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Moosuki🐮 | Mythic Live @moosukii (gay)🏳️‍🌈she/her

Moosuki 🐮 | 18+ #ENVtuber #Vtuber | @Mythic_Live ✨ 🥛ママ: @cha_chya_ 🥛パパ: @re_reinly 🐮Live: #LIVEsuki | 🔔Art tag: #Sukillust 🦉♡🐄 i: @kubeb_artworks

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@TheKICdude good eyes, they are all the same @HyureiVT WHY DO YOU ALL SAY MOMMY IM LITERALLY JUST 5'3 WITH BIG MILKERSoh we breaking the immersion today? 🧍🏼‍♀️ @VTTaro mommy im thirsty @Lazy_Puddle we love Mochi leave this here for the booba time, BET (the fat cat is now officially names Mochi and he will rule the world) @FreyVtuber @RyoshiFukuro i swear😭i found these gamers pda-ing in public @moosukii @RyoshiFukuro
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic Live @FreyVtuber @RyoshiFukuro I WAS BINDING MYU EMOTES I DID NOTRHING FOIREJBVEIB @yukiri_VT no thats disneyland, learn the difference uncultured european @yukiri_VT disney world @GiancarloKujo @xiuzoe sorry i dont speak testosterone @GiancarloKujo @xiuzoe ???? @xiuzoe share, whatever size you have i will make it work i need them @xiuzoe i want to get platform BOOTS IM GONNA LOSE ITmy feelings @cattsukare i wanna but im baby, is it good @MinnowCandy ur the perfect candy villain🎊【ANNOUNCEMENT】🎊 I’m getting a new outfit for my 1 year anniversary!! Thank you so much for one year of fun✨ 🗓SAT…
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic LiveWelcome our members. #vyugen
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic Live @beakyVT im a changed woman @cweamcat aint no way you paid for that @hazumiaileen mmmm yes @tarathetiny bruh this is the shit Ryo sends me too💀 memes or valorant @hazumiaileen im gonna bite them☆.:* MODEL HINT 5 *:.☆ ━━━━━━━━━☆☆━━━━━━━━━━ THANK YOU ALL FOR 8K!! 🥳 ━━━━━━━━━☆☆━━━━━━━━━━ #vtubestudio
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic Liveim gonna need a pair of these👀👀👀 AWAY!! 💗🤍🖤❤️💙If you love our new sneakers retweet this and follow us! We’re giving 10 pairs away. One pair eac…
@yukiri_VT i prefer hands, this thing makes my knees and back jello @yukiri_VT get this hellspawn awayThank you @lauwibauwi for the Animation commission! Art done by @CLERO_ART Make sure to check them both out!…
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic Live @VtuberMushi the greatest honor @FallenXander a what the whatmmm tomboys @lavenderlily29 Yup!!! @koffie_ch HAVE PEOPLE ALREADY DONE ITso who's gonna be the first vtuber with fleshlight merch-
@RyoshiFukuro she bitesPOV: Y'all tried to talk to Moosuki but the Guard Dog wasn't havin' it.
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic Live @Buffpup_ BUFF-god im weak cats back at it again🏳️‍🌈 i love ffxiv your art is missing let me know! THANK YOU TO THE PERSON WHO HELPED ME MAKE THIS🤍🐮❕IT'S TIME TO VOTE❕🐮 #MOOcontest It's time to vote for your favorite submissions! Thank you for all the amazing a… @YKailen thats an ocarina bro...
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic Live @yukiri_VT might as well add expired milk for more ✨texture✨ @yukiri_VT the amount of money i've already spent...HNNNNGGG fuck me im gonna be so addicted to this stupid anime game the best mount ever im addicted and im dragging my girlfriend with me (im gay)
g a y @CableVT you just use my account, duh @SaggyAi_NSFW imagine thatPLEASE, don’t just rely on vtubing as a source of income. Its unrealistic and should NOT be encouraged. Unless you…
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic Liveguys- @hazumiaileen the hand... the eyes... the tongue... the droplet... saucy🥴 @ItzBreezyVT RIGHT HAND SCISSORS ARE HOMOPHOBIC @hiyowori I LOVE HIM I NEED HIM
update; catlady is hot can confirm mmm🙏 #FFXIV👻 4 girls 1 ghost!!! 👻 TONIGHT join me, @echo_seren, @moosukii, and @asakurayukai as we scream, cry, and piss off s…
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic LiveMORE FRENS IN FFXIV!!! ARMY IS GROWIN!!! @moosukii
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic LiveI better see y'all there!💗。⋆୨୧˚ New Outfit Reveal ˚୨୧⋆。 In two weeks it'll be my anniversary subathon and new outfit reveal! Subathon detail…
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic Live @RyoshiFukuro probably, but i gotta capture the momentwho could ever resist this face SHE UNDRESSES FOR U @yukiri_VT thats the point im a hoe @yukiri_VT hehe that is all STOP ME sayin gays are taking over ffxiv @ItzBreezyVT havent started 🧍🏼‍♀️ @ionofthewind Primal ultros😎hello im moosuki this is pre my ffxiv addiction i will check in with you all soon🥲 @AriaSnowsong YUUUP @AriaSnowsong actually 3 months, 14 days that were on and off and then 2,5 months to go😎 @pisxes_chi LMAOOOO @TIIRAMIIISU2 @CuteLittleEvie oh no😭😭😭😭 @RyoshiFukuro manentertain me😌 become the cow🐮 @Lonnast1 it took like 15 minutes
@CableVT isnt that the rp server @cweamcat unpog @cweamcat too late #unpog @Notacon1 no friendwhich one???? help is how you win
Retweeted by Moosuki🐮 | Mythic Livegod fucking damn it here we go again @kylioli @RyoshiFukuro oh my god... i love you @Takahashii_Tice picasso right here, tice wins everything alwaysmmmm #ryosuki content🙏