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disabled writer, artist, accessibility consultant, & consulting mortician. stay weird, be kind. see link for portfolio! rep’d by @StaciaDecker. they/them

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@maysoonzayid we got that chair covered but if i get another request for a shower chair, i'll ping you!i’m so! close! to hitting my needed word count! for tonight! and my pinched nerve! hurts! so much! thinking! is! painful!did you know you can make little musical diddies on chrome? yes indeedy, welcome to the music lab, i love it @lucasjwjohnson 100% @devetangent oh noooooo what a mess all around @tlcoles lightposts always seem to appear in the most obnoxious places, don't they?! @devetangent i felt this in my entire body while reading it @cezanneab gutsy move mavreaders, tell me about the injuries you’ve sustained while trying to multitask and read simultaneously @lucasjwjohnson it’s on my list i am in a deadline hole of my own making i swear i will asap @GolfSoBad received!!! thank you!!! @ameliedraux go caffeine go caffeine go! @thymelywitch that’s what i always realize too @ameliedraux this is really really sweet. thank you. as long as you choose sending to friends and family 💙i don’t usually use websites for medical stuff cuz they take fees so since you beautiful humans are asking, venmo a… have nine days to raise $1,200 for eye surgery and just thinking about it makes me want to panic @murphyslawyer22 every time i pull this sucker up i realize i’m also underrating my pain @Gr8bigstorm i use it mostly as something that gives an actual framework for what the numbers mean. YMMV and they c… is a useful thread. also, because medical professionals fail to use the pain scale properly, i recommend havin… @tammyvoiced that sounds like far too much work for me, but the mutual aid i occasionally can help manage is fun!just sent money for another disabled person to get a shower chair, plus money so someone could get gloves/hand warm… helped another disabled person with two prescriptions and a new pair of glasses! y'all rock. still have a litt…, one of the dogs is ripping some seriously nasty dog farts @KaliRainH2O @JenLRossman have them get in touch with me!so far we've sent one shower chair to a disabled person, paid for two doctor visits for another disabled person, bo… @southernweather @dominickevans DM me @TreborosLive thank youi’ve had a couple of offers for donations so the shower chair is covered but if you’re disabled and in need of $45… @TreborosLive have $45 they can donate to someone in need of a shower chair? DM me @sesmith right?people say some weird shit to me on this website sometimes @Clint72681 i strongly recommend the book “on tyranny: 20 lessons from the 20th century” by timothy snyder. being v… @Ariadnes_Thread 😘 @Ariadnes_Thread he’ll be your valentine! @Clint72681 pardon?and it seems to universally be a bunch of people being assholes to one person who is somehow in the minority? like.…’s a tiktok trend of people illustrating their text conversations using emojis to represent people & a robot v…
subtlety is not my forte @Minion67 we do! @DisneyTracie it really was! @nebulouswonder it was so fun!! @tivonit @the_tweedy don’t think about it too hard. scroll. interacting with videos will alter the algorithm for yo… @the_tweedy the algorithm is scary smart on tiktok, i get dragged by my fyp dailyi got to end my week on such a fun consulting meeting with a company that’s trying to introduce a disabled characte… will never understand the cognitive dissonance required to separate the name of “living wage” from the meaning of… took down our fence signs yesterday so i’m in the process of creating a sign that’s within boynton’s code @saraterror i’m snorting i’m laughing so hard wtf @DanielleGembala right?? @tdgor SO FLUFF! @SEMiNurse they’re always themed and so are the bandanas @saraterror also he gets a mohawk and they spike it up with dog safe hair productbashi gets groomed regularly because he has long fur and he’s a walking disaster and the groomer always sends me a… death penalty is one horrific stain upon many in the blood shed by our government on american soil. trump has s… @adam_kranz @jeffvandermeer oh!! that’s stupendously cool and i would never have figured it out!also from today: @fran_wilde inspired me to pick up a glass dip pen for more easily swatching new fountain pen inks… at how cute they are. step, step, poke. step, step, poke! if it’s useful, a visual for how invisible the tracks are unless you’re looking at exactly the right angle and… appreciation tweet: massive monstera leaves on a huge plant entwining an even bigger palm tree; white ibis… despite a lifelong degenerative disease that caused physical effects from birth, i was not diagnosed until… one of my scientist friends tell me about what kind of tiny beastie makes this sort of tracking trail along the… side i live in florida so 3/4 of it is just trim the base, dunk it in rooting powder, stick it in the ground… for bed but also i made off like a fiend with SO many cuttings from a random socially distanced garage clear… @LeafyQueerCrip @hyuumanatees yes SORRY for your notifications but it’s a very useful thread
@dmoonfire i’m an ambulatory wheelchair user, so that’s not an issue in the rep! @hyuumanatees THIS IS IT THANK U @MorticiasPlot nope, it's specifically a thread focused on inaccessible wheelchairs @lasrina @jellofish @Ariadnes_Thread ink on your hands is part of the fun!, please give me examples of good, particularly recognizable animated wheelchair representation. i know this… community, i have need of things. please find them for me. first: there is a thread where someone review… @ksonney @lasrina @Ariadnes_Thread i’m only in the special edition conklin/benu range. i’m too poor to do anything but window shop namiki! @ellle_em oooooo. @cowgirlcreamery’s mt tam @veryheathmiller craft scissors? got ‘em. good cloth scissors? yup. pinking shears? indeed. teeny tiny thread snipp… @ksonney @lasrina @Ariadnes_Thread what fountain pen ISN’T a gateway drug, kevin? riddle me that. i might buy some just to try ‘em! @lasrina @Ariadnes_Thread like am i just being a snob ? @lasrina @Ariadnes_Thread huh. seems like a disposable fountain pen would be so far from a fountain pen that it wou… @Ariadnes_Thread huh. i suppose cheaper in that you get multiple, tho there are decent starter fountain pens out th… the heck is the point of a disposable fountain pen, i have so many questions @lasrina wait WHAT is a disposable fountain pen please to be linking @effies lololololololi think because i don’t have kids my scissors are multiplying instead of disappearing. there’s 12 pairs in my studio alone2 AM quiet is so good at bringing the lonely and the sad, isn’t it? @acoustikangaroo 🎵one of these things is not like the other 🎶 @kvanh i know it’s just actually DOING it. so i’m working it. doing the thing. proud of you!of course my panic levels remain high due to uh, existing? in a capitalist society? as a disabled person who has no… @CMHooke done deal. i’m trying to make it happen every thursday/friday @TheoNicole @periwinklepip this is adorable and even cuter on your partner!! @rachsyme wow, waiting for my first ever flamingo shaped glass pen to be delivered and dying a little bit nowwwwwwould like the record to state that i am attempting to deal with the pile of paperwork, bills, and necessary checkb… @cosmicrachael uhhhhh you look cute as hell and i hope you have a functional HR you can report this asshole to for… Email so @aundrelarrow can have your email and Nana and aundre can write you a than…! @aundrelarrow is mentoring nana ( who's in ghana & using his phone for everything.… y’all, as promised
trying to bring this same energy lately when people invariably ask me if my tattoos hurt. “yes, karen, the pain is kind of the point.”bought a marlinspike for shibari and it was delivered with a thank you card that has a bible verse on it. can’t tel… @alphamink his face lololol @Almahart fucking RIGHT?! what the dick, skin?i said this exact thing to derek after it happened—as usual, black and brown people will be cleaning up the mess le… @alphamink calls rupert “little brother” and i think it’s the cutest thing in the whole universe @mariekeyn @snarkbat @dreamwisp excuse me as i watch a dream team being pulled together