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She is not a “fallen soldier” she was murdered and the army tried to cover it up
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@manbeast1000 @ItsAccFifteen_ When a Black person shoots another Black person and people know who it was that perso…
Retweeted by graham.The same people in the street saying black lives matter are not the same people running around the neighborhood sho…
Retweeted by graham.They. Had. To. Sue. To. Get. This. Data.
Retweeted by graham.Trigger warning :Repost “Mayor Bob O'Dekirk needs to explain why they suppressed 5mo old video of #EricLurry being…
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Protests continue all over the country every single day, even if the media has grown bored with it.
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20 year old soldier. 19 year old activist. 26 year old EMT. Vanessa Guillen Oluwatoyin "Toyin" Salau Breonna Ta…
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This is actually terrifying, but bless this man for saying it.
Retweeted by graham.In all seriousness like what more must we do to get Breonna Taylor’s murderers arrested? I’m really getting tired of this shit.
Retweeted by graham.This is in Louisiana. Where the Confederates never stopped fighting. ✊🏿🇺🇸✊🏿🇺🇸✊🏿
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This is Patrick Creath Jr., a known member of the KKK. He shot his daughter’s Black boyfriend 3 times — trying to K…
Retweeted by graham.hi, Black lives still matter.
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On “Black Lives Matter Plaza”.... lol
Retweeted by graham. @KahlilMusic appreciation post don’t think people understand. This is NYC right now. Day 30. In a row. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is just…
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We really only want the one thing.
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I've watched this show so much and was like WHAT? But it's actually an episode they do mud masks??? Are white peopl…
Retweeted by basically 2 black girls were missing in Milwaukee and the police wouldn’t issue an Amber Alert so the community…
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A reminder that the Trump administration won’t put their lives at risk, but they are happy to watch you risk yours
Retweeted by graham.I’m disgusted. I have zero words.
Retweeted by graham.Murder! THIS IS MURDER!!!! why in the fuck would you tase a pregnant woman IN THE STOMACH??????? Put this bitch und…
Retweeted by graham.Watch her reaction to being asked to wear a mask at Trader Joe’s. This level of outrage is tolerated by our society…
Retweeted by graham.Hey thank you to all of you bold enough to accept that you might not live to see the change you’re fighting for yet…
Retweeted by graham.I swear we just wanted the police to be reformed
Retweeted by graham.idk about everyone else but i just wanted the police held accountable
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Fam. HIV is a virus. like the Flu. like Corona. It conveys NOTHING about the worthiness, practices or “morals” of t…
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Retweeted by graham.Republican Georgia Senator @KLoeffler - an @NRA darling who champions gun rights for her white constituents - calls…
Retweeted by graham.And on the TL 🥴🥴🥴
Retweeted by graham.Our "leaders" are deadass in this briefing right now, arguing in front of millions, about whether wearing a mask is…
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#BlackLivesMatter: Wishing a Happy Birthday to Tamir Rice who would’ve turned 18 years old today if Cleveland Polic…
Retweeted by graham.#ArrestTheCops who killed Elijah Mclain
Retweeted by graham.Just bc the media has stopped showing it doesn’t means it has stopped.
Retweeted by graham.did you know that if we cut the us military budget in half, we’d have enough money to completely eradicate homeless…
Retweeted by graham.“inappropriate” is certainly one way to describe “we need to do a genocide to black people”
Retweeted by graham.But I repeat myself
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Retweeted by graham.Read this. All of it. This is Milwaukee, today.
Retweeted by graham.How is this no longer getting national attention? Have we already gone numb? This was the scene outside City Hall…
Retweeted by graham.Arrest the cops who killed #ElijahMcClain Arrest the cops who killed #BreonnaTayor Arrest the cops who killed…
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I was today years old when I realized “Rhode Island” isn’t the whole name of the state 😮
Retweeted by graham.the breonna taylor tweets are really starting to feel like the "Day 678 and Flint, Michigan still doesn't have clea…
Retweeted by graham.Don’t stop talking about blm in your account. A 16yo boy was killed bc he threw a sandwich. We have to make a chan…
Retweeted by graham.Cops killed an 18 year old and then broke all the nearby cameras
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This is why we are angry
Retweeted by graham.The system is never going to indict itself.
Retweeted by graham.This was Elijah McClain. He wore masks due to his anemia and Colorado weather. Someone called 911 on him and the…
Retweeted by graham.Cops lie, kids. They lie on "official reports, " they lie about being in fear for their life, they lie about seeing…
Retweeted by graham.In order to truly do abolition work we must grapple with our obsession with punishment.
