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The EMPHASIS on certain WORDS really weird ME out isn’t full with blm anymore but i’m gonna put this here
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue Doggo @Ehhnarwhal @KharloKong Oh my god with the name in full display @TopPrivilege I was going to say in the obituary section of the newspapers but it works too @TopPrivilege He peed on children's bikes and someone commented "lucky kid" 🙃🙃🙃🙃I hope a cleaner punches you in the face xx
Welp. @takahiro_si @VaanXdragon I love him @BrixPup @pupatlas Great things 👀Long lost brother😂😂😂😂 @steam_hunk I think it was very good, just not as good as the 2 others @pup_zan 👀The @nytimes didn’t have to snap so hard #TrumpTaxes
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue Doggo @PupLynx Ah yes, death by Onlyfans @kalpig Me with Pups when I don't recognize them ☠️ @RubberShadow @Touch_of_stone I'm into thisI think British people have trouble understanding that in a train, even if you're not in the quiet zone, you should… year since drag race uk dropped the most iconic promo
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue Doggo @rubberweeb Not at 9amLady Gaga - 911 (feat. Brenda from Bristol)
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue Doggo @ItsRobWilde @more_milf HAHAIf you assemble furniture and bang on stuff before 9am you deserve to die xx
The all/blue lives matter gang sure is quiet now that it's public knowledge that the cop who died was an immigrant. @sexwithtopher @DolfDietrich Can't wait! @DolfDietrich @1VCR0 @sexwithtopher Lmao 😂 @RafLee84 I'm so excited @SpacePupSilver No celeri ?
@BootblackTouko My inner voice @mikebrolf @pup_zan The camo chaps ✨✨✨✨ @helloiamtopher @AAAAAAGGHHHH @ConkNBonk "haha you guys don't do any work" Me : @helloiamtopher Death dropI still love coming across a profile name, thinking "uh, it rings a bell but I just can't remember this person", an… time I swallowed Last time I swallowed @pup_axel81 Do eet @CaptainFelch @littlestotterx @Icarus_pupp I want to jiggle it 💙 @heybendover2 @PupBuday 🤔I would like @PupBuday to teach me French please. 🥺 @PupWilde @JouniLepisto I love it so much 😭😭 @puppy_apollo @JouniLepisto DOG @shitthepupsays *chomps* @DomTopLad woof woof on this picture :) you so much @JouniLepisto 😭 I'm absolutely obsessed with this 🐶 @StrangeSimone @ErvanRenault! @DomTopLad @PupGoose Hardon @DomTopLad A human rightCan we just stop pretending the whole curfew thing is useful? I'm no covidiot but whether the bars are full at 6pm…
@Daddy_Kite @beefyotter I'm into this. A lot. @RockMSakura Thank you! The seats do look closer on the pictures than they actually were in the roomI love my meet and greet photo with @RockMSakura xx @RockMSakura You were amazing, I love you 💙💙💙 @KimChi_Chic Play FFXIV it's amazing!Babes @johnthomasxxx @ItsRobWilde @Emboar_ you @jimbodragclown, @RockMSakura and @ErikaKlash for an amazing show 💙💙💙 @ItsRobWilde @jimbodragclown @RockMSakura @ErikaKlash IT'S MY SPECIAL SUNDAEOh wow! Thanks @jimbodragclown @RockMSakura @ErikaKlash for a great night, from me and @MotoThePup x
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue Doggo#NouvellePhotoDeProfil @helloiamtopher @thetwerkinggirl I do 💙 @helloiamtopher @thetwerkinggirl I lost count @Polar13633663 @puppy_kix @Pupspace_Grokio Size 14 😘
#NouvellePhotoDeProfil @shitthepupsays Oh my god I love this @KharloKong Especially during those days, wasn't life expectancy around 50 years or something? Jesus was basically a DaddyHoly shit, you better read this, you seeing this tweet. I'm fuming. so so SO excited to see @jimbodragclown, @RockMSakura and @ErikaKlash tomorrow!! All lives matter twitter this yall perfect time to step up
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue DoggoAnd I oop 😏 Thank you @BoyzMagazine!, hey mom I joined a cult by @Pupspace_Grokio is coming in early October, do you want to miss it? You don't. Don't argue with me,… all about it in my upcoming podcast with @helloiamtopher, "Woofy and Poofy"I really need to stop letting absolute wankers with no knowledge and wonky opinions trigger me. I'm a positive person now.I'm just squatting here being a family friendly fashion and lifestyle blogger with an ass that won't quit 🙌✨
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Look it’s the old team back together again at @ClonezoneSOHO it’s like old times again😂
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue Doggo @forfunbangkok @PETSUITFORFUN That shot is stunning,Shiny Anubis ✨
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue DoggoHello, @jk_rowling tweeted out this yesterday. The shop she is promoting has an entire "Gender Critical" section th…
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue DoggoThis is quickly becoming my only kind of pup mask. Woof. Woof."How are you?" "Surviving" @yoursporkly @puppysmudge88 It's fine. Also I think the charm in those people is that they don't overdramatize thi… @yoursporkly @puppysmudge88 You can, that's just not a himbo. Also there are not supposed to be completely stupid.… @yoursporkly @puppysmudge88 That's not exactly it, the keywords are muscular, dumb, kind and harmless. It's basical…
@yoursporkly The last 30 minutes make me cry ENDLESSLY. I really don't think it's underratedHoly shit @JunoBirch's new video is amazing, I cried laughing 😂 follow @ thetophertaylor on instagram!!! @helloiamtopher @PupFluxx @ClonezoneUK @ClonezoneSOHO A lot if they're actually not clueless about good sex. @helloiamtopher The "we are, it's so hot" for the closest planet to the Sun made me laugh so hard
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue DoggoOmg @helloiamtopher @Roccohardxxx @ClonezoneUK @ClonezoneSOHO They're all bottoms, new policy? @ClonezoneUK @ClonezoneSOHO
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue DoggoAh yes, the overwhelming feeling of being absolutely crushed by everything that's happening. I missed it.New measures 👇
Retweeted by Moto the FFXVI Blue Doggo @kindredbrave Queen @Alphabune @pupinbold Rude @flavabottom2 Pull yourself together. xx