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Colin Morrison @Morrie1981 Stirling, Scotland

Dad to Jake and Evie. You will find mainly tweets about boxing here. Prolific reader and sometime writer. Contributer to NY FIGHTS #7QuestionsWith

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BRAND NEW: My trip to the west coast of the USA for GGG v Canelo 2 was eventful. Check out my writing from airport…
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @abeG718 Solid piece Abe. Great work.Prospect ALERT! @Morrie1981 @johngatling_ @ThePeoplesTom @kelsey_mccarson @BrotherJulius83 @NYFights
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @NeilScott_ Enjoy. Very very good fight. @NeilScott_ Yeah it was awesome. @KandPMC @abeG718 @Woodsy1069 @NYFights Seems to be one of these fights that the debate is going to rage on and on… @Jayne19900358 My condolences for you loss Jayne. You are in my thoughts. @NeilScott_ appreciate the RT mate. @_MAP78 Ha ha. @_MAP78 PPVs all over the place. Gonna have to be really picky. @Jayne19900358 Thank you Jayne. Hope you are well. @_MAP78 Yeah I thought so. Pretty poor considering the BT Sport channels aren't exactly cheap. @_MAP78 I agree. Had a quick look on the planner but couldn't find it. Doubt they will reply to my tweet either. At… @Chris120778 Thanks Christian. Appreciate you reading the piece.Hey @BTSportBoxing when are you showing a rerun of GGG v Canelo 2. I was at the fight but want to watch your broadc… Partners With Facebook Fightnight Live -
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @robsmontano thanks for RTing my article Roberto. @kelsey_mccarson appreciate the RT Kelsey 👍👍 @mandrzeje Thanks Matt. Yeah the trip was great. Long, but well worth it. Pleased you enjoyed the read and appreciate you RTing the piece. @aplayatobenamed appreciate the RT Lonnie. @Da_body2 @HENROC05 @Pacman453323 @karla_ann @NeilScott_ @CoachLRJ Ha ha. Were they that bad? Thanks for sharing the piece Brent. @Jimmy_Macc28 Yeah indeed. As the article title says Leave Vegas Behind. @Jimmy_Macc28 thanks for the RT Jimmy. Much appreciated. @AirplaneCockpit Thanks Castro. That was yesterday evening. Made it home OK and on time. I think I have defeated th… @CoachLRJ Enjoy it. Was a fun time and good to write it up. Appreciate the RT also Coach.Some writing on my recent trip and GGG v Canelo 2. Enjoy @aplayatobenamed @Jimi_Macc28 @Jayne19900358 to put this account of my trip to GGG v Canelo 2 together. Check it out @HENROC05 @Pacman453323 @karla_ann @Lisadub805 @JohnnyWBoxing #LiveShowerTweeting the way of the future. @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 Ha ha. The Machine has malfunctioned. No more beer for a while. @rich0671 thanks for the RT Rich. Much appreciated. @antoceltic67 appreciate you RTing my latest article Anthony. @craigscott209 Glad you enjoyed the piece Craig. Yes was a superb trip, just over too quickly. At least I got to se… @craigscott209 appreciate the RT Craig. Thanks mate 👍Check out my latest piece here. Published while I was sleeping off the long trip home. @Conserv60424788 appreciate the RT Marcos. @GlovesRed thanks for the RT guys. @VladimirLik It was a good time. Back to reality now though. Cold, wet and windy in Scotland right now plus I'm back at work. @VladimirLik appreciate the RT Vladimir 👍BRAND NEW: My trip to the west coast of the USA for GGG v Canelo 2 was eventful. Check out my writing from airport… @abeG718 Thanks Abraham! 😁Just woke up after a solid sleep. Thanks for this Johnny. Real solid response to this piece it seems. Now, work tim… @boomslang_green Typical Vegas I suppose. The place was empty for the entire undercard.
