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Colin Morrison @Morrie1981 Stirling, Scotland

Dad to Jake and Evie. Observations on life and the occasional comment on sport. Former boxing fan/writer.

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Man, that haunting acoustic guitar strumming Paul Simon does at the end of The Sound Of Silence during The Concert…
@abeG718 Not sure. Some card to be coming to Scotland though. Unbelievable.
@Mc81Craig Yeah. We need to fill in a form to apply for discounted European travel. I've never used it but a few colleagues have.
@abeG718 Enjoy your rest brother. @abeG718 Nice reporting #RingsideAbe
@abeG718 Read this earlier. Quality work brother 👍 @Jurgenator Don't know about that mate. Hope you enjoy the game tomorrow 🏉 @Jurgenator I think you will win but France revamping their midfield and bringing Basteraud back will make it inter… @Jurgenator Scotland, as much as we have improved, are still a level below the top teams. We can beat them 25% of t… @Jurgenator Hi mate. Sorry for my slow (non) response. I was at work during the game so was in avoidance mode. Just…
@Chris120778 Yeah, class players performing on the biggest stage @Chris120778 Yeah that game where Bulgaria knocked out the defending champs Germany was a classic too. @Chris120778 I wanted them to win that world cup I remember. A really captivating team. @Chris120778 That was a great game. Remember it well.As a youngster I used to try and emulate some of the things I saw Hagi doing. Not a bad player for a fellow lefty t…
@JohnnyWBoxing @stevehsherman @Lisadub805 Bears the play for Superbowl 54 surely 😂 @stevehsherman Coming from a sporting culture a bit different to the US I actually enjoyed the game. Nothing wrong… @stevehsherman Managed to avoid the outcome and just seen the game. Bad luck to the Rams Steve. Great effort from t… @Jskayman I really wasn't sure on this one. Have just watched it all now. If I was pressed I would've said the Rams… it through the shift and didn't hear one bit of Superbowl news. Delighted. Now time to watch the game "as live" 🏈Decent read here.
@stevehsherman I'll let you know how I got on once I've caught up with the game tomorrow. @stevehsherman Good luck! Enjoy the game Steve. I will need to wait to catch it after work tomorrow. Avoiding the outcome will hard I think.Working way early tomorrow morning here so gonna try and do that thing of avoiding the Superbowl outcome then watch…
FT in Dublin - Ireland 20-32 England. Hats off to England for producing the upset. The unstoppable looking Irish up… @iamlollen Oh bad luck. Nah no 6 Nations for me this year, nothing really suited for my work schedule. I was at Sou… Ireland 10-17 England. Potential shock on the cards? England pun n a solid first 40mins,Ireland a bit below par,…, 15mins till kickoff in Dublin and I can only see the Ireland - England match going one way. Ireland with t… @iamlollen Yeah. The top teams don't allow things like that to happen. Some work to be done by the coaches this wee… a decline once Scotland took captain Laidlaw off. Looked like a sensible decision at the time, give him some r… till kickoff for the Ireland-England game. I'll be back in a while to tweet some pish about that one #6Nations... conceded far too many penalties overall, even when Italy barely had the ball and the last 20mins were poor. Ita… Scotland 33-20 Italy. The weirdness continued in the second half. Scotland went into total cowboy mode after goi… at Murrayfield. Scotland lead 12-3 bit what a weird half. Italy are dire and have hardly had the ball while Scot… Italy national anthem tho..... 🔥 #SCOvITA #6NationsScotland v Italy at Murrayfield starting soon. Scotland expected to get off to a flying start against the tradition… only good thing about starting work at 4.45 this morning is being finished and home in time to catch today's…
Well they've done it again. France turn a 16-0 HT lead into a 24-19 defeat. Wales were better in the 2nd half but t… has reached HT. France lead 16-0. Wales haven't turned up so far. France handling the conditions far bette… good read from yesterday. @Jurgenator Aye ha ha. I'm sure you will do better this year although expect a bit of a pumping in Dublin tomorrow. @Jurgenator Hard to say but hoping to push on for the 3 wins achieved in the last few seasons. Your mob can't do mu… year's #6Nations about to get underway with France v Wales in Paris in what will hopefully be a Friday night c… @abeG718 *Quality stuff @abeG718 Got them brother. Quite stuff. @abeG718 👍👍 cool. I saw the one with you chatting to Roy Jones earlier. @abeG718 Solid scribbling Abe!!NEW ARTICLE ALERT🚨🚨 This is from last night's event. @NYFights @Morrie1981 @kelsey_mccarson @ThePeoplesTom
