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There was no violence in Portland today because everyday antifascists stood up to bigots, not because of the mayor…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyPlease play Nier: Automata everyone. Nazis march in Portland today, a reminder that the Proud Boys are a group that the Trump Campaign considers to b…
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nothing gets me off like the way pasta sauce matures over the course of the night and gets incrementally better wit…
Retweeted by Morph Toxleystarting Cannon Busters tonight!
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Ready for the most badass, explosion-filled cyber anime western you’ve ever seen? Cannon Busters is now streaming!
Retweeted by Morph ToxleySo, I've been alerted to people making fake accounts with the purpose of associating trans people and symbols with…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyThis is what can happen when you run into another Persona fan on twitter ... This beautiful reply thread wouldn't…
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🚨🚨🚨THIS IS NOT A DRILL🚨🚨🚨 CANNON BUSTERS, an anime by LeSean Thomas drops tomorrow on @netflix . You say want to su…
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Nobody told me Steven Universe was this good. (Except everyone that told me.)I swear on everything white people are fearless till Black and Brown people are involved. This is stupid af.😍😍😍
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Black people, literally since America was founded: X is a problem White people: You made X up or you're exaggerati…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyI distinctly remember how quiet and somber tornado drills were. Dead silence ducked down in the dark imagining what… @MidnightPursona This is awesome.My most popular tweet was the photo of that horrific clown going down on the old guy whose wife had died in that Disney movie. It blew Up.
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White people are shooting up mosques. White people are shooting up synagogues. White people are shooting up gurdwar…
Retweeted by Morph Toxley @VirgoVonnie Keep that shirt stocked at 3x-4x till I get paid nigga lol.
GO WATCH CANNON BUSTERS ON NETFLIX THIS THURSDAY AUGUST 15!! I’ve seen no hype or promotion for this incredible lo…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyLet’s see how many retweets I can get to persuade me to drop immortal 🤔
Retweeted by Morph Toxley @Advent_Chaos uwu One day. @Advent_Chaos We've never played Smash tho...
@TajmrK @AsceticHound @VaxySquido24 The Cannon Busters trailer
Retweeted by Morph ToxleySince Cannon Busters is 12 days away let’s take a moment to appreciate these beauties from the trailer
Retweeted by Morph Toxley @NoBSAnimemes @Advent_Chaos I hate that I love this.
sex is intimate and sacred. your body is a temple and you shouldn't share it with anyone who doesn't watch jojo's b…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyThis a Ross album but its a ROSS ALBUM. If you don't understand that don't talk to me.
Indivisible releases on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One beginning on OCTOBER 8th! (Nintendo Switch Coming Soon). Pre-Orde…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyK I LL THE O L D ME OOLLDD MEEE IT'S DA YEAR OF DA KNIFE YEAR OF DA KNIFEThe giveaway is the last line. The preference for "real plantations that are much more enjoyable to tour". I woul…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyWrestling is magic. @IndigenousAI @iconickbeauty I'm afraid to ask.My main table is 1, but I kick it at 9 often. Then I'm heading over to 5 to bully the Geass kids and make them sit… Post a pic of a couple of (cartoon) dudes kissin’ & out crawl the homophobes! That’s some fragile heterosexua…
Retweeted by Morph Toxleypeople who act like anime is immune to criticisms about pedophilia, racism and misogyny bc they culture is differen…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyHe not top 3 rappers, podcasters, YouTube show hosts, La Marina attendees, hookah smokers, Dominican woman dater, N…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyI need a journal. clit energy ✨💚💦 photos by: @EldritchAllure gag collar: @laseguefalret styling by me would appreciate some s…
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ah shit. I just remembered everything I have ever said and done. and it's not great
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyStop blaming Video Games for niggas shooting some shit up. Pokemon doesn't make niggas make random animals fight ea…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyI knew the El Paso shooter was a white man when they started talking about how the brain isn’t fully formed at 21.…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyThere was also a set of shootings in Chicago.....but it’s Chicago so it won’t get as much or any coverage.
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyThe "Model Minority" concept is a racist lie that flattens the experiences of Asian-Americans into a monolith in or…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleySo I tried for Night Fury and got succubus. Happy accident guess. Im not naked just black on black looks naked 😂…
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@Stardust_Megu Awesome news! Can't wait to see it. @ZeeRinkato Let me know what's up when you're good. Love you bro.I didn't need to know this but I'm stronger for it.
