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stylized butter tarts @lorenschmidt Has a bit of a columbarium feeling to me. Maybe they're like clay jars with remains or belongings in… @Gabarnak also has some great pixel art, I found these designs incomprehensible on a crt but compelling all the same @Gabarnak Wait hold up, I was actually thinking of Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen, which I still have on disc in a drawer. @Gabarnak No idea. But it's a game I think about strangely often for how brief of an experience I had actually playing it.Becoming really clear from lower back and nerve pain problems that to survive...for the sake of my health and wellb… @michelmcbride I mean, twin peaks in a submarine is a compelling conceptFor a brief period low-power lamps made specifically for putting on top of TV sets to reduce eye strain were made w… at this shit
Retweeted by G_Please.WAD @ellaguro Oh this looks wild.Me, slamming my fist on the table and shouting like a greedy medieval baron: "SMALLER!"
When you're going to prom but you have a sword fight later @nickfourtimes @patrickashe well what ELSE is in the props department @JDespland @RavenWorks Could you go the other way and have a skinned model but render it as voxels? @ciscofur Hm, it usually is, but not necessarily? @vectorpoem yeah this seems descriptive enough. @lorenschmidt This is fantastic.Hello. I'm looking for a fulltime gameplay programming or designer position. Skills include system design, C#, and…
Retweeted by G_Please.WAD @drowZebra Its kind of appealing from a design standpoint too, like if you want to make modular characters with swappable parts. @RavenWorks Yeah I guess they just called it...3D characters. @_KPDwyer Oh we could call it "Wooden Doll" animation.You know how in some older 3D games character models would be made of a bunch of intersecting parts, like a poseabl…
RT if you're a nightmare sphere from the fifth realm
Retweeted by G_Please.WAD @fromsmiling Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this 𝖘 𝖕 𝖍 𝖊 𝖗 𝖊 this is popular enough for it so my plug is thus: dig into strange art you don’t know what to make of, don’t let… could not stop thinking about this tweet so I made a hurdy-gurdy generator for Cat's birthday (Sound on obvs!)…
Retweeted by G_Please.WADso you've never known what its like to be a cube and feel the heft of the gravity perfectly spread over your upmost… @sintecta become an anchorite in a chamber of lead.🌘Here is a peek at something small and strange I've been working on recently🌘 ||#screenshotsaturday #madewithunity
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@ellaguro Same developer / publisher but not the credited artist! @ellaguro I love these backgrounds, the art has a real similarity to Gobliiins.
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@robomachin @_Yadoob goblins sleeping......but soon........
@polclarissou Wow yeah you used to be able to walk right down there. @lorenschmidt @mcclure111 Wow yeah, dungeon crawler where the track is being laid in front of the train is a fun id… @tenderfoot_tact @MonsieurEureka Zoom in really close on any character: they are made of particles. Those particles? Also flowers. @sintecta >eat mushroom >become mushroom @HopeErin Still want to make a game where you can pick many mushrooms but they aren’t identified by name in the gam… make the doors of buildings that size to stop cars from getting insideMake games as if they were mods for an already mostly irrelevant game imo @tobyalden I think a lot of people dismiss communities like that as being insular, but in a lot of ways I think its… @tobyalden I also think its fine for this stuff to just exist in its own isolated burrows...just yeah, I just wish… @tobyalden I really got into games through modding but I have kind of an ambivalent view of how it works...sort of…
@tobyalden I dunno my dream is that in the future there'll be ways to make games for reasons of participating in a… @tobyalden Its often weird to me that most of my introduction to games was through the pre-Indie Game 'freeware gam… @BrianLeeWow 'Brave, are you? Thought you'd make an attempt on the corn, did you? Fool.' @mailsprower1 The elite few who can handle it.
pinterest going "did you try this idea? tell us how it went:" and like...its a picture of a weird looking dog so no, I didnt try it.LIZARD QUEST 🦎🐦🦂 a 5-minute lighthearted game about helping a community of lizards and friends with simple tasks…
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Retweeted by G_Please.WAD @TylerRhodesArt I like the one that looks like a vending machine but instead of snacks its full of documents and old letters @ptychomancer Yeah! Thats the spirit!Putting this energy out into the universe.All I want is for the 12 people who play my game when it comes out to have a good time. @roboticgeo honoured to hear thisleonard egg @TylerRhodesArt The ones with drapery are upsetting to me.
You go out in the hall because you can hear a phone ringing somewhere but this is what you see. called him crazy frog, but in truth no frog is sane
#turnbased #strategy #rpg #gamedev #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by G_Please.WADI like the old visual trope in movies of computer monitors projecting characters across the faces users. No compute… @lorenschmidt Always like transitional mixes like in the original star trek for example...some really seamless tech… @lorenschmidt Star Wars is an interesting example because it was a space fantasy world and definitely needed to see… @lorenschmidt Yeah! We've been in the legacy of blue-tint translucent hologram displays for a while...Minority Repo… @lorenschmidt anyway I like the little squares in the corners of the panels there because they look like indicators… @lorenschmidt I'm always really fascinated by the forces that make this stuff like...emerge from the cultural subst… @nickfourtimes there he isbecome sphere, bird filling time, basically
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@folmerkelly If he could carry them he absolutely would, in the mean time he’s just collecting pencils @alexbull Yes!Anyway sometimes he leans up against something and balances on his one hind leg and it reminds me of baba yaga’s hut. That’s all.He lost a leg to an injury just before we adopted him, and the first time we met him he was really traumatised and… leonard a sword love my cat @darionmccoy With side eyes like birds I like the visual of having to turn your head 90 degrees to have to look som… @polclarissou Uh wait @hit2key If you werent sure Off-Peak is pwyw and a pretty good measure of the tone etc!Tales from Off-Peak City just came out on Steam and is on sale and I just want to remind everyone that it has a rem… like newts etc. and I like looking at their gnarly little handsHi, pals! 👋 in case you missed it Winding Worlds launched today and we’re over the moon 🌙 our trailer was inexplica…
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Supportive KO_OP appreciation thread!🎉We are beyond excited to announce that Winding Worlds is now available exclusively on Apple Arcade! 🎉 💫Solve prob…
Retweeted by G_Please.WAD @sonofbadru just strapping on another bandolier of cool goblin rounds like theres not gonna be a tomorrowa thread on polish, why i end up crying all the time when i try to think about this reasonably, and what kindness m…
Retweeted by G_Please.WAD @lorenschmidt This is a good thread and it kind of gets at a nagging ambivalence I’ve been feeling towards my own work.
@torahhorse ‘kitchen island’ culture @polclarissou Big Stair for Big Times @polclarissou bigger stairs, for even bigger sittingrt if you think it’s ok for men to cry at the sublime wonder of rain without having to blame it on a chiral allergy @ian_henderson06 The worldspace gradient is just a gradient on the y axis that overlays colours on the material so… @ian_henderson06 Thanks! The re-colouring is really just a lerp between two colours based on the value of the textu… art by Mœbius for the ALICE mini-computer, 1983.
Retweeted by G_Please.WADLyle in Cube Sector (Windows, Nic DeStefano/Bogosoft, 2006) Metroidvania in which all obtai…
Retweeted by G_Please.WAD @RavenWorks I haven't thought about it for ages, but what a neat game. And yes! There's joy in having a project th… a lizard boy
Retweeted by G_Please.WADI have no idea why @sainsburys has a public photo archive of all its stores, or how I found it, but its seriously s…
Retweeted by G_Please.WAD @zusty The other one is sort of (big smile, hands up) “jazz!” but this one is a little more (coy lopsided smile, lo…