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I got my moustache at a charity shop, it used to belong to an old gent with a very shit moustache, now it's mine. It has the ability to ejaculate when stressed.

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@PC10Stuff @SamMcGuire90 Is this a parody account? He lost the fuckin ball! @touchlinefracas No because once again this proves the gap is between Liverpool and the rest, nothing to do with th… @talkSPORT @prendergel @Sjopinion10 Spot fucking on, couldn't agree more. Filthy cheats. #Cityalwaysthevictims @SteGriff1967 22 points, the exact number of points we are clear? That's convenient for ya! @RubberToe1985 @jamiemaragakis Yep, not enough space to write about this team mate! No sign of it stopping either.… @goal He wasn't "In the Champions League" for long after that. @jamiemaragakis European and world champs, 26 wins in 27 games, same pts as Utds treble team already, same wins as… @Corballyred I think that's Minaminos eventual place in the squad.. @goal Silva, Sterling already flirting with Barca and Real since City were found to be cheats. And why wouldn't the… @GraemeKelly1 Think that oversimplifies it, we have played bad and won with Hendo in the team too and nobody says anything. @Fabinhoszn1 @LFCDaytrippers @SamMcGuire90 Mo and Mane have proven themselves, Naby hasn't. Both scored in the end… @FutbolBible We all do that tbf, they are terrible at footie so there is always something better on. @Nathazette Haha okay pet, have you made me that fucking sandwich yet? @ed_son TBF he works in the media so he's going to meet all of them isn't he, they hadn't been convicted of anythin… @Fabinhoszn1 @LFCDaytrippers @SamMcGuire90 It wasn't strange, if we all seen it and then JK hooks him so early havi… @gagoricacid @premierleague Great team but won 26 and drew 12 that yr, LFC have won 26 and drawn 1 after 27 games.… @IanDoyleSport Ali 7 TAA 9 VVD 6 Gomez 5 Robbo 7 Fab 6 Gini 6 Naby 5 Mo 6 Bobby 5 Mane 6 Ox 8 Matip 5 (despite onl…
@musajidda @premierleague Nah, he would agree. We would be this far clear of any league. We will beat Leti, we play… @premierleague Simply one of the best ever teams, forget PL, ever, anywhere. Never done anywhere in Europe before a… @hitmanharj @GrizzKhan Un @GrizzKhan Ugh FFS, you just know it's bloody Cantwell out of those 2. @Fabinhoszn1 @LFCDaytrippers @SamMcGuire90 I have no expectations of him anymore so warped expectations is not the… @HenryJackson87 It will be like that now until the end itl barring a couple of games, there is a mix of knowing the… @Fabinhoszn1 @LFCDaytrippers @SamMcGuire90 Klopp clearly fucking agreed lad which is why he was hooked after an hou… @TheRedmenTV Trent, comfortably so on a below par night. Ox done well when he came on too but 2 assists for Trent gets it. @Shreshth0730 @TheRedmenTV @MoSalah @Carra23 Nah I don't think he can be valued at the same fee as Coutinho and sim… @TheRedmenTV @MoSalah @Carra23 Way off with his figures anyway, not one sane fan would accept 130 million. It would… @carolecadwalla @matthaig1 @ITV What about this bully? She's played a big part in the bullying that led to the trag… @MorganKSaint @piersmorgan @ITV She has blood on her hands, not Piers. @mancitynews9 @LFC YOUR club has been kicked out of European football and is being investigated by the PL for cheat… @Knoxy2000_ @_Ifcjay That wouldn't be a good window lad. A RW is more important then a left one with Shaq leaving.… @piersmorgan I told a "woman" that if she cared about bullying she would be as disgusted with Jameela when it came… @TheAnfieldWrap Also us: " Ahh we defo didn't say that lad, only a fool would claim he's the best midfielder in the league. @FoxResurrected A hate crime? Haha Jesus Christ, I have heard it all now. Ok we will leave it there so. @FoxResurrected No, it proves I am right. And you can report me, you only report male bullies right? You support fe… @FoxResurrected @RMufc1 @FirehorseP @piersmorgan Seek medical help. That guy who done those bad things to to you, a… @RMufc1 @FoxResurrected @FirehorseP @piersmorgan It's all bollocks, the majority of women up in arms over this, Jam… @MikeMinay It's not abut isolated signings, it's about having 600 mill NET in a few years due to MULTIPLE expensive… @FoxResurrected @FirehorseP @RMufc1 @piersmorgan Your agenda is tragic, Jameela has blood on her hands and so do yo… @FoxResurrected @FirehorseP @RMufc1 @piersmorgan Haha fucking hell, I can't believe what I just read. Caroline Flac… @TheRedmenTV Mane 0 Mane 3-0 @FirehorseP @RMufc1 @piersmorgan But Jameela LITERALLY done that. Caroline, the woman you care so much about, state… @NDK8A I think it's the trajectory people notice, less in season 2 then in season 1 and he will do very well to not… @piersmorgan I have no idea how you put up with people like this, I'm getting mad just looking at some of these tweets, Deary fucking me. @NotTimorous @carolecadwalla @ITV @talkRADIO @AyoCaesar @jameelajamil Are you not going to say anything about the f…