Retweeted by graham.Two of Kentucky’s largest African-American counties each have ONE polling place for tomorrow’s primary. This is sys…
Retweeted by graham.CPD pepper spray a double amputee & steal his prosthetics. Cops steal his prosthetics while man uses his arms to ge…
Retweeted by graham.BREAKING: Kentucky cut its polling places down from 3,700 to only 200 for Tuesday's primaries. THIS IS VOTER SUPPR…
Retweeted by graham.It’s really hitting right now me how many people have fucking died of COVID, of lack of healthcare, of violence, of…
Retweeted by cop has ever told me “be safe” .. my weed man say it every time i leave his place .. says a lot about society
Retweeted by graham.Just here to remind you all that many Americans are still without a stimulus check 🙂
Retweeted by graham.White people get so furious about not being allowed to break the rules as if they’ve been getting away with breakin…
Retweeted by graham.You can’t make this shit up.
Retweeted by graham.NASCAR going harder for their single black racer more than the NFL has for their majority black players
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She’s only 65 years old today. Her white classmates are the generation running this country right now. That’s the p…
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A black man was shot in the head with a crossbow and arrow while on his bike heading home from work. A white man fo…
Retweeted by graham.“If you get sexually assaulted / raped why wouldn’t you tell the police?” A thread of quotes said by real judges i…
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Chocolate rain Some stay dry and others wonder why Breonna Taylor’s murderers haven’t been arrested
Retweeted by graham.Hi gang! I'm not on twitter much right now, but because several of you have asked for my take on the question, "Was…
Retweeted by graham.Zach (@Zach_Blvd) made a rule where if you miss your rocket he's *going* to knife you...
Retweeted by graham.George W. Bush has a DUI Dick Cheney has a DUI Matt Gaetz has a DUI Mike Crapo has a DUI Beto O’Rourke has a DUI B…
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let’s talk about Black soldiers coming home from WWII and being barred from receiving the gi bill, which is how man…
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#BREONNATAYLOR is no longer trending. Her killers have still not been arrested. It’s been THREE MONTHS. DO NOT FORGET HER
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normalize refusing to debate white guys about why you deserve rights
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anyway fuck inequality in health care
Retweeted by graham.Watching old clips of Tupac Shakur, it's hard to believe this man didn't live past the age of 25. In his early 20s,…
Retweeted by graham.When I was 15, I was chased through a mall by police who were yelling “Stop thief!” I had thousands of dollars of s…
Retweeted by graham.A family court supervisor. Family. Court. This shit is cultural which affects the entire system.
Retweeted by graham.One Republican drove 8 hours to El Paso and murdered 23 people.
Retweeted by graham.People say “kneeling is disrespectful to those serving our country.” you know what’s really disrespectful? having a…
Retweeted by graham.God lvl coop experience lmao
Living in America means calling the police could kill someone and calling an ambulance could bankrupt someone.
Retweeted by graham.A WHITE girl did it. A WHITE girl did it. A WHITE girl did it. A WHITE girl did it. A WHITE girl did it. A WHITE gi…
Retweeted by graham.What an indictment of our leadership.
Retweeted by graham.Thread of ways to actually help black trans women ✨
Retweeted by graham.since i’m barely seeing blm on the tl anymore here’s a thread of petitions to reopen cases that haven’t been given justice
Retweeted by graham.COVID 19 is the worst disease process I’ve ever worked with in my 8 years as an ICU nurse. When they say “recover…
Retweeted by graham.Unless u white yall can stay traumatized till we done
Retweeted by graham.I will refer to James Baldwin on this topic every time it comes up
Retweeted by graham.Trader Joe’s Capitol Hill Closed Indefinitely: Workers Face Potential Job Loss After Participating in BLM Protests…
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if we have opposing views during these times, in regards to these (black) issues, and you aren’t willing to be educ…
Retweeted by graham.Any scholarship kid who went to a private high school can tell of the criminal behavior of wealthier kids. Drugs,…
Retweeted by graham.The importance of knowing your rights - and having a camera...
Retweeted by graham.Name a thing that lasted longer than the Confederacy.
Retweeted by graham.I know you’re all tryna go back to your daily lives but I need you to see this and I need you to understand this sh…
Retweeted by graham.Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw asked her audience to continue standing when they hear a name that they recognize and to sit…
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if you’re burnt out from thinking about racism, imagine living this waking nightmare every day until you die
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