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Maker of small, forever unfinished minecraft mods, rarely weekday hobbiest streamer, and ever rarely YouTube uploader.

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@workshopcraft @Wyld Datapacks are pretty cool, not sure how good data packs with lots of functionality are for per… @Bjorniavelli @Direwolf20 Cobble generator to rf sounds pretty powerful even its its basically a trash can @Direwolf20 Idk, I mean 1 coal smelts 8 items, thats 200t per smelt isn't it? So at 80rf/t why couldn't 128000 be balanced? @Direwolf20 I had a feeling with FC around the corner, you'd have another mod to show off :P @Direwolf20 Will be exciting to see what mods you folks play with this time around. @T0land @GirlOnAHippo I'm pretty sure this is the correct answer.Compiled my first dummy 1.16 mod tonight using VS Code. The challenge to build 14+ mods in 1.16 is on. Old ones and…
Retweeted by MowmasterNote to people following me in regards to Soartex Fanver. Don't send me email(s)/DM on all my social platforms, the…
Retweeted by MowmasterA new update of #Enigmatica6 is now available! 11 new mods this time around, including: - Botania by @Vazkii, upda…
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Weekly #PedestalsMod update is out! This one adds JSON support for the Crusher and Sawmill… feel like the farther I get the less secret this is. It's starting to become obvious what's going on.
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@MercuriusXeno Floats and doubles are only a real pain when it comes to financial applications... @BaileyKingGamer @DelightDaniTV Its all about your business model, not all companies do a lot of media advertising,… @DelightDaniTV 'Pretty' is like good advertising, its part of what pulls in customers to the business. Its not your… @smbarbour @morvelaira @voxcpw @MercuriusXeno I make minecraft modded ore processing setups, am I a programmer by this definition?Nothing like reading way more than you ever felt like you needed to know about floats and doubles to make you reall…
Retweeted by MowmasterLol @bumble_dani I'd love to build a tiny home, but my village doesn't allow them :( building one on wheels doesn't sou… @ChronoKatie Not thic, just have a well proportioned figure. Also minus the heels, your maybe a little taller than… @Frame_loss Not enough ducttape has been used in this project...A new perk tree, releasing alongside a large set of rebalances and changes in the AstralSorcery 1.15.2 alpha in a c…
Retweeted by Mowmaster @xbony2 @SnowShock35 I taught my wife how to play minecraft, I found out very quickly that she likes my reactions t…! Mithion returns!
Retweeted by Mowmaster @Tamaized So, you've shared it on Twitter, and it's not a gif. I'd say it's pretty safe to assume it's public static void.
Retweeted by MowmasterJust posted a new tutorial to my site! An Introduction to Mixin on Forge. Please use responsibly.
Retweeted by MowmasterMore TIL - if you comment out some CSS, Firefox Dev Tools will still show it and let you switch it back on. That's…
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@workshopcraft Dang, thats quite the listWhen a camera’s frame rate is synced to a bird’s wings..
Retweeted by MowmasterLOL @workshopcraft 1.16 is going to feel very vanilla+ for modded, so if you haven't become a 1.16 vanilla master yet, it could be a lot of fun! @BdoubleO100 Did you water it (wash it)before eating it? @xbony2 Large mods should port the one main/ their favorite feature of the mod as a stand alone mod. This could all… mean...looks like a power strip, with, less plastic safety bits? @DanTwoHundred Militarising a starfleet? @AtomicBlom @CarrotCodes I've been using smart git ever since I started modding, for my use case, I've never needed… Omnia 1.15.2 Episode 41
Retweeted by Mowmaster @xbony2 Modded, due to the rapid release of vanilla versions, will probably be more of a vanilla + experience from… @MercuriusXeno Take it slow, it took me years before I could mod for any great length of time, im currently on my l… Singularity. Some curved space R&D. Thanks to @beesandbombs for a little help with this one. #infinite
Retweeted by Mowmaster @sable_sonya Megalodon, thats what we should be afraid of...Everything you need to get done before Destiny 2: Beyond Light hits this November - a checklist!…
Retweeted by MowmasterWas sorting through chests of mob farm loot today and felt like there could be an easier way... so here they are, 3…
@MercuriusXeno Yeah being an adult kinda sucks, I personally sacrifice 2 hours of my sleep most days to give me a l… @Buuz135mods I updated to ....75 of forge on the 26th, not my fault theres already 17 more versions since... @Vazkii Didnt you add a config option for this? Or wasnt it supposed to go away after a certain date? I can't remem… Gun-Type do you think needs a BUFF most?
