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@oquIant @droodyqt Fart @oquIant @droodyqt Why @itzZYFIN @Lava1x uhh @Lava1x we all know ur gonna be on everyday still @fnleo_ idek who half of these people are @audiistic @audiistic u have an ego @audiistic Ego @ugheav lego UghEav @audiistic yeah @itzZYFIN @ tucker ???? @FreezeFF @itzZYFIN OMG OMG ARCHIE @ZlemFN Hellostill looking at options @itzZYFIN Why @lilale2x @YourFellowArab why is this on my tl @Vettafy @Qwexfn @itzZYFIN we changed the discord so they can only see stuff if they have rolesjoin sauce for when we need for drafts @droodyqt why do you look kinda bad though? @severe2c i honestly know nothing about values but it could probably sell for a lot @checfn @severe2c he would probably make more selling it for the skins than the earnings maybe not though idk what he has @severe2c people wouldn’t care about the earnings tbh would probably just come down to skin value @centrlwtf @soulFNBR we runnin with fwex 👿👿i have 7k earned and soul has 9k btwLF1 for trio cash cups & FNCS with @soulFNBR, - Soul made Solo & Duo grands - 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 34th, 41st in trio ca… @famedv eh @E4Worry oof @CrumblePvP @Nexybtw @Marz_OW crtunbawesome @bhronosFN 0 chance
@Lxdesman4 ❤️❤️ @Atlantr0 oh @Atlantr0 balls @cozyzap @itzZYFIN @ViztaEsports Balls @TheSommerset @itzZYFIN @itzZYFIN @ViztaEsports good work archie balls @jinFNBR @nutiffyy yes @ryswtf @Khanada the fastest crtl+c crtl+v of all time @EquitzYT @cruboh @fnbliq Ok @Senaric #lgloyal @Senaric ur soooo cool man @notshortblasian i’ve never had that the closest one is over an hour away @LoftyFN this might be it @notshortblasian r u trolling? @DeyyFN 4th @EquitzYT 🤣 @cozyzap @GODKlCKS @Savaje8 @soulFNBR yo like look at discord @GODKlCKS @Savaje8 @soulFNBR Hello Trio @OkisFN hiu @bhronosFN | @mooseqt @Savaje8 @soulFNBR what the hell @MooseGGs_ flip ur monitor lol @fraahst @jojiFN pig slammed @kariyu101 Subscribed @LoftyFN lofty fortnite @StaySideWayss Whassup @bzy1x Thanksgood night any women want to message me Lol @thatguyBladez @Lihlae i don’t think she want me @magycgg @NoireFN please stop @jinFNBR dude @Qwexfn @ripdevv @cozyFA slammed @ripdevv @cozyFA 18 year old anti social fortnite loser that devoted his life to gaming to be outshined by his 15 year old brother
Retweeted by PE moose @FreezeFF ping slammedpls
@fwexlol noob.@lolfwex banned because I created my account 2 months before I turned 13 😐😐if I followed you before lmk so I can r…
Retweeted by PE moose @sabpie_ please ma’am @FreezeFF @CrumblePvP @Savaje8 Lola @StaySideWayss trio @CrumblePvP @Savaje8 he is mean to me i only supply lola @ImCrazyGGs i just let it happen @itzZYFIN Laying @itzZYFIN Bark @itzZYFIN That’s a dog @sabpie_ suffocate me @ugheav nice @FreezeFF Lola @shmeebXX savaje savage 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @YumiMain sorry @thatguyBladez @magycgg desyn @thatguyBladez @magycgg ok so he got dropped why he making it sound like his childhood friend fucked his girl @magycgg did he “steal” your trio or did they just want to play with him instead and dropped you @TSM_ZexRow let’s 🏃‍♀️ it 🆙 @Qwexfn just got off tomorrowwhat is this @vohlii @bhronosFN @severe2c @Vettafy try it @Vettafy @severe2c same milk is best drink water is 2nd i dont really like anything else @severe2c milk is tasty just went to go get milk and instantly fell and knocked like 10 things over and i shadow played it the sound is so funny @Vettafy i don’t think your racist or homophobic but this just isn’t true @Admlnfn @ayysecure wagers on top @riftmull no worries im a big fan @Admlnfn probably not @riftmull yeah...