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@le_debut Yesss so good I loved that oneNobody: Me: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I AM!
Retweeted by FrenchyThe panniversary really is coming up.
Retweeted by Frenchybe humble? for what? be humble about shit I worked my ass off for? People be telling you to be humble because they…
Retweeted by Frenchymy daughter gonna be like hermione
Retweeted by Frenchy @ExavierTv This nigga SPITTIN
Retweeted by FrenchyWhen a LA nigga meets a Detroit Type beat 😂😂😂
Retweeted by FrenchyYo we really used to have to print out Mapquest directions and carry them in the car with us. 😭
Retweeted by Frenchy @HausUrban I want to be this corporate client.Heather Schwartz's book on the Leesburg Stockade girls, "Locked Up For Freedom", should be required reading for chi…
Retweeted by FrenchyPolice came and attacked the girls and they were jailed for forty-five days in the Leesburg Stockade in the back wo…
Retweeted by FrenchyWe don't talk about the Leesburg Stockade Girls enough. July 1963 fifteen girls ages 12-15 were jailed for challeng…
Retweeted by FrenchyRest of my life in crowded areas + transportation* a girl, we notice this and it’s corny and uncomfortable to watch 😂
Retweeted by Frenchy @AntDuzItBetter Like I read a journal I had from when I was really little (I’m home from dc) and I was like there i…
me 20 minutes after i get the second dose of the vaccine
Retweeted by Frenchy @greggiroux Here are the Democrats who voted against restoring the right to vote to federal prisoners.
Retweeted by FrenchyHow all House members voted on the Bush amendment:
Retweeted by FrenchyA majority of House Democrats voted against full enfranchisement today, voted against everyone having a voice in th…
Retweeted by FrenchyAndddd here we go. I told y’all the next step should be looking at potential insider trading. What MNPI was her son… and Melania getting the vaccine while saying covid is a hoax
Retweeted by FrenchyWe opened our own selfie museum “SelfieSuite” in Macon, GA! 🎉The first & only selfie museum in Middle GA. Two Siste…
Retweeted by FrenchyIm happy we’ve made so much progress but we have to stay vigilant because censorship and propaganda will put the next generation right back.Homophobia was literally something we unlearned. Growing up they beat that shit into us fr.And crime up. This ain’t Houston, this Got damn Gotham
Retweeted by FrenchyIm Teyah. @breyatiffany is Joi lol really don’t want y’all’s allyship. Keep it because it’s borderline sociopathic how many of non-Black people on…
Retweeted by FrenchyYour girl friends could NEVER!!!shoutout to the tribe!! .... from petty beginnings everybody is flourishing Speci…
Retweeted by Frenchy @TheJessieWoo It’s not though. This is a perfectly acceptable joke like y’all take shit too far sometimes.Look. I’m playing a rendition of « whiteys on the moon » and trying to save all the colored folk from annihilation.… @m__weezy I am going once a week once I’m vaccinated just to feel alive. No more than that though.Instagram is fake. Most people don’t look like that and don’t live like that. It’s all fake. Stop tryna keep up. Do you. Foreal.
Retweeted by FrenchyOur first date was eight hours long and we had like 3 brief conversations before that. @LaBeautyologist This is a perfect way to describe it.It felt easy. He reminded me of my favorite family members.
Retweeted by FrenchyAnd that’s on transforming in one year
Retweeted by Frenchyif that nigga got this cut he watch anime
Retweeted by Frenchy
Retweeted by FrenchyMy mom doesn’t have Bluetooth headphones. I feel like I’ve failed her the entire pandemic.Being confused for a student by an adult in the building a day before my 31st birthday?
Retweeted by Frenchy"Monsters don't thrive for decades without the help of people. And we need to understand what happened, how this ha…
Retweeted by FrenchyCompanies last summer: “We hear you, we’re with you. Black Lives Matter”
Retweeted by FrenchyLet’s masturbate in a beach like I need out of this place. are you smart?
Retweeted by FrenchyDid you know there's currently a hiring freeze in NYC for teachers? Yet, NYC is planning to spend $20 M to hire 47…
Retweeted by FrenchyFrom The Country That Brought You Slavery.
