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I'm leaving you all of my car parts (he/him)

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@MylesBorins I can only speak on the uk situation I'm afraid, I completely get looking for any source of more capac… @angryaboutbikes better call the cops @MylesBorins @EmilyGorcenski oh no offence taken it's okay :) @MylesBorins @EmilyGorcenski we've also turned down participation in an EU supply scheme @MylesBorins @EmilyGorcenski does dyson have any background in medical devices? @MylesBorins @EmilyGorcenski ok but we have actual medical manufacturers who've been turned down while we're throwi…
the fact one cannot buy a nintendo switch anywhere right now, is russia, to me @AaronM lmaoplease buy my bookthinking about filling my time during lockdown by becoming one of those resistance grifters that thinks absolutely… @caffeinedOtter getting therehow's 🅱️🅾️rissomeone make this joke work I can't be botheredthinking about getting a nintendo switch case but I'm worried the console would fall through @judeinlondon2 oxford is full of people that think they're lefty/liberal but are really tories and they're only cap… when that cow was bigwhich orgs are doing covid-19-related work? it's pay day next week and I'm making a list for donations @welprich yeah the rose garden presentation where she held up a flowchart. just, astonishing @welprich last week she got up and said "don't worry, we've got the same people that handled the AIDS crisis on thi…"electricity biscuit thesis"
an example of ambiguous short object IDs: now cannot be reproduced with the ID set that's now in the repo at that point in the historyI'm now updating every single example in the book that contains anything derived from the repository because all th… next edition of "building git" contains a bug fix to the first commit in the repository, this was... a mistake @flangy I finally thought I had this straight but nope, gonna keep using rsync for everything @jennschiffer now feeling extremely called out for having such a page on my web site @flangy lol what @penelope_zone 🐴 @Dan2552 which client libraries do this? @ComicPrintingUK honkif I were president I would simply make the good outcomes happen, whatever those are @welprich genius move on their part setting the competence bar so low that anyone that can read will now be lauded as our saviourstanding on your doorstep clapping while going "let's make the charity sector pay for the NHS", real brain genius hoursoh lord, won't you find me, a nintendo switch @cigardubey they could inject a path traversal, or extra path segments, or invalid characters, all of which cause unexpected behaviour @cigardubey if you construct URLs like "/things/#{params[:id]}", that lets the user manipulate the URLI've muted the DM thread that wasn't working and I'm still getting notificationsit's updating again but it's dropped a ton of messages, good web sitecool, twitter has stopped showing me messages being posted to DM threads I'm in I just get a preview in the messag… @CitizenMeh "complex, fast-changing" possibly unnecessary here, would remove -- edsorry I was busy trying to find any of the stock of nintendo switch that apparently materialised fleetingly 20 minutes ago, what happenedboris get in the robot @DawnHFoster hahahahahahaabsolutely grim that one needs to Be Employed both to afford to live and to perform Being a Normal Person for various secondary reasonson my last job search I found it really hard to find employers I didn't have enormous ethical problems with and thi… is working with palantir?! what on earth is wrong with us @jesslynnrose steak @angryaboutbikes what @BrianTRice I once wrote a templating library that did this for ruby, that dealt with things like "how do you encod… time, for fun, I wrote a jekyll plugin that lets you embed things from git repos into pages, and I did it witho… you read the quoting semantics of both these languages? it is categorically impossible to embed one in the other safelythe field that gave rise to embedding bash in yamlevery time I think about trying to fix web development I'm overwhelmed by just how dangerous almost all of it is, b… can you export the route helpers from an app as a library, and use them in another app? can you do this a… this isn't dangerous *if* you always use route helper functions to generate URLs it *is* dangerous if you cons… @penelope_zone m8 isn't it like 9pm where you are @penelope_zone hahahahafolks: strings, are badin this case, turns out you can no longer backtick-quote a pipe (`|`) in a table and have it render as such; the pi… found a project of mine whose readme at some point stopped rendering correctly b/c, one assumes, github changed its markdown parser @penelope_zone I mean I genuinely don't know how you'd build this without making everything a CST transform severa… @penelope_zone I'm so proud I could cry @shauna_gm use libraries to manipulate the actual data structures you're using, e.g. pathnames, HTML, shell commands, etc.corollary: the rails approach to URL routing, which encourages dynamic data elements to be part of URL paths, which… @The6P4C exactly, all injection attacks come from random manipulation of strings that represent instructions of some kindone example: our programs are absolutely riddled with manual construction of URLs as we call services and APIs, and… time I see string interpolation in a program it's almost always a vector for a security flaw and should be re… string manipulation in programs does not concern free text, it concerns structured data, and concatenation mea… concatenation should be regarded as being just as dangerous as C-style memory management @beka_valentine @aurynn any and all forms of implicit string concatenation are an absolute disaster anywhere they're found @welprich he's reassuring is what he is
@SzMarsupial @eff_hey sure but it is also a wilful rejection of the fact that voting has consequences and is instea… @eff_hey @SzMarsupial playing all my 7" singles slightly too slowly, to pay my respects @SzMarsupial @eff_hey also the inverse of this c.f. blue no matter who @eff_hey @SzMarsupial editing every lyrics page for "brimful of asha", requesting the wayback machine purge all historical caches, @eff_hey @SzMarsupial hey, listen, get this: defrost:nixon @eff_hey @SzMarsupial actually no wait this is children reenacting bits from sorkin and then that getting written u… @eff_hey @SzMarsupial no. absolutely not. this is "children doing the pledge of allegiance at the ends of their suburban driveways" to me @SzMarsupial @eff_hey methinks I am not in for anything of the sort @eff_hey I'm unfamiliar with the microwave thing? @eff_hey I still occasionally see people waving that "45 that's been stylised to resemble a swastika" icon around a… @ComicPrintingUK venezuelan flag innit @justkelly_ok so these days I gravitate to things with no time pressure or physical skill requirements. that said I… @justkelly_ok yeah I went through the experience of my mates thrashing me at goldeneye b/c I never got the practice… @justkelly_ok but then I'm like "well kids can do it it can't be that hard" and that doesn't help for some reason? @justkelly_ok this is a big element of why I've been hesitant to get back into games since having a game boy as a k… @flangy got a busted respirator at my house, my housethe channel/slack-selector sidebar on the left is now much wider, leaving the main channel incredibly narrow if you… @milesparker I've told them repeatedly about the lack of keyboard nav and they wilfully misinterpret what I'm sayingelite-level artisanal clown-shoes UI hereoh, and it's only changed the UI of one of my slacks, so switching between slacks changes the UI of the sidebar for… it adds a whole load of new things you cannot keyboard-navigate to, absolutely standing-ovation-worthy exactly what I didn't wantlove too have slack completely crash because it wants restarting in order to completely change the UI @davideastUK is exactly what it would have been like if labour had won | me | exclusive to all papers
@welprich you're giving them too much credit @welprich the ridiculous thing is I would qualify for this because of sheer dumb timing of having had an extremely… @ComicPrintingUK that sounds like it would be bad, at floating, things of that nature @ComicPrintingUK it's true, to offset my tax liability, I have to buy a limo for every 10 books I shift @ComicPrintingUK I love, "having to buy vehicles"why would couchdb, which I've not recently actively used, be hosing all of my CPU cores