@wauwas Nothing planned but fancy a return to NY at some point.From the other night. Chocolatito's introduction. @wauwas All done now though. Till the next trip.... @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 Yeah was awesome. Thanks again for everything guys. @Lisadub805 Nicola loves the watch Lisa. Great choice.Home sweet home.Oscar speaks out on reaction to Canelo win and the reaction to it:
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @Jimmy_Macc28 Cheers Jimmy 👍👍 @Jimmy_Macc28 Yeah I missed the family too. Will be pleased to get home. Submitted some writing when I was on the D… @Jimmy_Macc28 Yeah, that would work 🥃 @Jimmy_Macc28 Was just completely burst Jimmy. Flight to New York is no problem. 7hrs. Just a short up and down really 😂 @Woodsy1069 Cheers Woodsy. @Jimmy_Macc28 Long ha ha. Slept most of the way LA to Dublin. Dublin to Edinburgh flight was short and sweet. @JohnnyWBoxing Yeah, feeling pretty tired now. Should sleep quite well tonight.Landed at Edinburgh so just the final part of the journey now - tram, train and taxi. Should be home in just over 90mins.Friends, I am a fan of diversity. Therefore, I’m realizing that I want more diversity on the @NYFights roster. I’m…
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonMy travel/boxing article has been re-drafted, typed and sent for consideration. Working in departure lounges of air… and typing up this piece. Will try and get it submitted before my flight to Edinburgh.Teofimo Lopez Aiming For Dec. 8 Return -
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonBerchelt and Roman Meet and Greet Each Other -
Retweeted by Colin MorrisonLanded at Dublin for my change over for Edinburgh. I'm almost home. @Lisadub805 @JohnnyWBoxing Thanks Lisa. Sleep time.OK, wheels up. Thanks for the hospitality @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 - America see you again soon. Cheers 🇺🇸OK departing LAX now. I'm going to sleep. Catch you all later tomorrow.I always end up chatting to quality folks at LAX. This time I passed my card over and I might open up some outstanding opportunities.Man, I love it so much that my editor @Woodsy1069 liked this. Best editor/publisher in the game #NYF 👊 @Woodsy1069 Indeed.First draft finished so same as last time in LA after Superfly. I will sleep on the plane and redraft and send duri… Hurts by REM now playing over the sound system here. I put my pen down and took my eye off the Bears game… it the departure lounge at LAX or is it my office? Beer on hand, phone on charge and Bears on TV. No difference… @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 Lisa beat Vegas 😉😉 @Morrie1981 @Lisadub805 Our pleasure coupled with the juice we did well in Vegas! Back to the grind tomorrow 🤨
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @VSIdocsports @JohnnyWBoxing Yes. Really good to meet you Raphael. @JohnnyWBoxing Thanks brother. Again your hospitality was second to none. Thank you and @Lisadub805Safe travel my man @Morrie1981 top trip and great times with all!
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @Lisadub805 Pleased you guys got back pretty quick Lisa. Thanks for everything this weekend. Turn on the game, the Bears are winning 😀Touchdown BEARS!!! and first drafting my article in the departure lounge at LAX. Let's see how the Bears end up and… @Lisadub805 @JohnnyWBoxing Just so ya know i breezed through security. One guy laughed and gave me the thumbs up 😉
@TCatalfo It is terrible mate. All day long.In the bar near my gate at LAX now. Gonna watch my Bears for a while. I'm almost convinced the girl slinging the co… @Morrie1981 That's a great shirt. Not sure you should wear that on your way home though... Haha
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @Conserv60424788 I'll be fine. Soon as I get home no one will know what it means either 😂First security guy at LAX laughed at my t-shirt. Lucky for me he's a Mikey fan too. you 405 @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805't violate the carpool rules in California. traffic can F-off @Lisadub805 @JohnnyWBoxing I'll be back.Car in front says BOOO - I say Boo to the California traffic. On the way to LAX. My man @JohnnyWBoxing in the… @Its_Just_Billy_ Ha ha. That was my mate Johnny's lunch. Looked good though @JohnnyWBoxing - cheers Billy.Great lunch in Cronies, Agoura Hills. Time to go to LAX now though. Look how they spelled my name on the tab 😂😂😂 @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 *of. Jesus. I can't beat predictive text. @Woodsy1069 @TalkBOX_ Since you can curse on #talkbox "Fuck No"
Retweeted by Colin Morrison @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 Big favourite against any number the Sportsbook can think off #UndefeatedLunch went well 😀 @wauwas Wait and see pal 😉 @Chris120778 @JohnnyWBoxing @Lisadub805 @CoachLRJ Coach Larry would get drunk under the table if he mixed it in elite Scottish company 😀😂 @wauwas I'm gonna write then sleep on the plane later. Can't wait. @wauwas Hmmm, you'll beat me there by a few hours then. I'm still in California at the moment. Safe final leg of your journey Laura.