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Colin Morrison @Morrie1981 Stirling, Scotland

Dad to Jake and Evie. You will find mainly tweets about boxing here. Prolific reader and sometime writer. Contributer to NY FIGHTS #7QuestionsWith

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@thechrishynd Now playing as I toil over these words #WorldCupWriting #DifferentClass @Jurgenator Will look into it. Cheers. @Jurgenator Was never heavily into Ocean Colour Scene. Worth listening to now would you say? @Jurgenator Yeah I played it all the time back then. @noseyparker_9 Thank you Stephan. @thechrishynd 😂clever, for this time on a Monday morning. @Jurgenator Cheers Nick. @thechrishynd It's certainly different class @PitbullLove1970 My man. @JohnnyWBoxing @PitbullLove1970 From California our man Wilds can't be touched by warm weather. Mention rain though and the towel comes in. @bpg29 My man! @crazyjamoke29 Nothing yet just a look ahead. @PitbullLove1970 Cheers. Jimmy's on the Friday?By the way, if your on instagram, follow @NYFights there too!! #nyfights
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @crazyjamoke29 I'd agree. Done it too. But what if the event you want to see is in NY. @bpg29 Indeed. I heard you were buying. @bpg29 😁🍻you know where I will be then. @crazyjamoke29 Fuck. And I really wanted to travel in August. @bpg29 I heard the pubs have air conditioning @bpg29 That's hot but tolerable. Cheers. @bpg29 Oh shit. Doesn't sound nice at all.How hot is it in New York in late August?Look at this Bullshit. But apparently I have been on here for 6 years. Wow. for tomorrow morning when I have the house to myself: finalise and submit my latest column. Listen to Diffe…'s Abe
Best writing week ever for me #NYFights @MikeCrissinger2 Definitely Mike. Was outstanding to see it unfold at close quarters. @trfcjonesy Poor grammar Aye? @MikeCrissinger2 Mike that is brilliant analysis. You are looking well ahead. Was an intense night at ringside last… @Dan_Attias All comes down to good coaching. @R_AndradeFranco That's nuts. OK well I think you will be OK as Sweden aren't that good and I will be in touch duri… @JohnnyWBoxing My pleasure. Thank you for following me. @Morrie1981 Thx for the coverage
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @R_AndradeFranco That's huge. I also heard if they lose to Sweden and Germany win they are out. I've got to think t… @Dan_Attias I thought this also, and dismissing who they were playing acknowledeged the work they seem to have done… @R_AndradeFranco That could frame Volume 3 of the world cup writing perfectly. The President is in town.Almost forgot, the Mexican presidential election is a week from now. And also, I've been on the hunt for the mythic…
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @trfcjonesy I don't like them either. Just stick to what you like mate and don't worry about me. I'm away to writ… @trfcjonesy Just not my thing or era. What can I say. @abeG718 @Woodsy1069 No worries. As you taught me #FactsMatter @abeG718 @Woodsy1069 The team is stronger for having you on board Abe. Thank you for all you do and welcome to the writing side. @Morrie1981 I am just really happy to be part of the team and grateful for the opportunity that @Woodsy1069 has given me.
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @trfcjonesy Ha ha ha. My WiFi just failed. Fantastic banter. Actually don't mind the song, the sentiment behind it is bullshit though. @abeG718 Tell Miriam I say hello! @abeG718 Love being on the same team as you my man ♥️🥊👊👀👀👀💯💯💯🥊🥊🥊🙏🙏👊👊
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonSo the Isle of Wight Sky coverage moved on to The Killers. Not my era, watched two songs and concluded they are shi… @abeG718 @NYFights @johngatling_ @JohnnyWBoxing @kelsey_mccarson @BrotherJulius83 @ThePeoplesTom @Woodsy1069 Hmmm.… you don't know, well pay attention: follow @NYFights as you get GRADE A coverage from across the U.S and world b…
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @LiverPunch0351 Yeah. At the moment I like it as it mirrors the sport we are covering.Had awesome responses to my Taylor-Postol coverage this weekend. From Scotland to New York, on to California then a… @LiverPunch0351 Many thanks. There's nothing quite like writing straight after the life live experience. It isn't perfect but what is? @R_AndradeFranco @miseleccionmxEN Alright. I hope my focus after match day 3 is Mexico and I will annoy you for info. Thanks Andrade. @Jimi_Macc It's sinister and backward minded Jimmy. Rise against it. @Jimi_Macc My opinion folk can support who they want but that whole Rangers, British (read English) thing is utter… @R_AndradeFranco @miseleccionmxEN If I want a Mexican point of view for my #WorldCupWriting I will give you a shout 👍Because I'll eventually wrote a book on the El Paso-Juárez borderland area during the summer of 2018. It'll include…
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonA bit like all the Indie music of that era the songs of Travis gradually annoyed you the more you heard them within… @Dan_Attias Thanks Dan. Appreciate you reading and letting me know. @Jimi_Macc Jimmy, I am mellowing out a bit too. England are just another team in the tournament that we couldn't qu… Travis song 'Writing To Reach You' has the line "the radio's playing all the usual, well what's a wonderwall an… next up on the TV coverage Travis. This is a trip down memory lane.They closed their set with A Design For Life. Man for a few minutes there it was like being back in high school. Quality songs.Sunday Evening shout out for this ringside report. Read and enjoy. @LiverPunch0351 No bother. Cheers Liver Punch. @LiverPunch0351 Loud and the place looked pretty packed to me. @LiverPunch0351 Excellent piece. I was lucky enough to be there in a writing capacity too but your words hit the mark Swain. @Chris120778 FIFA but yeah, similar.Watching Manic Street Preachers at Isle of Wight Festival. Had forgotten how good a song If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next is. @GlovesRed Nice. Keeping in touch with your heritage. Not backing anyone. Did a path to the final thing before it s… @Dan_Attias Excellent win, was tested. Check out my ringside report Dan to be part Colin! Hope that we can see a good performance on Tuesday! 💪
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @sebaongok Gonna be huge. Gotta take advantage of that lifeline Seba. @Vicmatic1119 😂🇨🇴Match Day 2 of the #WorldCup is done and dusted. I'm pulling the notes together and will be writing Volume 2 and se… @RPrograis Get it on #Rougarou #TheTartanTornadoExactly 👌👍🏽💪🏽
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @GlovesRed Wait have you got connections to there? @Vicmatic1119 How was it?