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I'm Fritzi! I celebrate all things silent & 1910s-1920s. Trying my best to be amusing. #silentmovie #silentfilm

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@3dglaser Unfortunately, the "opera but silent!" is treated as a huge punchline in more than a few film trivia books. @Adam_Maunder It's kind of like how Chaplin's mental abuse of Mildred Harris is framed as the natural result of his… @Adam_Maunder The weirdest thing is that the most disturbing stories are framed as quaint, charming anecdotes, the… @Adam_Maunder You want to shake them. "CAN'T YOU HEAR YOURSELVES?????" @Adam_Maunder Or Margery Wilson waxing poetic about Griffith telling her a wrote Brown Eyes with her in mind. (Her… @Adam_Maunder What I find most revealing are anecdotes that are told with affection. Like Karl Brown giggling that… Nielsen knitting next to his wife Anne-Marie.
Retweeted by Movies Silently @froonium Would watchI watched Batman with my brothers, they watched Strawberry Shortcake with me. We somehow manage to function as adul… I liked every stereotypical "chick" film, that would be okay too. See how this works? @Joi_the_Artist Good for you both and I am glad you're both enjoying what you love, it's so much more fun that way 😃I've always been more drawn to stereotypically "guy" entertainment, likely because my parents weren't really into p…, it's come to this again. Sigh. Watch whatever movies you like and don't get caught up in whether or not they'… diva Geraldine Farrar had caused quite a stir in the movies and was a popular leading lady with audiences w… stars appearing in silent movies is no more strange than models guesting on podcasts. Movies were seen as a p… Caruso playing a thinly-disguised version of himself in MY COUSIN. hai, I am subtweeting fast food chains. See what lockdowns do to people? ;) brands can do whatever the hell they want because the social media is usually run by the owner or the owner's… advantage of doing surveillance marketing: we're too busy putting across a "don't be creepy" message to bother… @CinemaPackrat It is in its own category. Griffith called for a race war using every single dog whistle, stereotype… @CinemaPackrat The thing with Griffith and BOAN that I keep trying to communicate is that this isn't the usual "Oh… have made a point of blocking every major corporate brand that attempts to have a social media personality and I…’re *live* on YpuTube *right now*... hurry!!
Retweeted by Movies Silently @CinemaPackrat The problem is that any talent he had was used in the service of white supremacy and racists have us… @ambernoelle Akihiko Hirata too! Godzilla movies had some real dreamboats. @ambernoelle (whispers) My first movie crush @rudyfan There was a Raymond Bernard box released by Gaumont @hoopmanjh What gets me is that sex is bad but violent dismemberment is a-okay on the "family-friendly" platform. K… @hoopmanjh Or the original Muppet Show. For a service that was supposed to be all catalog, it certainly looks a bit skimpy.Am I missing one of the newer players (that is, not Netflix, Hulu or Prime) Oh yeah, Peacock. Well, if it manages…, let's see: Quibi's entire concept (watch short clips on the run outside your home!) was squished by COVID HBO…, I have to stop and heckle streaming platforms every now and again. It's kind of my thing. 😉So, we're on, what, the fifth WB streaming platform at this point? And no Roku? Yes, please tell us again, ATT ove… wasn't kidding about the killer robots., see THE CHESS PLAYER, an epic tale of Polish revolution, killer robots and Raymond Bernard up to his tricks w… will be a Raymond Bernard and THE MIRACLE OF THE WOLVES fan account for the foreseeable future, thx.I know what you're thinking. "I need to see a medieval epic with a huge budget and Jeanne Hachette cleaving skulls… @bess_p_hamilton I saw the hoopla with people shouting for the latest movie win Best Cinematography and, to use the… this day in 1937 the Golden Gate bridge was opened. So keep an eye out for this photo which was not not taken in…
