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Maker of small, forever unfinished minecraft mods, weekday hobbiest streamer, and ever rarely YouTube uploader.

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@GhostfromTexas I definitely did... @Vazkii I actually find it helpful, being able to talk through what I'm coding, doing it without streaming makes pe… @VikingVod What about cheez-its? Arnt they basically the same thing, just shaped differently? @GirlOnAHippo This is my wife when we travel and she needs to run in and use the bathroom, she feels like she gets…, my wife an I had a similar conversation just last week! XD
@Pahimar @DinnerBeef Block and item data generators would be awesome!Pocket Infinity, or Dark Drinker. always my code is open source so anyone is free to use it as reference for 115 ports as needed
Retweeted by Mowmaster @McJty My plan is to straight to supporting 1.15.2 when I get done with 1.12, (I'm assuming in a month 1.15.2 will…
@bengineer8u @JasperBoerstra Anyone with open carry should have a permit to do so, which means they're held up to t… @JasperBoerstra Are you saying that an armed gathering means that there could be shootings, just like a gathering o… @carrzi83 @tlovetech I'd have to take red, I dont own any of the blue titles
@KristalTepig @HelenAngel Clicking on an entity vs clicking in the open water probably#RememberThisModdingBit is there a IMilkable class I could use for this @SkySomm ? @lothrazar This is also me...Lol it does seem likely that if the puzzle reward is a weapon, it’s that tomb sword, I’m just gonna leave this he…
Retweeted by Mowmaster#RememberThisModdingBit
@Milesonmixer @Pahimar Forgot the tag miles... #SensualSamurai @anklesbane @SheerLux_ @DattosDestiny Oh, so he is here... I might have to track down that exotic shard myself tomorrow...#SensualSamurai
@LexManos I haven't been yet, but on a mission to find any grey's anatomy or Harry Potter themed thingsWow inside the convention hall has some decent test scores! #PaxSouth
@mxrgoddess Lane Bryant is the shop to go! This is where we get stuff for my wife @Th3Jez @Bungie This wasn't in momentum control was it? Cause I was seeing a lot of 1 shot wishender kills there @TheTeawrex That's probably going to be a raze lighter if it's an exotic :( @CirnoTV Mowmter @timthetatman I haven't had the chance to have #3, #4 and #5. Although for burgers I'd switch 1 and 2, for fries 5-… @Phlog @Ryudoz82 This is me, no student loans, and I think the wife has 10k left to pay, so that should be a breeze, 1-2 years max probably. @Phlog Adult badges come in many shapes and sizes, for cars it's the ability to not HAVE to pay for full coverage,… @1chickgames That bun doesn't look toasted... still making me hungry though... @Tahgtahv @aureylian Walmart has these, but yeah mix and go usually is what I do, unless I'm craving plain but they… @quat1024 I bought an ssd like 4 years back, a 120gb one. Then I bought one back in October of 2019, a 1T one, I pa… @va_cc11 I'd be so freaking pissed off at this person. Like call the cops on them mad. @elucentdev Will this prevent it from ever using AI machine learning and becoming sentient though? @quat1024 @LexManos I am so glad I'm not that good at modding yet to have these problems, the closest thing I've co… @A_dmg04 Can you confirm that if this is a puzzle, that it's not broken, like how everyone pushed for the last forg…
Retweeted by MowmasterWas packing for #PAXSouth2020 tonight and found this in the back of the closet. Remember this @GhostfromTexas back… @Vazkii I need to find where in the settings this is... @AztecrossGaming Dark drinker. @Tahgtahv @LexManos 20' would be crazy, up to 12' is decent for gaming in a recliner, 4' is my preferred for being… @indiealexh I first experienced programming through using @DanTwoHundred 's computer craft mod back in 1.6.4/1.7.10… @voxcpw I mean I've had YTRed since it came out nearly, guess it's worth checking emails for some free stuff
@FireBall1725 Back in the day when you had a server...I never knew you could stop servers using turtles to place Th… should probably look into this'm going to start learning Java on the plane to PAX South. #WyldMods
Retweeted by Mowmaster @Wyld Find some dev discords and participate in modjams, those will help force you out of your comfort zones with t… @Wyld I wish you the best in your endeavor, and I hope you already have a programmer mindset and tons of time on yo… @BeardenJennie I mean I guess it's better then calling the cops because your being too loud with the music.Just a heads up on stream tomorrow morning, I may have stayed up a bit late playing Oxygen Not Included and I'll be… @indiealexh @Tesla Lol, we stopped watching for the night after that xDSaw my first @Tesla in a tv show, "YOU" season 2 episode 5 model X, tesla logo shown and everything...was just out… @kchironis I on the other hand am a gamer, over years and years of training I can basically pick up any genre of ga… @kchironis I wouldn't call anyone a gamer if they cant pickup basically any genre of video game and be decent at it… _______
Starting up a bit late today, but we're still at it, more #DustMod dev today!
