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@PFZenti Oh no! On vacay. I’ll be back on air next week! ☺️
@BrigidaMack BuT mY fReEDoMThis is the lake where #NayaRivera went missing to the ?????
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@jentrification Perhaps he’s hired a personal chef as a surprise gift 🤣 @__thecapitalb Happy, happy Birthday to you both! 💕🎂✨🥰
@DanaSchwartzzz Babe ✨ Also need suit details pls @TonyUlchar Same. Same same same
@pitkin_ryan @SportsDespair @TheSoccerGoose It’s one of those movies that is so visually jarring, scenes imprint in… @jentrification The answer to this question is always yesWe saved you a seat, come on over
@Jennmoxley @CBJspanberg @staceysimms Here’s the breakdown of transmission that Union Co Health Dept sent me: @asmithereen Congress can’t - but SCOTUS said prosecutors in NY can. This is actually a big deal. @IamJadaDiaz Agree - this move doesn’t make sense
LOL the name of the act but yes⚽️ @lafrancois_j @CltCrapper @mhodg89 @jeffreyfarny is this a threat? @joanne_preisser Ah found it: @jennycavenaugh Here’s my correction from 5 hours ago: @jennycavenaugh Sorry: correct date is June 24. Not 12. @joanne_preisser I corrected my tweet minutes after I sent it and now I don't see it here --- looking. But yes, thank you.
Board members who voted to defy Gov's order: Melissa Merrell Matt Helms Gary Sides Todd Price (Travis Kiker, since… just emailed the school board - which voted to defy the Gov's order and hold in-person graduations (sans Travis K… @staceysimms I've asked them to explain transmission breakdown of the remaining 57 percent. But I would bet surface… @staceysimms Sorry - slamming with other stuff - you asked what other way is there, I provided one example. I certa… @staceysimms surface first governments tried to shield the info citing privacy issues, but then change their position since this i… is arguably of public concern, given the places these students / their families went after the in-person gradu… replied, in part: "I am not asking for specific names - I am asking for confirmation of cases or clusters in conn…" identify individuals they have come in contact with and can provide accurate contact information. To protect… Thursday, the health dept. spokeswoman sent me this reply to my request to confirm the cluster: "Union Co Pu… was tipped about the Marvin Ridge in-person graduation / COVID postive cases last week and started asking officia…'ll recall the Union Co. School Board voted to ignore the Governor's order so they could hold these in-person gr… Marvin Ridge graduation was June 24 - not June 12.The Marvin Ridge graduation ceremony was June 12. Health dept. "Contact with a positive COVID-19 individual is cu… dept. says: "COVID-19 transmission can occur 2-14 days after exposure to the virus, so there is the possibil… dept. says: "...only common link was the graduation ceremony" Second cluster: "...East Union Middle Schoo… Union Co. Public health confirms 2 new COVID clusters. First cluster: 16 people tested positive for the viru… @mreasor that is good luck!!! seriously! @dizzycatdesign i will buy a dress exclusively for the pockets @AaronPyne4 Always here to ponder the existential stuff with you, friend 🤣 @hashtagdion See!Police on scene, roads will be blocked as crews prepare to move the approx. 23' tall bronze monument on a granite b…
@BryanKareem @Go_Daddy_Go @TheEricaHanks Love and applaud your commitment to these shorts. Erica (a professional st… @Go_Daddy_Go @TheEricaHanks omg this gif 🤣🤣🤣She's charged with making a false police report: @Kilpatrickbhoy Totally get that. This is, I think, an entirely "you choose to wear them for fashion" debate.🤣A rebuttal to argue this defense of cargo shorts. @RobGuy3 Fair point! @MattMartinGFT 🤣🤣🤣💀 @LBrothersMedia Trick question: both are delicious! And can’t forget Kalamata. 🤤
@erininvisible @RProfitt “Let me contribute to this conversation” mmmk bye babe 😂
@erininvisible @RProfitt Lol dude blocked me. Incredible but also entirely predictableI can explain it to Rich. I can’t understand it for him. @CltCrapper Cool story. Hit me up when you’re not anonymous. @RealQCB 🗣 @erininvisible 😘Omg Justin 🤣 @top_carter Can’t stop won’t stop :)Read up babe. #BreonnaTalyor’s killing isn’t convenient for your holiday plans it’s another great day for #JusticeForBreonnaTaylorDepraved
Hendrick Motorsports announces Jimmie Johnson has tested positive for COVID-19, Justin Allgaier will drive the 48 t…
Retweeted by Morgan Fogarty @dizzycatdesign It’s his right!I loved learning abt this crucial prgrm & how it’s functioning during the pandemic. “Nobody can come see them. W… @RobMarmet 😅🗣 @Drew_WCCB @CMPD Anything.@CMPD's Rob Tufano is also on the Edge panel tonight, answering anything.'ve also got @CMPD's Rob Tufano joining us on the Edge tonight. If there's something you want him to answer, leav…
@heyitscalla I actually just exclaimed WHEWWWWWWWWWJust in case you haven’t seen a bird flying around with a shark that it just plucked out of the ocean...
Retweeted by Morgan Fogarty @pettypantherfan 🤣🤣🤣 @HSHToria ❤️ thank you! I’m grateful @wzaldridge answered my call because @Drew_WCCB did and said “call Zach.” 🤣More: Ghilaine Maxwell was arrested this morning in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, according to…
Retweeted by Morgan FogartyThe cavalry has arrived 😭😭😭☺️☺️☺️ @wzaldridge @1teacher2many Thank you. Can I also have your gasoline? 🥴🤣Welp. Ran out of gas for the first time ever. Pushed the “I’ve got enough to get me to the gas station” envelope to… @corriasmith Please don’t tempt it tho ok 🥴 @Tim_Caputo @RaulNBCBoston @NECN
@TBoneWFNZ Never underestimate the power of a classic brownie @AshNoelleTV Trying to keep up w you, Queen! 👑💕The Edge is live now feat. @AshleyWCCB, @Drew_WCCB and yours truly. We saved you a seat. Come hang out ☺️ you at 10
@brmartens @WCCBCharlotte Brett, where did this alleged acid attack happen?More: the business Terreon was found outside of is Busy Arcade.Additional: The Deputy was working off-duty nearby *and heard the gunshots* - that's how they responded quickly.Call: 704-334-1600 Click: My DMs are also open, and I will pass along info to detectives. (end)Beatties Ford scene to Trade St. scene is about 4 miles. Name of 2nd victim not released. Homicide detectives co… called for more help. When CMPD officers got there, they say Terreon was found outside a business. He was ta… 14-year-old was shot and killed this afternoon in the 3100 block of Beatties Ford Road. His name is Terreon Get… @marshahbarnes @katieperalta @Nikki704 @Betterthanitwas @PiecesofRees @Daily_Pinch @JenLeighCLT @AllyBFraz @katieperalta @Nikki704 @Betterthanitwas @PiecesofRees @Daily_Pinch @JenLeighCLT @AllyBFraz @ErinBreeden @corriasmith ooooh paint the whole thing black and hang a black chandelier. Mood!!!The police in Aurora, Colorado, opened an investigation into multiple officers after photos surfaced showing them n…
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