Retweeted by Movies Silently @CliffBurns These same people whine about DeMille's leopardskin thing. I know which director I'd trust to share an elevator. @CliffBurns People are like, "The climax is amazing!" and I have to restrain myself from making a tasteless pun. H… @GholamSlayer @cinephilia79 I think Way Down East is one of his stronger features mainly because it's a throwback t… @GholamSlayer @cinephilia79 Grapevine sells it @CliffBurns Just remember this factoid: Griffith had a violent rape fetish. Makes the finale... A bit different. @GholamSlayer @cinephilia79 It's a really excellent production @GholamSlayer @cinephilia79 I'll bet it's BROKEN BLOSSOMS to prove Griffith wasn't racist. With yellowface casting… @GholamSlayer @cinephilia79 And the only reason to watch ORPHANS is Dorothy Gish. Oh, all right, and foxy Joseph S… @bess_p_hamilton Yes, there's a definite uncanny valley @terowen The "invented the grammar of film" is basically cover to keep featuring the movie in a favorable light. Th… (watching hundreds of silent movies) Them: (Googled the Wikipedia article and saw a GIF) Checkmate! pointedly. @alexdecampi 😃 @terowen Yep, he took out a full page ad claiming he invented basically everything and people bought it. @cinephilia79 Ugh. Yes, the Griffithites still dominate in some corners of academia. @terowen But he lied. He stole his innovations from earlier pioneers. The man is a dumpster fire. @ShredvanWinkle It's also possible it may end up on Henri, though they usually don't have English subs. @tommulherin ... to the GERMANS @ShredvanWinkle I don't think it is right now. I am watching from the Gaumont Raymond Bernard box set. @tommulherin Our grandmothers were racist too! Lillian Gish loved him! Just ignore the racism! you, a sentient being in the year of our lord 2020, still do not understand why I will not let up on DW Griffith… @ShredvanWinkle Yeah those were some bone crunchers thereUsual Disclaimer: Nothing against CGI when used tastefully and well but one does tire of airless 100% green screen… Why should I be impressed by your new movie? Filmmaker: Why, it's epic! Me: Did you rent an entire Baltic sta… @HannahGraceLong Yes, it's a really excellent epic productionWhat I'm saying is that it takes a lot, and I mean A LOT, for a modern movie to impress me with its scope and scale. with the stunts. Yes, they did have tricks at their disposal but at a certain point, you just have to leap fro… motto of silent movies is "Just do it!" even more impressive to me is the "BUILD EVERYTHING FULL-SIZE AND ALSO POSSIBLY BURN IT" thing they had going.'s a heft to silent movies that you don't see in films of any other era. Yes, there were matte shots and hangi… was, arguably, the most expensive epic of all but I should add the caveat that it was basically scrapped an… "WE'LL JUST RENT THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OF LATVIA, ARMY INCLUDED" in MICHAEL STROGOFF. love low budget filmmaking, don't get me wrong, but when a silent movie is like "How much money? ALL THE MONEY???… MIRACLE OF THE WOLVES (1924) cost an absolute fortune and most of the money went into epic medieval warfare. Th… some basic French..
Retweeted by Movies SilentlySocial distancing scritches for Douglas. have about 300 feature films online right now and have been adding English subs to several per week for quite… @MandaC976 Ugh, sorry to hear. We have rice again, thank heaven, but beans are still in short supply. @Pithygirl Yes, a nice Finnish reader directed me to it and I am eternally gratefulDear men, what is preventing you from looking like this? -Robin
Retweeted by Movies SilentlyI've heard of stars and a director attached to the project but we shall see... have always loved classics but I noticed that my knowledge of film pretty much stopped at 1930 and I wanted to fi…'s no one perfect streaming service, alas, but the NFPF Screening Room is high quality and free.…, there are now 46 classic Finnish films, many silent, available to stream for free with optional English subs.… @PulpCereal What's your favorite silent movie?I am eternally jealous. @NealKay52 Yay! Enjoy!I wonder if they'd consider issuing a knitting pattern book to accompany their films. Would 100% buy. @BryanOnion This one is absolutely tinted. Enjoy! :DI have simple taste. Rhubarb pie, nom nom nom. another Finnish movie and am once again green with envy due to their flawlessly tasteful knitwear. @b_pad @ArrowheadWater Very nice!I don't know about you but I love free movies! There are also some sound rarities. In any case, have fun. @Crisopera1 Glad you enjoyed! Yes, I am certain the NFPF print will be much higher quality than what's on YouTube.Well, we KNOW Jean Dujardin does ;) @3dglaser The recreations are more aggressive restoration than I usually like but they're up front about it and it… mic) Ahem... The National Film Preservation Foundation has a free online screening room with tons of silent…, it's free and legal to stream worldwide with a score courtesy of the NFPF. @inkookang Oh god, sameI don't care about the content so much as attention to the craft. Real dedication to the visual storytelling. If th…