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It’s called Grafting! Or not being afraid of hard work... or loving your family enough to drop your dream for a bit… @VisibleSoul @seanmahonactor Oh my days I absolutely love @seanmahonactor ... miss him x @KateDaviesSpeak Sorry forgot a few of my jobs.I have been a waitress, bartender, driver, painter,promotion girl sp…, I am a landlady, a voice over artist, car boot salesperson, art dealer, up cyclist, interior designer, motivat… @stephenrahman_h Love it.... River from Blue album is my funeral song( in case anyone asks)Around 2 million people in the U.K. have turned 18 since the referendum and probably the same amount have died. Tha…
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaite @RealLucyDavis Absolutely.
🙌🙌🙌 incredible aerial footage of the #PeoplesVoteMarch spilling into Parliament Square for the start of the rally…
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaiteHaven’t read a single one... might explain a thing or two loving @TheThunderGirls by @MelanieBlakeUK ... 🙌🙌When faced with a tricky situation, I always think “ What would my mum do” or “What would my mum say to this” And breathe before you bite! @kaceyainsworth Happy birthday Kacey 😘😘This is already making me laugh out loud. Thank you so much @JimMFelton you clever, very funny man. 👏👏
Elbow claim third Number 1 album: "We're over the moon" 🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏The more I watch this... the more sad I feel... what a gorgeous, honest woman who has opened herself up by falling… struggled being pregnant in a tiny weeny bit of spotlight and without much support from my spouse at the time, ne… @Angela_Griffin Babe you wanna see my unemployed nails?When you spend your entire life looking after everyone else in your life and you finally land on your break from it… @katemagowan So gorgeous Kate... you still are honey xLast night we were supposed to have a family outing to see @WaitressLondon on my friend @sandramarvinuk opening…
@daisy_haggard @BBCiPlayer I loved it Daisy... so much. You clever thing xx @LucyAlexanderTV @SkintDad Who even are you? My phone is still broken.waiting for a new one.This is a fantastic article Jolyon ... you are just brilliant @JolyonRubs 👏👏👏 @ZoeTheBall Beautiful boy @DanielMays9 👏👏👏In sweeter news ... this banana bread I made is the best I’ve ever tasted. (1st time)… @markcharnock @DuncanLindsay So sad... my thoughts are with all her family and friends... far too young.Well it’s looking like this government has got itself and all of us into a little bit of a pickle ... what now? @PhelpsieSarah Was thinking exactly that yesterday as I chased down the recycling man with my extra cardboard... it… making this with @AdrianLester .
@jo_elvin Definitely notHeartbreaking. @Andybebop So pleased you are nearly home thoughAre you doing your bit to make the UK worse? Here are some tips from #TheMashReport! 🇬🇧😂
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaiteI tried an acupressure aromaesthetic facial before my wedding and it gave me the best bridal glow… must offer women mammograms and smears on lunch breaks, report finds
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaiteHomosexual behavior has been found in over 1,500 species. Homophobia is found in only one.
