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Colin Morrison @Morrie1981 Stirling, Scotland

Dad to Jake and Evie. You will find mainly tweets about boxing here. Prolific reader and sometime writer. Contributer to NY FIGHTS #7QuestionsWith

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@abeG718 @JohnnyWBoxing @cha97081834 😂😂 @JohnnyWBoxing @cha97081834 @abeG718 One for all the family?Pacquiao and Broner Face Off in NYC - ALL THE QUOTES, HERE
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonGATLING!!!! @johngatling_ @Woodsy1069 @NYFights #PacquiaoBroner #PacBroner #boxingnews #Boxing #boxeo
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonDraft, re-draft and god-damn it I still can't get this article over the line. Annoying. @jimmy_macc28 Apparently it is the first time that's happened. What a shootout. @stevehsherman Just got to work and seen the final score. Wow. Must've been quite something. Congrats on the win.So, who won the weekend? #WWTW @NYFights crew weighs in on this weekend's events. @Woodsy1069 @Morrie1981
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Let’s Talk Turkey: WHO WON THE WEEKEND? -
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonDamn. Mistake. Touristy just threw a pick. Minnesota in business now.5.30 to go in the third QTR and Chicago are already running the clock out. Love it. Professional football 🏈Bears still pitching a shut out halfway through the 3rd quarter. If we can stay mistake free this one could already… @mandrzeje @danrafaelespn @BoxingHistory @John_Kass @TheFightCity @JFeinsteinBooks @DavidHaugh @GlobeBobRyan
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonBears up 14-0 at Half-time. Good first 30mins. In fact, domination across the board. Hope it continues in the 2nd half. @karla_ann I just hope none of the guys get an injury on Thurs because they haven't had enough time to recover from this one tonight. @karla_ann Enjoying it so far. Dominating #BearsBears D are on fire tonight so far. Outstanding! @leonard_dykstra That's a great way to describe his movement. @crazyjamoke29 Day off tomorrow. Watching and currently enjoying this one #BearsBears aren't messing about here tonight. Nice 2pt conversation there makes it 11-0.Wild from the young QB. Minnesota takes the ball back with that interception. Not good #Bears #SundayNightFootballKhalil Mack must be the strongest guy in the world. What a player. Delighted he is on the Bears.Bears defence comes up huge already #Monsters @karla_ann Yeah they have to go from this tonight to the early Thursday kickoff. I think that is a bit unfair, but… already tell Michaels bet the over for this game. His commentary is hinting at a demand for fast points #BearsvVikings 🏈 @karla_ann Thank you Karla. I hope it's a less stressful watch for me than that Pittsburgh game must've been for you earlier.Well I made it for kickoff so I may as well watch the entire game #BearsvVikings Come on Chicago 🏈Chicago looking glorious tonight on the Sunday Night Football intro #Bears 🏈 @UncleAL_2012 And a good defence on the other side of the ball. What a combo. @UncleAL_2012 Everyone should fear the Saints. They look unstoppable right now. @wauwas @JohnnyWBoxing 😂😂 Scottish people on the whole are a bad lot 😂😂 (I jest of course) @JohnnyWBoxing @wauwas Laura is bad mate. Don't converse with her 😂😉Didn't get any replies to this. Just saying, Bears will finish at 1030pm their time on Sunday night then kickoff at… @wauwas @JohnnyWBoxing’s hear ya tonight, @SoldierField! #OrangeSwarm | @SNFonNBC
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @JohnnyWBoxing Faded > Washed. I'm gonna start saying that instead. @JohnnyWBoxing Never faded. Me on the other hand, I was washed all day yesterday ha ha. @stevehsherman Tonight yeah. I took tomorrow off work to stay up and watch Chicago (1.20am my time, for kickoff). T… @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 👍 loved it too. Was good to catch up.
@JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 Yeah. Maybe before then, who knows 😉 @stevehsherman Yeah. That's gonna be an awesome game. @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 Wow. Enjoy.Holy shit. The Saints are absolutely pumping the defending Superbowl champs. @stevehsherman Thanks Steve. Will you go if the Rams are playing in it? @UncleAL_2012 Always good to get a road win. You optimistic for the rest if the season? @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 Tell him to pour himself another Glenlivet 😂 @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 My man Rich there. Tell him I say hello.F🍊r the first time in primetime. #MINvsCHI | #DaBears
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @Conserv60424788 Dropping, not dripping ha ha. I can't type on my phone. @Conserv60424788 Thanks man. Will be putting the finishing touches to an article so look for it dripping late tomorrow / early Tuesday. @JohnnyWBoxing @abeG718 @VSIdocsports @BigKatSports Alright. Will try and catch it over here after the Scotland v Argentina rugby next Sat. @81merc You're not alone 😂🍻 @JohnnyWBoxing @abeG718 @VSIdocsports @BigKatSports Is the game in California or are you guys at home? @JohnnyWBoxing @abeG718 @VSIdocsports @BigKatSports Bama are basically an NFL team though aren't they? Good luck ag… @Conserv60424788 Mondays should be a mandatory day off. Speaking of which I booked tomorrow off so I could watch th… @JohnnyWBoxing @abeG718 @VSIdocsports @BigKatSports Outstanding!!! @crazyjamoke29 Thank you. @Conserv60424788 Cheers Marcos. Interesting venue. @Conserv60424788 Indeed ha ha. So what's the host city? @Conserv60424788 You always make me laugh Marcos 😂😂What's the venue for the Superbowl this season? Asking for a friend! @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 Everyone else is just playing for 2nd place. My Bears are on the rise and gunning for th… @AlexGInNYC Congrats on the win Alex.Man, these New Orleans Saints are very, very good #NFL 🏈 @TheonlyBobbyV @ScottHanson I love it. Just have to look closer 😂 @linusesq @tylerbox12 Oh man. That half a point is gonna kill you. @linusesq Big Ben with the comeback. He's gonna be celebrating with a 24-pack in the locker room.Thrilling segment there on #Redzone with the three dramatic endings with Washington, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Grea… just noticed the Bears are on the Sunday night game then the early Thursday Thanksgiving game. Is that some kind… @linusesq Ah I see. No worries. Noticed Pittsburgh have still to register a point today. @linusesq Is he known as a heavy drinker? @CoachLRJ Ha ha. You may get your wish, should be a close one. @CoachLRJ An undisputed Champ. Have a good one!! 🍻 @CoachLRJ Great dedication Coach. That place looks like a really good boozer.Still the best letter ever written.
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonJarrell “Big Baby” Miller KOs Bogdan Dinu in Kansas -
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonWilder V Fury: Deuces Wild -
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @KandPMC @geeshmoo We are. Two handsome guys, and good people to boot 😀Man, my Bears not playing till 1.20am my time. Not sure if I'll still be awake for that #WashedCrawford's trash talking game is pretty good. after the rugby yesterday in #TheHiddenBar @20DollarTrill Please respond if you are around. Just noticed this.Loch Lomond. Pre-game. Enjoy. glimpse of the light show and our view #Murrrayfield outside Murrayfield prior to Scotland V South Africa. Great memories. banter in the Station was superb. Was discussing Fury v Wilder. I told folks to wait for the upcoming article on NY FIGHTSGood session in the Station Hotel tonight after the rugby. Great rare meeting with my bro @geeshmoo @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 I will. You too.Good chat there with @JohnnyWBoxing and @Lisadub805 on the way home from the Rugby. Pleased you guys are OK after the fires
@davidfriend6 They have. World Cup next year will be very interesting 🏉 @davidfriend6 Will do David. Cheers. Yeah when the All Blacks lost all the South Africans in the pub we are curre… the end of the Ireland-new Zealand game in an Edinburgh boozer. Plenty of South African fans in. I didn't kn… @davidfriend6 No need to apologise David. South Africa played like professionals all the way through. Scotland were… some #NYFights business cards in the slots at #TheHiddenBar in #TheHiddenBar post match. Elton John on the sound system #RocketMan Scotland 20-26 South Africa. For too many mistakes today from the Scots. Can't expect to play like that and beat… to go at Murrayfield. Scotland down by 3 and our main attacking threat Hogg has to go off injured. Still we… Scotland 17-20 South Africa. Some game. Scotland playing well in patches but making far too many mistakes. Polla… awesome atmosphere in Murrayfield for the teams taking the field and the national anthems. Will post some pi…'re in. Now time to trek round to the West Stand #ScotlandvsSouthAfrica