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @rich0671 Cheers Rich. @Jskayman Nice one. Thank you for serving. @abeG718 Quality interview Abe. Great read.My latest has dropped for @NYFights on Demond Nicholson! @kelsey_mccarson @ChrisGlover28 @Morrie1981 @HamzaA305
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@wauwas Cheers Laura 👍 @HENROC05 @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 Thanks Henroc. Sadly 21 feels a long time ago 😂😂👍Thank you Johnny. Love you guys back 😍 @Lisadub805 Thanks Lisa. Had a long day at work but done with that now so looking forward to a nice evening with the family. @abeG718 😂 thanks brother. That's how old I feel right now. @JohnnyWBoxing Nice work J Wilds!!!!!Thank you @KPavlikPunchlin for your time! #Boxing fans is The Ghost Returning? Also, thank…
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @Pinkpanther_76 Hi mate, thanks for the message. The way I feel right now means I couldn't have gone on writing abo…
@FrazBloke Ha. I hope so. Cheers my man! @FrazBloke Thanks mate. My aim was always to make the articles accessible to all, whatever the reader's level of bo…
@abeG718 Yeah and the new NYC gym his brother was running was heavily stocked with Everlast 🥊Been catching Ray Donovan season 6. Pretty rough one on the main man Ray. He absorbs some amount of beatings throug… @THEKILLABEE24 Best use of a GIF ever. Classic. Thanks Brendan, appreciate your positive message and support. @OysterBayBomber Thanks for the message Wallace. Solid advice which I will take on board.My latest from last night's #HOLLYWOODFIGHTNIGHTS .@JohnnyWBoxing @Morrie1981 @ThePeoplesTom @HamzaA305
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @Da_body2 Thanks Brent. Appreciate that coming from someone who I know always read my articles. Cheers.Grateful to everyone who took the time to respond to this since Friday. I truly appreciate all the messages of unde…
Hey ⁦@Morrie1981⁩
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @JohnnyWBoxing Oh mam, you're at my favourite place in California. Enjoy those ice cold beers.
@Freeroll4life Good point @DC_Sports_fan Heavy lite?You wanna drink heavy? Or lite? boozer is mobbed on this Saturday night! it's quite early and they just served us the main course but my man Clydie couldn't wait to get some whisky on t… @Lisadub805 Yes! @Lisadub805 How I wish, how I wish you were here...... 😀 @Conserv60424788 Ha ha. @Conserv60424788 Thursday mate. @Conserv60424788 Thank you Marcos. Not saying I'll never return to writing on boxing but not for a while. Thanks fo… @davidfriend6 Thanks David, always appreciated your comments and readership. @HENROC05 Ha ha. Have a great Saturday my man. Gonna be seeing Clyde later, I will pass on your regards. @HENROC05 Ha ha. Nice typo mate!Few beers and some spicy food in town later to mark my upcoming birthday. Here's the horrible shirt selected to mar… @dezlax1 Thanks so much. Appreciate you tweeting me and reading the articles over the past 2 years or so. @Jskayman Thanks brother. Appreciate you taking the time to message me. @SW_Spellman @jomo1872 Yes. World Boxing Super Series is doing this and it has been great although it hasn't been f… @martin779_joe True but it is the sport. It has operated like that for decades and will continue to do so. @BigWriteHook Thanks brother. Must've felt well worse for you given that you had an entire publication on your shou… @martin779_joe It's not as simple as that. No writer is gonna leave them self open to a law suit. Go and cover a fi… @Mc81Craig I will be writing something after I get over this. Not sure what or on which platform but will bear your… @martin779_joe Thanks for the suggestion. It's endemic within the sport. I really don't want to be a negative, bitt… @BigWriteHook Thanks mate. @nash10rounder 👍👍cheers. @nash10rounder Thank you Dolla Bill. I'm afraid for now it is the case. All I can say is thanks for reading and int… @SusyCastillo Thank you. I appreciate it Suzy. @SusyCastillo GraciasWhen #ChefWilds is putting together a masterpiece such as this all of a sudden the flight to California doesn't see… @edk_SC I thank you for reading them mate. Cheers.