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaite @Angela_Griffin @avivaplc Always have to big up the peeps who do a good job. Xx
I eventually went out to test mattresses and the clear winner was @TempurUK although I could not get up, which coul…’ll always remember my debut as a moment where our country stood firm, stood tall and stood proud in the fight aga…
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaite @LucyAlexanderTV 🤣🤣🤣Brexiters, not having fought in the war: “We didn’t fight in the war to stay in the EU” Man who actually fought in…
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaiteLove my last text conversation with @LucyAlexanderTV Lucy “Tit squash neg?” Me “Tit squash clear.”Absolutely agree... a strong resilient woman who stands alone, works alone and has no partner can be extremely powe… had a mammogram . Thankfully all clear but ladies please have your routine checks, check yourself also for ear… longlist for the @OfficialNTAs has been announced and voting has started! To vote for #EastEnders to win Seria…
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaiteI laughed, cried,felt the most inspired I have in a long time.Was at the most fun table with these two talented wom…
@Angela_Griffin @DanielMays9 I imagine bats and crocodiles are the only things you cannot “do” @DanielMays9 @Angela_Griffin OMG ANGELA WILL HAVE HATED THAT!however Alfa our ange is ... she will have hated that!👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌 #Motherland and my gorgeous friend #AnnaMaxwellMartin smashing the duck out of it. @BBCTwo @radage_helen @FloellaBenjamin @womenofyear I KNOW!!! @rickygervais I literally got repetitive strain injury last time trying for Jackson’s lane gig... surely I can just… I met quite a few of my idols today... @FloellaBenjamin was maybe my first female icon. Along with Florence from… to see you and @mouthwaite today. Congratulations🎉 @womenofyear
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaite @loubievaughan @womenofyear Adopted the gorgeous sara.,. Will never be the same againLoved every minute @IsobelWB so lovely to meet and get you Isobel... what an inspiration you are and the whole affair was xIf I get stopped again today by someone saying “ I love Mel and jack together “ I am literally going to eat my own shoes! @ShonaBM Happy birthday beautiful 😘😘😘This ⁦@womenofyear⁩ @EmmaBarton @bbcstrictly You guys are incredible @katemagowan @QueerEye @jvn You and flo got me into it. 😘Thanks we loved it too this a trick question?
@LucyAlexanderTV @country_idyll @RyanRileyy The Cotswolds suits youCan’t believe I’ve only just discovered @QueerEye ... what a joyous, uplifting, hilarious dose of telly that is.The place looked gorgeous x! At last. Wonderful news @SharonShashi36 @Muttley1976 @bbceastenders Haha... I felt no danger at all. I didn’t even know there was a Police…
@realDonaldTrump He got shot by armed police in Albert Square, after a hostage situation in the Queen Vic. Keep up…
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaiteYou have been amazing and it was an honour to almost share the screen with you.
COME ON GRETA! #NobelPrize
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaite @louisalytton @StaceySolomon @Primark @thehoxton @TheSeabirdGroup @LucyAlexanderTV @k8_thornton You too beautiful..… @nicholaspinnock Agreed! @matthewdmarsden There is no food I have tasted that I dislike , never mind hated!!!Thank you @StaceySolomon for a lovely evening. Congratulations on your @Primark launch. @thehoxton you have a fab h…
@jennarusselluk @TheMonoBox @Hamps_Theatre 🙌🙌🙌 @EllaKenion 🤣🤣 @matthewdmarsden An actress once told me in a lunch break during rehearsals, that if I wanted to maintain my figure… @gremtwit @haringeycouncil Agreed... it’s not working and surely what it was trying to achieve has become dangerous… @mouthwaite like myself I think Macmillan nurses are superb and I would like to give them free holidays 52 weeks of…
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaiteWarehouse'A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit' #belikejohn
Retweeted by tamzin outhwaiteThe smell of smoke woke me at 0400 and we frantically searched the house , and news for north London fires but it t…
I think we can all agree it’s called “ScallogettiColina”🤣🤣🤣 I mean scallogetti @PlanBstudio SCAGOLLETTI .... you win hands down Steve 🙌Just made up a dish and cooked it for my dad. Scallops lightly fried in butter, with onions, broccoli, spaghetti...… @zaknemorin @MusicalTheatreR @TheUnionTheatre @Roy10Tan @craigglenday Is it suitable for kids? @MusicalTheatreR @zaknemorin @TheUnionTheatre @Roy10Tan @craigglenday Yes Zack you talented beauty xxxWow that’s such an honour! Sending love to the gorgeous Cotswolds xxx @haringeycouncil , by blocking off roads in the area , you have created chaos . Two separate school runs star…
@LucyAlexanderTV 🤣🤣🤣love this. 🤣🤣🤣Stumbled across this ❤️ loved working with this beauty @dollyjoyner on #shakespeareandhathaway and oh my days,did we have a lot of juice…