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BIG777777777777 @22lexi_ @cuartocore joe mama @MEMENTOMORlI @deertearss i did the tier list too @deertearss fr lol💅 @azerzetsu @cuartocore i also ordered a pink skin for my dock and switch will look pog @cuartocore no its not @cuartocore joe mama @cuartocore joe mama @22lexi_ @cuartocore joe said no @nyaasita hey @cuartocore joe mama @cuartocore im not happy im joe @cuartocore u sound jealous ur not getting a mario themed switch pro controller @cuartocore i ordered this controller yesterday @hoeglizzy im saying @may_wedda is that not how u spell the name of the cat? theres a breed called something like that LOL?
Retweeted by Mør @megnrnee same
@Viperous @Yorman42Ortiz @oreeeo but that's a good song dud @hudsonwisler @Mxdieee YOOOOOOOOOO W @Viperous LETS GOOOOO @uculdcme yo TWITTER @Iexiepriv yea u joe @SkreetMan @JhbTeam LINK WTF @JhbTeam all i wear is cozy stuff like sweaters and sweats probably not ur thing idk @whaifu fell in lavagn twitter @LILUZIVERT ILY UZI @_fuckyouz imma get the pink probably :3IS THIS REAL @AbusingMyMeat WHAT @elgato please check dms important @Froste @akibano HAHAHA im doing hw rn wanna play later? @aimsworId hey @dagostlno xqc mario kart @Squidfu_ HUH???? @notgoons LMAO @SkreetMan @Layymooon DELETE THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @CrypticNotAlone my name is Moristiko Higglebottom McClerkin III @Morvill_ WHAT THE @akibano LMFAO @akibano wyd !!
@elgato check dms pls its for help with capture card @gamerboy9985V2 @Twitch welcome to the jungle @Stormzerino @Twitch welcome to the daycare @Twitch @akibano hiiGM TWITTER @lunias 😭😭@Sopranos @macawcaw123 ive already started Sadge @shyplush gngnn @adeptthebest @xQc gn adept and xqc ! @lunias ninign twitter @NQSTRIL @xLambo_ joe mama @NQSTRIL @xLambo_ i hosted joe @NQSTRIL HAHAHAAHAHAHA @baIIsacking HELLO? @baIIsacking hi hi yes @Sopranos am i wrong
@xoxabstract ? @waitdremo play osu😏GM TWITTER twitter @akibano im playing osu @uculdcme aw @jasonsotelo567 LMAO @OkayShimmy im 310k lol @OkayShimmy oh i just play songs i like HAHAHAHA yea add me m0r @darkophia ok @OkayShimmy 5 and 6 rn :) @MKeyboards ily @postedinthecrib WHAT @yung_juice_box5 is that u @duvirgin HEHH??? @gassed @CrypticNotAlone HAHAHAHAHA all the games he said arent on steam so i guess it makes sense @brilyssa NO WAY @CrypticNotAlone HOW??? download it rn dude WHAT @CrypticNotAlone BRO WHAT???????????????????????????????? @TravisS42347023 @CrypticNotAlone yea i rarely grind multiplayer games @DirtyBird209 @TravisS42347023 @CrypticNotAlone still can be single player and not the team vs team stuff @CrypticNotAlone im gonna be playing doom wen my 3080 comes in but ppl say its super good too @TravisS42347023 @CrypticNotAlone all super fun some are story some are more free @CrypticNotAlone these r all on steam :) ive played like every scary game so lmk if u wanna stream those i can tell… @TravisS42347023 @CrypticNotAlone deep rock galactic, no mans sky, q.u.b.e. 2, risk of rain 2, subnautica, the dark… @EDortGamer @CrypticNotAlone yee @CrypticNotAlone those r all pretty boring rn lol u ever tried any single player games? @CrypticNotAlone what u been playing! @gdarkvader @macawcaw123 ur not joe