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Era defining. #ThrowbackThursday
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁 @alcarazcarlos03 We're glad #MotoGP is helping you through quarantine too! 😎👊 Good luck at #AO2021! 🎾The learning curve begins for @TonyArbolino! 📈 #Moto2 is a completely different beast to the #Moto3 class he's use… Clips 🎥 Disaster struck for @alexmarquez73 at the #AlcanizGP in FP1! 😲 The rookie topped the morning practic… good is it to see @marcmarquez93 back training again! 💪 #MotoGP | 📰🎶 Everyone needs its favourite genre of music! 😌 😍 We like this one for our winter hit parade. Although we much pr…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Happy #InternationalHuggingDay! 👐 We can't wait until the day we can hug each other once again! 🤗 #MotoGP @marcmarquez93's return date still uncertain, thoughts turn to who might step in for him! 🤔 #MotoGP | 📰 time goes by so slowly... And time can do so much... This offseason period drives us crazy 🤯 Luckily we have…
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Just a classic #WheelieWednesday today.
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Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Coming in hot with this week’s #WheelieWednesday💥😎 @MotoGP @Rins42 #SUZUKing
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁On a scale from 1 to 10: How much do you miss @motogp and why 10? 🤪 En una escala del 1 al 10: Cuánto echas de meno…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁2020 Best clips 🎥 From pole position to Lap 1 heartbreak! 💥 This was the moment @takanakagami30's hopes of a maid… target is clear... 👊 @aroncanet44 is chasing the top step of the podium in 2021! 🏆 #Moto2 | 📰 – 3rd 25/10 #2020ReviewByM1R I knew I needed a podium to keep the championship lead, so I was happy to…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁BREAKING: Ducati become the latest factory to commit to #MotoGP until 2026! 🤝 The reigning Constructors Champions… Jerez🌧 Action starts in a few minutes! Don't miss all the action from the first test of 2021 with the live…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Stoppie ✋🏻 #Tech3 #KTM #Racing #MotoGP @MotoGP #IL27
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁A seriously cool wheelie from @FrankyMorbido12! 😎 Happy #WheelieWednesday from #MotoGP's runner-up! 🙌
Sabatucci leads Viñales Racing Team’s 2021 line-up as Berta Viñales makes debut in #WorldSSP300 📃 | #WorldSBK
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Chapter 10 - Hometown Glory 🏆 Relive this absolute nail-biter as @Rins42 and @alexmarquez73 went head-to-head for… 👋🏻 to @88jorgemartin !!! #PramacRacing #JM89 #ForzaDucati
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁#ThatLook when you get caught stealing snacks from the fridge 👀🥄 @MotoGP #SUZUKing @Rins42 #funnymoments
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Repost x @Luca_Marini_97 🔥 𝗬𝗼𝘂 𝗰𝗮𝗻’𝘁 𝗻𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗽 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝗽𝗶𝗿𝗶𝘁. ✌ Stunning shots from MX Luca’s training thr…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁"I’m ready for the challenge of #MotoGP!" 💪 @88jorgemartin is relishing the challenge of his debut premier class s… day🥶
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Save the all-important dates as we look ahead to the #QatarTest! 🇶🇦 Losail is set for a feast of #MotoGP action in… 🎙️ Were you happy after winning the #GSeries❄️? - 🙄 You tell me... - 🎙️ Te hizo ilusión ganar una carrera en l…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁There's a new face in full-factory blue! 😎 @FabioQ20 is settling into life at @YamahaMotoGP with a tour of his new… can barely contain his excitement! 🙌 It’s safe to say @polespargaro has been looking forward to his @HRC_MotoGP 🤤 #KTM #Tech3 #Moto3 #DO53 #MotoGP @MotoGP
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Getting to grips with his new practice bike! ✊ @88jorgemartin will be spinning a few more laps in Almeria today! S… ❄️ #snow #LeopardRacing #DennisFoggia #DF7 #moto3 #motori #training #Motomondiale
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UPDATED: Take a look at the revised 2021 #HondaBritishTalentCup calendar 📅👇 #RoadToMotoGP 🏁
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁We tested our guys to find out how many posters they could sign! They showed pretty good speed! 😝 @motogp #SUZUKing
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Battle of the Alex's at Aragon, while Joan jumped to the top of the standings! 👊 Enjoy all that and more in the to… – 3rd 18/10 #2020ReviewByM1R All the effort paid off and I was leading the championship with four races…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁💤 So wake me up when the break is over! 👀 Spying @Marco12_B from the backstage. #SkyRacingTeamVR46 #Moto2 @MotoGP
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Who will be the surprise package this season? @MotoGP
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁MotoGP is saddened to learn of the passing of Jan de Vries, the first Dutchman to win a motorcycle world title We…😄❄️🚴🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁We have a VIP guest today! 🤩 @FabioQ20 visits the Yamaha Motor Racing headquarters for the first time 🏢…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Update to the 2021 #HondaBritishTalentCup calendar 📅 Full details here ⬇️ #RoadToMotoGP 🏁
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Good fun before the ⛈ thanks again for having us North Brisbane Cup! 🤟
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Fingernails... gone! 😬 Nerves... shredded! 💢 Tensions... maxed out! 📈 Check out the thrilling final lap from Moto… countdown is well and truly on! 🙌 @stefanbradl will be the first rider in 2021 to ride #MotoGP machinery this… time for #BlueMonday today, as we’ve got our kind of #MondayMotivation for you! 😍✊🏻 #KTM #Tech3 #Moto3 #AS71
