal part at the end, I got you covered @Apashe_Music WOAHH @Virtual_Riot any basses and snares that Topi makes, and glitches like that of Mr. Bill @eraxtrana not this going viral LMAOO @astronaughtyart this is some video game power-up shit Stu, I fucking love this 😰💖 @astronaughtyart 🥺💖🌺 @astronaughtyart this WIP I posted earlier? @cactus__flower this is some boss battle type shit and I love it @TheJakeneutron HAHAHAHA @TrivectaMusic THIS!!!
@inthissociety @LEViTATE_AV yup 💖 @uburdub @shadient seconding this @shadient THIS IS SO GOOD @paulineherr @TeamBandL WOOOOO 💖so, I’ve been nominated for 2 awards for r/trap’s Best of 2020 Awards 🥺 Best Original Track (for You Should Run w/… @RamonPang PERIODT 😭💖 @TaranzasWig @tajmerk if you have Gmail, there is a new function that allows you to block emails that come in from… @tajmerk I don’t trust this because of the grammar alone @imsadalex 👀💖 @underscoresplus can it come out in my DM’s tho 🥺💖 @underscoresplus YES @kumarionmusic @UKF @LEViTATE_AV is it bad that I’m excited for this song just because of Connor’s artwork alone LMAO @maxschramp I’m so sorry LMAOO @JasonHorecky @laxcitymusic one can only dreamy’all better not let this flop, I actually really love this LMAO @skybreakedm @Au5music DESERVED 🥺💖just a lil WIP I started last night to kick off your week 🥰🌺 @yello_aloe I love how dynamic the clothing is, these are such amazing sketches 🥺💖 @AsToldbyTerry I love how quickly she became OK with it LOL @remybug38 @rosenotfounddd why was THIS the first thing you saw from me in like umpteen years HAHAHA @rosenotfounddd AHAHAHAHA FUCK @sevensunreality that’s what my friend told me LMAO @caffeinecrawls THIS IS SO GOOD CAM @GavHern I’m trying to get more followers on there so that I can expand my platform, and comedy normally does well,… @JERICHO not even this-
@night_owlll LMAOO @itshamzamusic yes, yes it did 😂this got content muted so I’m posting it here LOL @fraxiommusic WHAT THE FUCK @variendarkgirl @nappyisCRACKED just a stroke?? I can’t make out a single cohesive thought in this and I feel like I’m dying LMAOO @nappyisCRACKED what- @tubpisser Friends is quite literally a gentrified rip-off of Living Single, a sitcom that came before it with an a… @akeos_ your solo stuff is literally so iconic, but collabs have always been such a huge issue in bass music unless… @phritzmusic this is amazing
@safehaven__hq @KnownOrigin_io THIS IS SO GOOD MEHAR @tweIve_axes @nvctve 3 & 4 are way better but 4 is the best @tweIve_axes 45C @acloudyskye FUCKK YES @lilbadsnacks PERIODT 🥺💖 @GawmMusic ok SAME @lilbadsnacks I would be honored to be interviewed by you @SafyHallanFarah THIS @SippyAu I only started becoming more comfortable with my voice in recent months, but I posted the full MV for the… @yourlocalenth @MrsHaiiba @burntpaws WOW @pooldad I should’ve left you blocked for this-