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@ZACFTP The homeless people for sure care about the cuss words
@thattokerbaby we get it You’re white @erika_ronin You only get smartiesMarisa and I aren’t even in the same room yet and were already yelling at eachother.
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMA new hope.
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMthe military has better practices in WAR than police officers due during PROTESTS. Shout out Geneva Convention.Medical personnel, both military and civilian, have protected status and thus shall not be attacked. Attorney General Keith Ellison to elevate charges against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMAnyway, if I ever actually get promoted to cpl (lol) I’m having @MotherOfDoggons and @SRoseesq pin me because the C…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMErika is on her way here I want to cryTake a second and rest here before scrolling onward.
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @Robert16776721 @TLCplMax people: Wearing a mask in a Hardee's is tyranny White people: If you violate a made up curfew, you should be shot.
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMSo did Derek Chauvin. Next. 50 states.
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM
@MarielLaNogi @ritchydoesit @dani_g_3 I got out of the military because I openly stood against it. I read a lot of… @MarielLaNogi @ritchydoesit @dani_g_3 You’re calling someone who’s been protesting and openly vocal about police br… @MarielLaNogi @ritchydoesit @dani_g_3 Have fun with a mandatory draft then instead of a voluntary one idk @ritchydoesit @dani_g_3 This is why we need to demilitarize the police. They’re not the same thingAgain, I know many of you follow me for shit posting and funny memes talking about the military and boobs. But ri… of what was shot at protestors is NOT what America is about. America is about *opens history book* uh oh *Frantically starts flipping thoug…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMAustralian PM calls for investigation after U.S. cops assault foreign journalists
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @MotherOfDoggons
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM. IS THE ONE 🗣
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@LycanGTV @erika_ronin @vvolfsxblood I love making people stoop down to my level
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMDoes anyone in dc have a location where I could drop off supplies to protestors? I want to make sure they get to the people that need them. watch. please listen closely. if anyone has any information on this man / a link to his go fund me please le…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMGood morning to everyone except Racists
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMThe 101st was the unit sent to Little Rock during desegregation. Guess things come full circle.
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @illustriousCeo This is such a powerful image
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @iAmTheWarax Math is tricky you know she could be right
Cops shot me in the head at the #LosAngelesProtest with rubber bullets while I had my hands up in the air. My brain…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMDo not disturb @Brewwwwwwwww I know we’re in a societal crisis but no free toesMatthew got me a hammock military trying to show support and not get UCMJ
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMWe’ve seen countless videos of unprovoked police brutality from cops across the entire nation and people still have… TOLD POLICE “if you attack the protesters, we will attack every server and computer you have. this is you…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @jmh1211 @ShieldZiegler @thegrugq YOURE ON MY ORIGINAL TWEET YOU FUCKIN BUFFOON. I ASKED WHAT THE NEWS IN OTHER COUNTRIES SAID @jmh1211 @ShieldZiegler @thegrugq I literally asked you fucking idiotCan anyone outside of the US tell us what is being reported about the protests/riots here?? I’m interested to see. @DirkMiesler @iAmTheWarax @BDHerzinger If you think rioting isn’t happening Hong Kong, and you think it’s just simp… when the hong kong protests were going on and everyone in America was like HELL YEAH!! FREEDOM FOR HONG KO…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMThey arrested thousands of people to avoid arresting four. Let that sink in.
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @silver_shots If only someone would have moved Derek’s kneeA Seattle officer has his knee literally moved off of a detainees neck by another officer as on lookers tell him to… sheriff in flint told the protesters that he was there for them, and had all the cops out their batons down, an…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMWho is this serving? Who is this protecting?
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @SAEKOSNOWtv @OhaiImGabby @TwitchSupport You love to see it New Jersey the police officers are protesting WITH the people shouting no justice no peace. This is how it shoul…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @SAEKOSNOWtv @OhaiImGabby Racists on twitch will @TwitchSupport step up? We’ll find outIf you wanna watch some racist bird stream on twitch check out this broad @OhaiImGabby
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMCongratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMSomeone just tried to say the military defends against “foreign and domestic enemies” If you think protestors are… Airborne SHOULD NOT BE DOING RIOT CONTROL. THEY SHOULD NOT BE POLICING US CITIZENS.Active Duty Military should not be used/mobilized against US citizens.
You got people still stuck in the 1800’s realizing what happened to George Floyd is an injustice. at 4:30 PM PST. First stream as an affiliate, let’s GOOOOO. Come say hi, ask me questions, or roast my te…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMPeople cried when Kaepernick kneeled and were so upset they stopped watching football all together lmaoI think he’d like to be alive mother fucker
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMhello, I am very firmly against using active duty soldiers inside our borders for police actions for lots of differ…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMBecause kneeling still enraged y’all @EmmaLangevinXO God that’s just so hot how did you resistI’m crying* because it’s so funnySomeone called the National Guardsmen who are like 18 and tiny child soldiers and I’m crying @PussyReturns They deleted my black lives matter comment omg @PussyReturns MARISA NO @MotherOfDoggons
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @PussyReturns @EmmaLangevinXO <\3 so sad
Yw @xo_tbb Military also fought for her freedom of speech 🥴 so she’s fineCome shoot the shit!// BLM live at
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMI see my best friend in 5 days and it’s like a breath of fresh air. I miss her so much. @ritchydoesit How can you be a furry and a woman? Like pick a struggle @kenklippenstein It’s really hard to argue he didn’t intentionally kill George when he was saying I can’t breathe,… Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder, Hennepin Coun…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @itsleviOsa934 Gods not real but your local racist is, Stacy. Like shut upPeople: looting, rioting, and burning the city down isn’t the answer. It needs to stop Protesters: give us justice…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMIf you follow me for those things, I’m sorry. But right now it’s important to acknowledge and talk about what’s happening in the world.I don’t even wanna shit post or post funny memes right now.That has to violate idk. Many liberties??? Many rights???MN State Police arrested a black male reporter who was LIVE reporting for CNN, after politely asking where to go so… CNN crew was arrested while giving a live television report in Minneapolis, where the crew was covering ongoing p…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMGod gives each one of us gifts to bring us joy. I believe mine is auto tune.
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMQuick someone make me a mom @EmmaLangevinXO I too am the best sign that astrology has to offer and I could feel it in my bones lmao @EmmaLangevinXO Are you a Leo
Me: calling women bitches is inappropriate and unacceptable Tomi lahren: black people looting is the REAL problem…
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOM @gtusmc05_day @erika_ronin @dani_g_3❤️ I have the cutest cheeks ❤️
Retweeted by MOTHER DOOMYou could say Erika and I are gamers