@Wmtz07 @Liddellpool Yeah exactly, dunno why people are freaking out. This for me basically means that all the top… @DaveOCKOP @MelissaReddy_ Great stuff, willing to pay 50m for a player NOT considered a game changer and still will… @Liddellpool The "not going mad" line was not used in the context of we won't be spending, rather we won't sign any… @DrippyMartial Hahaha YESSSSSS, another person I know SOOOO much more about footie then. You love to see it. "He co… @AnfieldEffect @phil73543897 Not better atm but he is certainly ahead of where Mo was at 19 so ya never know man, b… @TheRedmenTV @AdamMNVi Ali TAA Gomez VVD Robbo Fab Naby Mane Mina Mo Bobby. 4231. @MelissaReddy_ Haha Ole just can't help but say the wrong thing. Man has a couple of good cameos vs dirt and he's l… @goal Haha these ex players of ours don't have make us look stupid some times, we are the best itw, it's not someth… @30YearsRed @Lerreno We are only lacking a world class midfielder so has to be Stevie, we have world class players… @goal The next Penalty taken where City are concerned is the stripping off their tainted titles and a point reducti…
@IanDoyleSport Ian just had sex. @FalseFMatt It's done imo, no way RBL would be okay with him speaking so much about a specific team unless it was pretty much done. @Forest19771 @Haris3501 @SkySports We are wks away from winning the PL! In the most emphatic way ever. Imagine tryi… @Forest19771 @Haris3501 @SkySports of his contract, left to play first team football. Not in any way the same thing… @Forest19771 @Haris3501 @SkySports We are the best team itw pal, even with their cheating. We are the most successf… @Forest19771 @Haris3501 @SkySports FFP is fair or not, it's the rules, City knew that and cheated. Giving them a hu… @Forest19771 @Haris3501 @SkySports Slagging off the club? Nope, not one. Especially while he was playing for the cl… @Forest19771 @Haris3501 @SkySports We boo him because he's a rat, every trophy he won has been won by cheating, he… @AnfieldEdition Werner, Sancho, Upamecano @goal If only we had VAR. @Haris3501 @SkySports Yeah, this is not flirting lad 😂 @Forest19771 @Haris3501 @SkySports Bitter? He doesn't get in our team, we are the best itw, why would I be bitter?!…
@Trrymc There is a pecking order lad, 1 injury to a fully fit midfield can't result in Jones, he'll break that orde… @Trrymc Sorry I forgot to add Milner too, 2 of Milly, Naby Ox and Gini, I won't count Lallana as he's been DM this… @Trrymc Well who then?! If you want him to replace Hendo he has to be ahead of 2 of Naby, Gini and Ox in your eyes. @Trrymc @_ChrisBascombe He's ahead of Naby in the pecking order now in your eyes? @LivEchoLFC Nobody respects Lance Armstrong either dopey, ya joined a small club that cheats to win, of course no a… @Trrymc @_ChrisBascombe Based on what?! A couple of Carabao cup cameos. Come on lad, there is 100 mill of talent th… @Haris3501 @SkySports If you don't think he is flirting you're very naive mang. @SkySports The rat is flirting again I see. @PurelyFootball Probably, as a way of faking legal income. They claim to have a full house every game, doubt they h… @LFCTransferRoom @JamesPearceLFC We will do well to get anything for him, awful GK, a very rare but very costly (ch… @goal Perv. @ClaudiaKoerner He's just annoyed he wasn't given the lead in a film called parasite. @GoalNews @goal Could have been wrote by Shanks this. Legend. @AfcBxiley Rank is right. Fucking rank in fact. @RIPJakeFutbol Haha Ox? Give over. @RuizFabiann @RealistGlizzy @ClubBrugge By Brugge, how the mighty have fallen eh.
@StuBrennanMEN Imagine your club is found guilty of cheating. Which everyone knew anyway but they're actually found… @Mcgrue16 @FalseFMatt He done it for 1 season man, he'll leave a cult hero because of it but he's not good enough,… @FalseFMatt It means he has told him he is going to LFC imo, there would be no reason for him to have to persuade h… @AncientArnoldd @FalseFMatt @FalseFMatt I have a feeling that we will do something BIG. I'm going with Origi, Shaqiri and Lovren sold. Werner a… @Tomb_116 @goal 25 wins from 26 league games on the back of winning the CL? They haven't. No team has, in all of Europe, ever. @AnfieldUrchin It's about having the option of changing it. Nobody is saying tear up the formula and try play a dif… @d260103 @goal Anyway we will leave it there as you are getting rude now because yo lost the argument. Peace out. @d260103 @goal Only for Mo had a stupidly good season in 2017 KDB would have got it, Mo was in the running for Balo… @d260103 @goal 100 pts is not the same as this, teams will get100 over the yrs, nobody will ever come close to this… @Aaryouz Robbo has been worse. Been bang average for a couple of months now. I wouldn't be against resting both of… @TimoWerner @ChampionsLeague Imagine playing up front for the best team itw with Mane Bobby and Mo behind you suppl… @Tomb_116 @goal No City team has come close to what this team is doing, It has nothing to do with us just winning t… @d260103 @goal It has nothing to do with us just winning the league, it has to do with how we are winning it, 25 wi… @XTRON819 @goal Ugh shut up you nonce. @GrizzKhan Do you think we could get more then 1 of them? @goal He has 16 assists not 20, Trent has 10, much more impressive for a FB to have 10 then an AM to have 16, has t…