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wetbrain @morebeoursthanu Cork, Ireland

Whipping shitties on your mams garden

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Thunderstruck by AC/DC
I want a germany jersey but pure spensive jannopolitical compass @sarahloooise I've never wanted someone dead more than harry hill @crotchner That was your first mistake @gothicj0ck waddup ainm @4StringsIsFine @sailorchoon Hey guysGonna lift some weights @ConorHaloReach @sailorchoon I thought you were 23Dunno about ye but I'm tristan @laethantasarah run 👏 and 👏 tell 👏 that 👏Gonna drink vodka in spite of customers @4StringsIsFine Nah you xMy buddy's beour works for arbonne and they've been called a scam since day 1 and somehow she's still buying hersel…
Retweeted by wetbrainShe'll be dead by next week anyways
this pussy is double jointed @boykinboylan Want pint aWhat we do in the shadows is probably the greatest show ever madewant pint @noodleklauds If you don't have a neck tattoo I can't trust you as a barber @jakcisbakc Can't reach the dialsFeen doesn't know how to turn on an oven would honestly pay extra at this point I'm so desperate @jakcisbakc Just don't cancel my bazz ffsWelcome 2 my ted talk on why Americans saying "fucking Awsum" Is the same aesthetic as a 6 string fretless bass in a pawn shop.
Retweeted by wetbrain @boykinboylan Gonna kms this was all I was looking forMY HAIRCUT GOT CANCELLED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHgot paid might book a tattoo
Keep it
Retweeted by wetbrain @buffyspregnant Swing first budtea @umawrnkl no❤️ @4StringsIsFine From the other day bud x @sagittarius_irl no u @jakcisbakc Not early in a house of god @yupcork had to @sagittarius_irl had to to gork! buy a pint of gurphy's!Facists in daunt square in cork atm. If anyones around go hurl them abuse and let them know cork wont allow fascism to take root.
Retweeted by wetbrain @Doubt_FLD No place for that here yock like @Doubt_FLD Are they part of some group or are they just some freaks?
@TheBombDotTom Oh my god hahahahahahaha @TheBombDotTom Ah yea I know all the gaffs around cork this was more about making a dick joke thanks tho hahaha @juicydropp0p buenos dias gail
Retweeted by wetbrainThe neck of those fuckers rearing their ugly heads in Cork Big men hurling abuse at young women and threatening to…
Retweeted by wetbrainThis is only like 40% a jokeWanna get a few tattoos, one or two piercings janno like one of those dangly ones and probably a circumcisionGetting a bazz on saturday who's kissinPretty sure michael flatley & co. come into my room at night and perform firedance on my back while I'm asleep can barely walk today like @kweenkt Tory petrolCute date idea: we go to maxol and sniff petrol
Paramore's first album is 15 years old next month gluuuuuuck
Retweeted by wetbrainIt's me your favourite hip-hop artist: Penis RidiculisWant someone to love me like old ladies love plastic bagsMight bunk work and watch road to el dorado all day insteadI can't believe I've to go to work I need boojum or bedI don't remember tweeting this could I ever take a break ffsCork people be like "I know a place" and take you to college road
@slimethot @RonanCantSee Must be her dolmio day 🤣🤣 @carlyraejesbian @buffyspregnant an angel 💛💛Might dress up as ollie insteadhow the fuck am I supposed to dress up like holseida fuck sakeCork barbers..... please save me.... will pay €30 for a fade..... hurry before it's too late and I pass away...what the fuck fear this image. I'm Ben Shapiro, host of the Ben Shapiro show.
Retweeted by wetbrainI need a nap and a bazz
nobody: people from west of ireland: the divil @buffyspregnant I love the internet so muchBut also maybe yea......Ah nah @hholllya What the fuckmusic theory is just gay math
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Fair dues to the lads on the football and scoring loads of goals and winning the matches and well done to jamie car… @liamdunne__ Who's getting bate on fifa?I'm never cycling again @PauricOh something like that yeaDidn't make it to the beach"could you get bananas as well please?" @LeTheSteve One squid coming up @sailorchoon Didn't people have graduation on ucc grounds there like last week??going🚴beach does anybody need a jellyfish or smth?just heard about janet devlin to quote the queen herself, kylie minogue: "it was love at first sight" @jakcisbakc Didn't taste much differentConstruction workers in my gaff ffs feens bating around the gaff with wheelbarrows I'm just trying to have my ridic… @shansnotabottom I actually can't even argue with that sounds fairly decentlet's hav a feeki :LThe sweat pouring off me is horrible but tabasco is the bees boobswhat's up ladies I smell like onions and tabasco who's smoochinBig fear of mine is getting stuck on when I'm on my way home and trying to act tough but the lads hear 'lets have a… @frozengrapefeen thanks bud x
*** Appeal *** We are appealing to young people now. Do you go and have a sneaky drink at the weekend ? Maybe you…
Retweeted by wetbrain @heymermaid what do they sell? @lovelycans An oul "comment va tu fine ting?"I can't remember if ratatouille is french or italianQuelle est le craic with yourself then?