@Drullkus This is why I use regular razors...well when I used to... I might look like no shave November never ended... @jembawls To be fair Bungie Devs seem to get a lot of that vacation stuff too... I'm a little jealous to be fair. @Master_Trotter I have 16 more hours of work, a 14 hour drive, then a 5 day vacation in a much warmer place. Ask me…
@eggieCGTV @DattosDestiny @CharOnTwitch @travel_danielle Nah T_D should cosplay ainz, datto has plenty of experience for this cosplay... @GuudeLP Having gotten through boy scouts and achieved the Eagle Scout are a good quick fix for pat… for later @MysticAura_ I did try it on my work laptop, I have a note 8" tablet that I might setup permanently for this at home though.Reminder, for someday in the future @RickKackis They disabled these, yet warlock melee is still slower then titan and hunter...they just cant stop nerf… @A_dmg04 I go back to d1 and miss a lot of jumps now, so used to mantle @KyleWarrenEdwa2 @Lachegga @BungieHelp Spread shotguns should not kill from 5 meters away, slug shotguns from 10, and fusion from 10 @MysticAura_ I tired it today, it's not bad, seems like it could be very useful, but connection via usb gave me iss…
@VazkiiMods I've used it a bit in botania before, but I'd prefer one I can hide or camouflage. @sunblus As a developer, I'm intrigued and open to feedback on this sort of topic, since we encounter situations al… @sunblus What do you do in FFX though? You can ONLY play as Titus at the start, do those games trigger you too? @sunblus Maybe that game world doesn't contain anything other then boys or girls? As a player, what are YOU going t… @katnip2011 @CarrieRosen77 @kristine_kenyon @nycsouthpaw Do Democrats govern, or just robin hood things?Last stream of the week! #DustMod Will probably polish off the Breaker upgrade and work… @TheTrueVanguard @GirlOnAHippo @truTVjokers Did you comment on her socks though, for that extra triumph score? @lothrazar Ah,yes, I should do this sometime as well
@TheTrueVanguard Considering a few other new d2 creators who got married in 2019 you could have some fun with private matches... @TheTrueVanguard Is it still crimson doubles unless it's you and your wife on the same team? @GirlOnAHippo @TheTrueVanguard Does he really get that good of a look at them though? Or is it like brownie points if he notices? @neptunepunk I'll do ya 1 better, you cant craft with logs, they must be hand sawed then dried, if they split durin… bit late today, but still happening! #DustMod @KeithMontalbo I mean to be fair, pokemon is a game where you nearly kill critters, then trap them in an inhumane c… @iFatebringer I love doing the first d2 raid with friends, there's always that one person who starts to say "Okay,… @Tryptofantastic I mean if she decides to have kids, she'll get a 9 month break once in a while...but maybe dont te… @Vaygrim What's an mp4? I have a Zune HD and capture minimized zune desktop app when I do music for streams :p @RickKackis And here I thought you just had a team wipe in raid... @Cloudhunter My Facebook is full of food posts, I'm fat enough as is, and I can cook pretty well. It's just too tem… @HeckinChloe I got socks and underwear, it's just not Christmas unless I get those. @Mr_Fellblade @github Lol, when I applied for my web development job (feburary 2019) I linked git hub, paste bin, a…
@DanielJCapobia1 @dickiegamer @JasperBoerstra @BernieSanders Its probably worse now that he's president. Having tha… @gegy1000 @DanielJCapobia1 @JasperBoerstra @BernieSanders People who make minimum wage generally like the idea of a… @legendblade I drive my commute, the wife just gets an hour extra sleep, and extra time on Facebook each day. Somed…