11 yr old Armchair Game Dev: Nobody plays Dragon Quest. Hero is a Link clone, with nothing unique about him. Hes su…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyI don’t know who needs to hear this, but you’ve helped enough ppl for right now. Take a minute and do something nic…
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| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| Identity & politics are inseparable. Tellingly "identity politics" is only introduced as a punching…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyDOOM IS NOT ON TWITTER
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyWhat stories are you telling yourself about yourself? “I’m just an impatient person.” Work on your patience. “I’…
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This tweet. @SEGA
@iconickbeauty No Gatorade Zero in your area?*looks beatifically at my beloved friends and colleagues* Heather clearly meant Mobile Fighter G Gundam. You shou…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyKids today have it so easy. All you have to do to regain your full health is not fight anyone for a while. In my da…
Retweeted by Morph Toxley @JamesTheFourth Exactly how many batarangs does Batman carry on an average night?
While I sti have your attention, maybe notice something. The primary groups who want to strike down 'cancel cultur…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyLazor Wulf is fire and y'all need to order more seasons @adultswimTina Turned doesn't get enough praise and credit. @Advent_Chaos Why are we still here?'m overall more informed but also a worse person. Thanks Twitter Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do…
🦷Blackbones & Bunny🦷 Part of my $10 emergency sketch fund. min shading portraits. slots still open. I need the mo…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyAlthough seeing people scrambling around and foreseeing the world ending can be scary I know I will survive it. How…
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@spacetwinks @brooksasanoun I'm so deep into Yakuza 0 rn and I can't recommend it enough.being in a committed relationship is so fucking fun if exercised right. you literally hang out with your best frien…
Retweeted by Morph Toxley🌙✨“Fly Me To The Moon”✨🌙 I have Starfinder today and decided to dress up and do a “Galaxy Brain” look for the occa…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyTongue in cheek
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyOk so let's exclude music. Fashion, literature, poetry, paintings, animation, cuisine, values, etc., that is recogn…
we wasn’t supposed to be alive no funny shit now look at us!
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Plastic Man? celebration of blade I'm going to do a thread of vampire mythology throughout the diaspora.
Retweeted by Morph Toxleygive Missy Elliott the “Black Panther 2” soundtrack. she deserves the same oppurtunities her producer peers like Ph…
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Retweeted by Morph Toxley @JimSterling Need this in every video Jim.
Sex is great, but have you ever handed in your notice to a job that has shattered your mental health for months?
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyWhat the fuck?’all thought Ernest Cline was bad, wait til you read Patrick Rothfuss comparing Hollywood adaptations to sex worke…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyA Simple Retweet Can Expand My Mama Business. She Is Very Talented & Everything Is Made Stainless Steel. Dm Me If Y…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyWhat a trailer! If they keep this same energy I'll be watching the Watchmen. people have spent the entirety of integration bending over backwards to make White people comfortable on issu…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyA 13 year old American Citizen is being held in an American concentration camp because her mother is undocumented.…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyKill the old me.
So, in the Trump’s worldview, it is your patriotic duty to trash the country when the black guy is in charge but yo…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyCATS (2019)
Retweeted by Morph Toxley33 confirmed dead. Amongst those deseased is legendary director Yasuhiro Takemoto. His works include: • Amagi Bril…
Retweeted by Morph Toxley @Advent_Chaos FAM. I KNOW.
Me & Ma @MorphToxic Nothing ever ends... Stay tuned. #WatchmenHBO
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Retweeted by Morph ToxleyRt if fat
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyI remember one time in middle school a nigga I never met jogged by me and gave me a headnod while he was getting ch…
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Y'all, today is an absolute historical moment. This is the only day you can RT this. Good for health, bad for educ…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyIts your favorite slice-of-life anime, your in the gym, and you spot a dummy thicc, blue haired elf waifu. Wyd? C…
Retweeted by Morph ToxleyI'm the middle of Yakuza 0 right now after jumping off Kiwami. This series got a hold on me. Broadcasting Corporation., I know what you're thinking. PPG? KND? Dexter's Lab? Tom & Jerry? Samurai Jack? Avatar? Rugrsts? Hey Arnold?…