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I work for @TorDotComPub & @torbooks. He, him. The views expressed in this page are my opinions. Crown me king. E-3778Q-1. 🕷️

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@EldritchGirl @abbyolcese It’s a BOP. @maseditor @AliFisher @mxpalmieri @writersyndrome @jengunnels @C_Morgs65 @tdelucci @pritpaulbains @pnh @IreneGallo @rock_golf @DanaSchwartzzz A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch! @BoterBug Oh I’m still living in the world where he’s got one coming until I’m told otherwise. @rock_golf @DanaSchwartzzz I can’t even tell what’s real anymore.Wait til you guys find out that Catherine O'Hara was the voice of Sally in Nightmare Before Christmas
Retweeted by mordicaiWow; I don’t think I’ve ever taken a moment to appreciate this shot. I’ve had my whole life to tease apart the Tri… @RenataSweeney @C_Morgs65 @frazier_mal @claireeddy @cxorlando I literally just saw Renata making 5am duel challenges.not to make it weird or anything but i miss being at work and hearing my coworkers laugh and threaten to duel for e…
Retweeted by mordicai @livesinpages Does the other way sound better? @abbythecleric @Panediting If not worse! @Panediting @Jorjorbiinks @amandamelfi @angieeman Please feel free to email me informally! But I get it, juggling… @Panediting @Jorjorbiinks @amandamelfi @angieeman Honestly most work emails I get before noon or after three sound… question: did Dave Filoni give you that hat?, thanks to our “smart house,” I’m also ruining @levinine’s @Spotify metadata, with a little help from Ell… @LycanHeiress @didic Fffffff ha ha ha 💀 @AmoAmmo To be fair, this is how WE feel when Bake Off judges are like “...the butter of a pea-nut & some kind of..… @AmoAmmo I mean they look cute but yeah, never hoid of ‘em! It DOES crack me up how much all the “magical” parts o… @AmoAmmo Those words don’t even make sense in that order. @StinaLeicht @mxpalmieri @writersyndrome @jengunnels @C_Morgs65 @tdelucci @pritpaulbains @maseditor @pnh @SFF180 @StinaLeicht @mxpalmieri @writersyndrome @jengunnels @C_Morgs65 @tdelucci @pritpaulbains @maseditor @pnh anybody who knows what the "dark web" or "hacking" is have the video of "Cut to the Feeling" set to that one f… gotta fight comin' up! Who's gonna train me! @amyrobot @Spotify Back when I used to SEE people I would use soundtracks as backing music for my RPG games which i… @Lottedek_ @Spotify It’s such a solid song; perfect for transitions on playlists, whether divides by tempo or genre… so, here is my @Spotify Wrapped round up, & it’s nothing new, but according to them my scope keeps expanding;… you were checking out your music analytics, my Tumblr top posts got predictably Mando heavy...… don’t want to be annoying but part of being the marketing guy means bragging on behalf of other people:… @Telegraph I'm sorry, I realize I'm just a confused American but...what the heck did you think "Brexit" meant? I m…
@meredithberlin @DerrickJ000 @NBCNews More like 40.So excited to see @pdjeliclark's RING SHOUT made NPR's Best Books of 2020!! 🎉 #AuntieEditor
Retweeted by mordicai @nicole_j_thomas @MargaretESB No! No Nicole I won’t check out the article!! Especially not after you described it!!! @ThatBronzeGirl
Retweeted by mordicai @MargaretESB @nicole_j_thomas Give it a week, there’ll be another headline! @KaylaAncrum You mean you are blending your own unique uh...blends!can't believe i miss livejournal has turned into i miss tumblr
Retweeted by mordicaitk tkka tk tk tk tkka! Brrrrr....brrrrowww... ...GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @livesinpages @SFWP (That’s a joke about deal language codes!) @thedenature @NotBrunoAgain I heard Swedes call mozzarella “Moomin meat.” But I was thinking Waste’ems from HŌL.Excited that my cover for @tordotcom “The Past is Red” has been juried into the @SOI128 Book Show this year - an am…
Retweeted by mordicai @livesinpages @SFWP Nice!Dave Filoni is 46, which makes that a reasonable guesstimate for Trapper Wolf's age. The Mandalorian takes place 9… @bleaktheology Yeah honestly I can’t take the conspiracy theory stuff seriously so I just get mad at smash & grab l… dangnabbit there go my dreams of a @TorDotComPub Land! @bleaktheology Wouldn’t heroin be more appropriate as a metaphor, since the money often ends up going to fund terrorists?Mods are asleep.... time to post LOTR memes.
