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Moses Sumney @MosesSumney North Carolina, USA

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Definitive oscar for outstanding performance this yr goes to the people who posted black boxes on instagram and never said a word again 🏆
Retweeted by Moses SumneyThis @jeremyoharris 💀 @harinef @jeremyoharris White allies take notes @harinef @jeremyoharris THANKS
@jeremyoharris been.... trying to .... @jamesblake @MTV @vmas Hell yea!Thank you to these artists for joining ’Save Stereogum: An ‘00s Covers Comp’! → @GordiMusic@MrGregDulli →…
Retweeted by Moses SumneyNevada Legislature passes election bill expanding mail-in voting. It would send mail-in ballots to all active, regi…
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The term “African aesthetic” needs to be done away with. Every time you say this, you reinforce the falsity that Af…
Retweeted by Moses SumneyJurnee Smollet, Eve’s Bayou Debbi Morgan, Eve’s Bayou Joseph Gordon Levitt, Mysterious Skin Ashton Sanders, Moonlig… cuz people have more experience than you doesn’t mean they have better taste.To the listener, with love 🤘❤️🤘
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A Thought: Can we stop showing Black and White pictures of the entire decade of the 1960s so people stop thinking…
Retweeted by Moses SumneyLooking for black horn players in the North Carolina area. (Sax + trombone + bonus points for flutes). Hit me up 🤓 @KelceyAyer I... remember hearing about this . Some may say it’s the only reason we toured togetherMo to the! E to the! Moesha is now streaming
Retweeted by Moses Sumney @KelceyAyer How is this real??Spoke with @allieavital for @onepoint4 about our extensive video collaborations: :To be a conscious artist and simultaneously excel within a capitalism paradigm is to exist in a perpetual state of…
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@TheCarAfCentre Damn. So sad to have missed itwe need a socialism that isn't just on gofundme dot com
Retweeted by Moses SumneyEarlier this year I defriended someone for not knowing who Brandy is. (And before you ask — yes they were) @TheCarAfCentre is this still available anywhere?My face rn
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here’s kwame ture, with care & grace, describing the intimate details of how john lewis betrayed the sncc & the bla…
Retweeted by Moses SumneyMe In 20 Years - Moses Sumney Dir: Allie Avital
Retweeted by Moses SumneyWatching Girlfriends at this age going to HIT differently.
Retweeted by Moses SumneyTalent
@dstfelix So brave. And so right. @NovenaCarmel Girlfriends. The Parkers.100% Netflix finally has some good sitcoms now they can be rid of Friends
Retweeted by Moses SumneyCan’t wait to watch Mo’Nique say “hey Mr Ovaltine” @jeremyoharris Calm.... is for white students? Shit...God answers prayer allies take NOTESI’m ........ crying is disgraceful. @MercuryPrize @BRITs fix your shit. @StacyAmma @jeremyoharris <3
We need to submit about 10,000 fake applications to ICE’s Citizen Academy by Thursday. Serious question: does any…
Retweeted by Moses SumneyV happy @Zendaya was nominated and we don’t have to burn down the emmys building...
Retweeted by Moses Sumneybeyond proud of @zendaya for her OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS in a drama series nomination at this year's #emmys !!!! 😭🥺
Retweeted by Moses Sumneywow i guess i love television who knewpe.ri.od.! nominated, we won @Tyler_Mitchell_ @AnOtherMagazine wowimagine your child is working as an essential worker during a pandemic at two jobs and is finally sleeping in her b…
Retweeted by Moses Sumney#babygirl you will not be forgotten 🖤✊🏾🌹#SayHerName #SayTheirNames created x @thomeography
Retweeted by Moses Sumneywow @MosesSumney I'm so dumb I realized why it's one black and white lp because G R AE :| PS also love the gatefold and…
Retweeted by Moses SumneyThe best laid plans of a multi-billion dollar sports league with effectively unlimited resources has made it a week…
Retweeted by Moses Sumney& yes I do believe we should get a new season of Selling Sunset every quarter.@netflix give the Anne with an e people their show back so I can stop hearing about itomg this would be such a slay if we tried this..
Retweeted by Moses Sumney"I’m thinking about the lineage of Black humor and how Black people are capable of just mining their own historical…
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Have you seen the hottest new music videos yet? 🔥👀 ✔️ @MosesSumney ✔️ @TNAF ✔️ @GGYOUNGBOY ✔️ @ozuna X @wisin ✔️…
Retweeted by Moses Sumney spoke to filmmaker @terencenance about my music video work, meaning, process, and mining trauma for @i_D: me @jeremyoharris Chipped tooth? See I told you those London drugs hit differentBoring @NovenaCarmel we are always on the same wavelength....this is adhd erasure Rest! on bombasticity and how disproportionate representation leaves little room for Black subtlety and minimalismblack rest
Try Jesus!
Retweeted by Moses SumneyA lot of people joke on here and I get it... but I actually am a dumb bitch, so when you post about it lightly it affects me...
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DEATHS FROM COVID-19 South Korea: 297 United States: 140,000+
Retweeted by Moses SumneyTransphobia is white supremacy
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This is definitely my most listened album this year so far. I still can’t believe this fucking masterpiece. Thanks…
Retweeted by Moses SumneyFlo Milli Friday @JanelleMonae @_FloMilli exactly.well 10 minutes! Live on @nprmusic
Hey me in 20 years Does your milk still turn to rot too soon? Do you still hoard souvenirs And make them mirrors Of…
Retweeted by Moses SumneyTONIGHT AT 9 PM EST. @MosesSumney x @jasonkingsays in dialogue for @nprmusic's POP TALKS: A new pop-up conversatio…
Retweeted by Moses Sumney.@MosesSumney ages in his new video for "Me in 20 Years"
Retweeted by Moses SumneyNext time you try to tell me talking about chords isn’t cool
Retweeted by Moses Sumneybrandy’s microbraids in the 1997 Cinderella had a bigger impact on culture than the printing press
Retweeted by Moses SumneyGræ by @MosesSumney is my isolation soundtrack.
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Black women are so unprotected & we hold so many things in to protect the feelings of others w/o considering our ow…
Retweeted by Moses SumneyME IN 20 YEARS VIDEO OUT NOW 👴🏿👴🏿👴🏿 Sumney (@MosesSumney) released a new double album, "græ," back in May via @Jagjaguwar. Now he has shard a vid…
Retweeted by Moses Sumneygræ (2020) @jagjaguwar They’re avocados!This is "Me In 20 Years" from @MosesSumney Directed by @allieavital
Retweeted by Moses Sumney.@MosesSumney embodies longing in the video for “Me In 20 Years”
Retweeted by Moses SumneyLOUDER for the conservatives in the back!
Retweeted by Moses Sumney @MosesSumney Yea sure ok. Make emotionally gripping art. See if I care <3<3
Retweeted by Moses Sumney2pm AEST ⚡️
Retweeted by Moses Sumney50 minutes away from premiere time...
Looking forward to chatting w/ @MosesSumney about his profound artistry for #POPTALKS - a new Instagram Live conver…
Retweeted by Moses SumneyThis Thursday at 6pm PT/9pm ET #PopCon2020 kicks off POP TALKS, a new collaboration with @nprmusic on Instagram. Fi…
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