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Black Trans Lives Matter

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🎥: LAST FERRYThe most pointed “sweetie” ever uttered. 2021 is gonna be like
Retweeted by The Most🎥: HOLLYWOODThis is — and always has been — a Patti LuPone stan account.🎥: I LIKE TO WATCH, ON THE NETFLIX YOUTUBEWhen @MichelleButeau asked @SabrinaAnnLynn “can you do for the cello what Lizzo does for the flute?” in the first…
🎥: CLUELESSShakira learning that someone presented evidence against her in court🎥: THE FEELSThe six best words you can hear in bed. @netflix Sissy: 😍 Vanya: 🥰 Me: 🥺Ellen Page explains why Vanya and Sissy's relationship in Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy is so important
Retweeted by The Most🎥: THE UMBRELLA ACADEMYBreakfast in bed? Don't mind if I do. @tgarciaart @KeiynanLonsdale ok fairMy video for Netflix is up! 🤓 Guess how many times I had to record the audio? Guess how…
Retweeted by The Most🎥: QUEER EYEperson (noun): HUMAN, INDIVIDUAL —sometimes used in combination especially by those who prefer to avoid man in comp…
🎥: THE UMBRELLA ACADEMYAmen 🙏 IT is now streaming! @WorkItMovieMy sexuality is @KeiynanLonsdale in this pose.🎥: NETFLIX PRIDEBre-Z from CW’s All American on why queer Black people shouldn’t be pigeonholed in Hollywood 🗣
🎥: WORK ITInterests include: This dance-off which features a pink-haired @keiynanlonsdale in a white tank top dancing his tit…🎥: THE UMBRELLA ACADEMYFind someone who sees you and lets you out of your box #Vissy🎥: QUEER EYEanyone: how's your 2020 going? me:🎥: EASTSIDERS
Bisexual legend morgana for clear skin and nose freckles
Retweeted by The Most @meyrude it's a nickname because of how badly they want to go to julliard! and their relationship is more of a friendly rivalry 😊🎥: WORK ITRaise your hand emoji if you, too, want @keiynanlonsdale to cancel you. on Netflix is essential viewing
Retweeted by The Most @NetflixFilm @lizakoshy @KeiynanLonsdale the way they both ate this...this WORK IT dance battle between @lizakoshy and @KeiynanLonsdale is giving me pure STEP UP vibes which is what we…
Retweeted by The Most @strongblacklead the CLEARANCEFor the new Quaran-Scenes, I wrote about the frenzy of falling in love, the staggering scorch of having your heart…
Retweeted by The MostUmbrella Academy writer Aeryn Michelle Williams on diversity in sci-fi: “What kind of future are you imagining that…🎥: BILLY ON THE STREETOkay but is he single?💃🏻🕺🏿👯‍♀️💃🏿🕺👯‍♀️💃🏽🕺🏻👯‍♀️ break out your favorite dance emoji! WORK IT, a brand new comedy starring @SabrinaAnnLynn
Retweeted by The Mostseeing your friends in real life for the first time since March
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memories light the corners of my mind's acting. and then there's Toni at a table acting
Retweeted by The Most🎥: THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY S2Unfortunately this is how I flirt
Why is this the most accurate calendar of 2020😭
Retweeted by The MostLol
Retweeted by The Most @jvn Ok but which one are you? @netflix @UmbrellaAcad @EllenPage @MarinIreland mother nature ships vissy❤️🧡💛💚💙
Retweeted by The MostWhich @JVN are you? June, July, August or September.📺: POSEYou want to talk about range? fucking love Nyle DiMarco. Y’all have no idea how much he hustles for his community. From lobbying congress to cr…
Retweeted by The MostWe made sure that 50% of our crew and creative team are also part of the Deaf community. Having Deaf creative voic…
Retweeted by The Most🎥: CLUELESSMe after 4 months of wall squats
Alien sex freaks from the planet Glamtron? Sounds… familiar!"THE MATRIX was all about the desire for transformation, but it was all coming from a closeted point of view." Lil…
Retweeted by The Most"Sometimes people be gay and don't know it." @samjaycomic's new special is streaming NOW @seewhatsnext Amy Adams hive rise up!! @netflix @MsSarahPaulson @netflix @RatchedNetflix I’ve watched this trailer [redacted] times already @netflix @RatchedNetflix Yes I’m scared AND excited...sweet spot @RatchedNetflix This feels...ominousCall Me By Your Name (2017)
Retweeted by The MostYou deserve someone to show you mercy. Starring Sarah Paulson, Ratched comes to Netflix on September 18.…
According to astrologer @chaninicholas, Disclosure's @lavernecox has been a performer since the moment she was born…🎥: CLUELESSQueer Eye season 6 sneak peek @trixiemattel I think she’s a queen🎥: Hannah Gadsby: DouglasStill heartbroken I had to cancel my summer vacation :( Wong Foo’s makeover scenes walked so that #DragRace makeover challenges could run. shippers, what are we calling Polo/Cayetana/Valerio? Polotanio? Volotana?
📺: SAY I DOTag your friend who identifies as the below. @NXOnNetflix @UmbrellaAcad She got a point(y hat), she’s an icon, she’s a legend and she IS the moment @netflix @UmbrellaAcad Sissy said 👀 @YoloAkili Same!! @NetflixFilm Me📺: Umbrella AcademyI would contest that all lyrics by disco diva Gloria Gaynor ARE scripture
📺: Umbrella AcademyIf you looked up “queer femme longing” in the dictionary you’d find these images🎥: THE FEELSWow I needed this today! this episode of #StarPower: @chaninicholas reveals the birth chart of Queen @Lavernecox and the read is absolute…🎥: TOY BOYI told myself I’d chill on the thirst this month, but after looking at this photo, reader, I regret to inform thee,…
Congratulations to our @netflix Winners at the 31st Annual @glaad Media Awards! Special Recognition — @ryanoconn,…
Retweeted by The MostFun Fact: If you zoom in, the blurb on the back of Vanya’s infamous book is from Gerard Way! It says: “An incredi…
Retweeted by The Most🎥: ELITÉ