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁🤩 Do you recognise this guy? It's @TitoRabat with his new leathers! Barni Racing rider was training before test…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁It's #BlueMonday today... but don't worry @Petrux9! 💪 You're a week closer to riding your #MotoGP bike again! 🙌 26th Birthday to @jackmilleraus! 🎂 Have a great day Jack! 🥳 #MotoGP
It's not just the riders but the teams and families live very second of a #MotoGP race! ✊ WATCH: the tension of… 😎
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Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁2020 Best clips 🎥 Trading 250bhp for moped power! 🛵 @Rins42 gets a helping push from #Moto3 rider @FilipSalac12!…
¡El inicio de una nueva era para mi! De vuelta al asfalto después de 2 meses y con sensaciones muy buenas, con much…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁2020 Best clips 🎥 A lucky escape for @FabioQ20! 💥 The crash could have been so much worse but thankfully the Fre…
Chapter 9: Dancing in the Rain ☔️ It was the first wet #MotoGP race for two years, while others faltered @Petrux9 making of MotoGP machines! 😲 Find out how these Grand Prix prototypes are put together with @MissionWinnow! 👀…🙌 @ducaticorse have high hopes for their all-new 2021 line-up! #MotoGP | 📰 new era begins without Davide Brivio, but @suzukimotogp are confident of continuing the momentum! 💪 #MotoGP | 📰 @kmbenavides for your first @dakar victory! 🏆 An incredible sporting challenge and a magnificent a… rider will be the first brand new winner of the 2021 #MotoGP season? 🏆 Cast your vote now! 👇
Positive news from @HRC_MotoGP as @marcmarquez93's recovery continues! 💪 #MotoGP | 📰 out the updated schedule for the #QatarTest, including two additional days and a Shakedown test! ⏱️ Full det… weather, a seventh different winner and a charge through the field that no one saw coming! 👊 Enjoy the top… 2021 Honda British Talent Cup calendar updated 🗓️ #RoadToMotoGP 🏁 | 📰
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁The final race of the season, the World Cup was @jorditorres81 ' to lose! 👀 All he had to do was stay out of troub… compleanno, Pecco! 🎂 Join us in wishing a happy birthday to @PeccoBagnaia, who turns 2️⃣4️⃣ today! 🥳…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁#tbt It's almost Team Launch season...
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Save the date 🗓 👀 #MonsterYamaha | #MotoGP | @MonsterEnergy | @MotoGP
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁It was a gripping last lap at Le Mans with two unexpected names fighting for victory! 🙌 Watch the tense conclusion… Brivio's departure from @suzukimotogp surprised everyone! 😱 @Rins42 reveals how he reacted to the news! 💬… Auguri @PeccoBagnaia! 🥳 Join us in wishing Pecco a Happy Birthday! 🙌 #MotoGP
Two stunning performances from two incredible rookies! 🤩 A look at how @alexmarquez73 and @marcmarquez93 took thei… #MotoE World Cup got turned on its head at Le Mans! 🤯 Relive all the Race 1 drama as @jorditorres81 picked up… commit to #MotoGP until 2026! 🤝 The Austrian manufacturer looking to build on their best premier class season… available on Xbox Game Pass! 🎮 Race with your favourite riders on #MotoGP20 right now! 😎 #MotoGP | 📰 Ranger style wheelie from @JoanMirOfficial 😎 #SUZUKing #WheelieWednesday
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁2020 Best clips 🎥 Late disaster for @Rins42 while chasing the lead! 💥 The Spaniard crashed out of the race and pi… new team-mate combination are you most looking forward to seeing in 2021? 🙌 #MotoGP | 📰've had some super close finishes 🤤 What will 2021 bring? ⚔️ #RoadToMotoGP 🏁
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Top 10… Winners in WorldSBK and @MotoGP : Part 1 A select group of riders have managed to take victory in both maj…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Happy #WheelieWednesday from... can you guess where it was? #MotoGP #AsparTeam #AA75 #Moto3 #SuperArenas 🦸‍♂️…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Celebrating #WheelieWednesday in style... 🙌 By enjoying the best wheelies from the 2020 season! 🤩 #MotoGP
Gracias a todos por dedicar unos minutos a felicitarme, un fuerte abrazo!!! Thanks to everyone who spend the time t…
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Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁#throwback One of the best moment of my life 🥇🇪🇸
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, February's #SepangTest and Shakedown Test have been cancelled 🇲🇾 Full detail…🔄 @Max_Racing_Team bring in Adrian Fernandez for 2021 #Moto3 season! #MotoGP | 📰 Best clips 🎥 A super save by @Hafizh_pescao55! 😱 The Malaysian produced one of the best saves of the season!… hopes for @Petrux9 as he begins life with @Tech3Racing! 😎 #MotoGP | 📰 26th birthday, @mvkoficial12 🎉 These are strange times (still), but we hope you will have a wonderful day re…
Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Feliz cumpleaños Top Gun! 🎉 Join us in wishing #EmiliaRomagna winner @mvkoficial12 a Happy Birthday! 😎 #MotoGP
Chapter 08: Sophomores Stake Their Claim 💪 A dazzling performance from the the second year sensations @FabioQ20 an… took @ValeYellow46 and @Luca_Marini_97 just 10 days to stand on a podium in 2021! 🏆 Third place in the…, who has a snow plow? ❄️
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Retweeted by MotoGP™🏁Early misfortune for Dovi, disaster for The Doctor and a Fabio fightback! 🙌 Here are the top five moments from a… aburrimiento... 😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ #minionisback
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