Retweeted by FrenchyGo ahead and have one in there. Ima put on a show for they ass
Retweeted by FrenchyWhatever that Nike Exec did... y’all need to be checking her and her household members for potential insider trading too. @mamachunks_ Check yo DM!!"WE WERE PREJUDICED ALL ALONG"
Retweeted by FrenchyLet’s fucking goooo @LadyJMillzz YASSS SIS CONGRATS @JayElectronigga Pls.Aint no ride or die after a $40 milli lawsuit buddy. IDC what you say is true or not. I’ve got my whole life to live.If your boyfriend gets hit with a lawsuit claiming he is an ABUSER with screenshot proof of harassment at the bare… @candicehope_ 😇😇😝Alicia keys. fanning. Gomez. is kim kardashian. @TheBaddestMitch Alicia keys*The bar is low, March 2021. Don’t screw it up.
Retweeted by FrenchyTwitter: That movie was brilliant. Me, most of the time:
Retweeted by FrenchyAmazon lists for anything major. Graduation, new house, new job, engagement, quitting job, divorce from a marriage…
Retweeted by Frenchymarch 2020 // march 2021
Retweeted by Frenchyhaving a fine ass significant other is not for the insecure
Retweeted by Frenchyhigh sex all fun n games till you got cotton mouth
Retweeted by Frenchyme with my whiting on wonda bread
Retweeted by Frenchy @nelletheebelle Welcome!!! To the winning teamTime to sound the alarm. To all my colleagues in the Senate: we must pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis…
Retweeted by FrenchyWhat did Jesus have at his fish fry?
Retweeted by FrenchyUr my little dumpling
Retweeted by FrenchyDaniLeigh: “my mom is lightskin, thick with curly hair that she straightens.” Her mom:
Retweeted by FrenchyProsecutor daughter 1000x over. @Smooth_Mus I was drunk af with my sister in a hammock on a beach in Barbados and I can hear the song and feel the breeze to this day.2016 was a phenomenal year man...that One Dance x Work x Controlla combo the DJ’s spun that summer is still undefeated
Retweeted by Frenchy @Brieyonce Okay Kiss Apres dupe @simonembanna I’m on the job market immediately lmaooo. Cuz I’m obviously not staying here.I will never advocate for asking for a raise because you find out a colleague is making more than you. "I found ou…
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Retweet if you understand homelessness to be systemic cruelty and not a failure of people who are unhoused or homeless.
Retweeted by FrenchyGeorge Floyd is dead... the only reason you’re using him is because the media doesn’t report the killers name (Dere…
Retweeted by FrenchyBreaking: Georgia’s GOP-controlled House passes new voter suppression bill #HB531 cutting weekend voting, restricti…
Retweeted by Frenchy @BarkyBoogz Reminds me of this NY Daily News headline
Retweeted by Frenchy @jkiyomi Let’s not start!!!Y’all not solid. That’s what it boils down to. @NatePTGOD At the very least... someone who has watched all the films you wanted to rank? 😂😅😓😰 @ckpalive Honestly that’s when I should’ve stopped reading @NatePTGOD I’m so sorry but your opinion is literally irrelevantThis man has CAPTAIN MARVEL over Iron Man 2 AND Iron Man 3 @LeciJ_ Wonderful day on here that was. @uzoart @hd_tsd @_air_in @LadyJMillzz Right like nobody I know is propping up this personWomen that be mad at other women for being sexually free would die to do what she doing. And that’s a fact
Retweeted by FrenchyChile, I remember who that girl was & wanted to fight a nigga so bad b/c how low down & disgusting you gotta be to…
Retweeted by FrenchyGive me the Johnson & Johnson 72% efficacy vaccine. I respect coming in late with a C minus.
Retweeted by FrenchyMortgage due.
Retweeted by Frenchy.@itstanyasam said 🥒🍤🍝🍗 thank you and goodnight. #RHOA
Retweeted by FrenchyHamilton was not good, that’s how I know film/theater twitter will eat up anything as long as niggas put on a wig and rap about slavery.
Retweeted by FrenchyLook who I ran into at the studio @loneamorphous ❤️❤️
Retweeted by FrenchyThis has just been such a crazy ass day