Retweeted by mordicai @thomasLharper He was responding to direct religious harassment! Clear provocation from another political appointment failing upward.TODAY ONLY - You can download @seananmcguire's DOWN AMONG THE STICKS AND BONES for FREE!
Retweeted by mordicaiDecember
Retweeted by mordicaitags: ahsoka tano live action ahsoka anakin skywalker darth vader edit fancam master padawan revenge of the sith…
Retweeted by mordicai @McFlyCahill90 @joelevard @emilyhughes Not yet but sooooon!I should note that the guys at the tree farm thought our bike was cool, rather than ridiculous (when in fact, it is… 2020, @TorDotComPub published over 30 novels, novellas, anthologies, and collections — we hope that you have enj…
Retweeted by mordicai @sapphomancer Not even a little Hamm & Bubbly?
@DTearsheet I’m in the clear: Black media map has community publications - both for-profit and nonprofit - that serve African-American, Carib…
Retweeted by mordicai @AnnakMerz @Harry_Styles *blurb @BBolander Antigone uses hers as a cushion at the bottom of her slide! @Jeff_LaSala It bit my, realli!There’s a moose on the loose in town!Trans rights are human rights. This fundraiser will be happening through the end of the season, so please consider…
Retweeted by mordicaiALL five books of @seananmcguire's WAYWARD CHILDREN are available for free download from the…
Retweeted by mordicai @DarthRachel It's all about where those Venn circles overlap, baby! I mean, you & I are often in different puddles… @PRationality @EldritchGirl Oh don't worry, the boomerang is already comin' back.10 minutes into the day officially & I'm already under 100 emails! As long as no new work happens, I should be all set soon!Been staring at this picture for a while now. As a tall guy, it’s comforting to imagine slotting in there in the m… @Annaleen The science doesn’t lie. @Annaleen Kangaroo-T represent!
This photo fills me with such sadness today, after the death of David Prowse. What feels like a long time is actua…
Retweeted by mordicaiI knew Prowse was Reeve's trainer, & I've always loved that Vader had a hand in Superman; I'm glad to hear that he… never met David Prowse but he was a big driver of the “Men Behind the Masks” tour that meant a lot to me growing… @bellaxjwang I always caveat my personal admiration of Bayes; I think the broad statement of the philosophy is accu… @Jeff_LaSala “Maybe too much,” he says about Feänors epic tantrum. @drownedworld @levinine I joke that I’m on out diversity & inclusion committee just to repeat this & also in case s… @levinine “What can we do to diversify our entry level applicants?” “Pay them more.” “ we could have a pre… @abbythecleric I pick it off for her & eat it!I’ve just learned that there is a chunk of Lord of the Rings fandom that ship Elrond with Thranduil; I don’t know i… loves pepperoni & loves pepperoni pizza, but she refuses to eat the pepperoni ON the pizza. This, I think… @jason_wilson There is so much unhealthy psychosexual stuff going on in there! @whetstone @levinine I mean it though, we can’t catch a break when it comes to getting it in the stand, so I’m look… @whetstone @levinine Any identifying brand marks? I’m up for trying new techniques!Putting the tree in the stand is...always something @levinine & I struggle with. So hip hip hooray; the stressful… how I got @LRRthomas & @nicole_j_thomas the remade Dune board game for Xmas last year thinking it was a cl… have a Ship of Theseus joke, but I forget the original punchline. @MariaHaskins We have some stuff to make it, good call! @Tim_Eagon I just don’t really think linear time applies much to Star Wars!This just reminds me that Morgoth & Ungoliant are my OTP.
[Mel Brooks, waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat]: “GOGURT!”Our GM has given our Paladin a Cloak of Billowing and our Warlock is in hell.
Retweeted by mordicaiThe Add Debra Wilson’s Cere Junda to The Mandalorian as a Permanent Cast Member Challenge. i wanna hear what aoc has to say aoc: *corpse impression* i was by the office *laughs*
Retweeted by mordicai"Yosh the Foss lope" is my new favourite AI generated mondegreen. A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968) Cinematography by Geoffrey Unsworth Directed by Stanley Kubrick Read about its bril…
Retweeted by mordicai @Tim_Eagon Right? Can you imagine what a little edgelord he's going to be? Generations of Jedi will teach their p… I'm just excited for the inevitable 200 year old, Darksaber wielding, Mandalorian pendant wearing, emo Grogu stories.
@TimPaul_illo I mean, just my kitchen but this is an intriguing teaser!!!Wooden spoons are like sharks. Just stop; you can get weird but otherwise? Nailed it. @savasavasava Still buzzing. @tinyangrycrafts Is that...good? It seems good. @BLaw “Gosh I sure hope the partisans on the Supreme Court don’t overturn the election out of political loyalty” is…