Retweeted by Mowmaster @MrFlamegoat If its still loading, you might need a new pc... @MrFlamegoat @MercuriusXeno Recipe online or self made? @MKBHD Forget the internet, The amount of tech support questions that wouldn't get asked if people in general under… @NikkiExDee Was that rice homemade? @Mr_swartz94 @Jessassin @MojangStatus The cats scare me worse than the spiders do, so I keep the spiders on. @DBenlhafsi Cute Hedge pig!Yesterday I forgot the word for "caddy" and invented the term "golf squire"
Retweeted by MowmasterThe missing link
Retweeted by Mowmaster @destinytrack Ewe @MrBeastYT SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!! @Drullkus Like a seed finder application, or something else?I've been putting it off for a while, because learning new things takes longer than making new upgrades.…
@WeAllPlayCast Caves, or even a new dimension thats an "under overworld" thats all caves to explore @shadow306k @Direwolf20 @JDavidFries As a modder myself I try to keep up with what vanilla has so im not trying to… @TwYYeesshh @MukiTanuki @JDavidFries Map makers and folks who did the custom crafting recipes in games with command… @JDavidFries For creative mode ctrl+middle click to grab a TileEntity with its nbt data is helpful @JDavidFries Baiting a skelly to shoot a creeper for music disks @indiealexh I've never had a reason to report something that much... @lothrazar It really depends on a lot of things, there was a tombstone mod that had an interesting blow up after so… Omnia 1.15.2 Episode 40
Retweeted by MowmasterDid some more Twilight Forest art progress and experiments! Such include as the Snow Queen and Minotaur, a few ite…
Retweeted by Mowmaster @CovertJaguar 1.15 or 1.16?I pulled some nearly all nighters this weekend working on #PedestalsMod ,its 130am and I'm still not asleep for some reason... @voxcpw If the datapack thats locked behind only fans has NSFW content, thats probably fair? I mean there's steam g… @ZacharyWhitten Leaf juice anyone? Or spiced water with milk, thats good too. @Buuz135mods @Xilefian I dont have this issue... i also have auto attackers setup all over the place from testing... @lothrazar I LOVE datapacks they seem to have so many uses, especially with functions. But I've read that if you wa… @MercuriusXeno I wish i knew the first thing about json serialization, I get MC is moving to it and people demand i… @Twit_Broom @Wyld If you love open computers, computer craft, or integrated dynamics. Those are things that might… @Twit_Broom @Wyld I started out making maps in vanilla, which led to custom modpacks when I found out about modded,…
@MercuriusXeno Yeah I was going to make it, then got board and wiped the floor with the boss. That was my titus sol… @MercuriusXeno I beat 10 in the technical sense of beating the boss, but never got Titus's untima weapon caladbolg.… @lothrazar Yeah im feeling this too, I have a few mods I split off of #DustMod or that were never implemented featu…
@LexManos @voxcpw Is there a license thats... Something that the product (mod) can be used freely, but the code / m… @LexManos @voxcpw Now I'm going to have to read some legal stuff for what license I need to use... @LexManos @voxcpw Someone streaming brought up something about licensing @Foone The new way to control a camera account?
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Lol update of #Enigmatica6 is now available! Bug fixes and 5 new mods: - Quark by @VazkiiMods - Endergetic Expans…
Retweeted by MowmasterThis @bumble_dani @Vazkii I thought that was psi? @Tamaized Lemme guess, they play 1.7.10?When its 6am in the morning and your wondering if its worth going to bed at this point...New Update for #PedestalsMod is out! This update has a lot of fixes and improvements, as well as adds 3 new upgrade… adding some additional ore support for the @AllTheMods 6 pack. A build for #PedestalsMod will be out *shortly* @LexManos @Direwolf20 @tamashenning @Master_Trotter @Graphoniac @Hanse00 I can bring work with me, so let me know i… 1.16.1 is likely, mostly non-broken. please playtest and report bugs
Retweeted by MowmasterLol...yeah... @Direwolf20 Wait...who uses cables, and snakes?
@DolinmysterLP How do you prefer eat it? @MindlessPuppetz
Retweeted by Mowmaster @Wyld Starting out simple, love it!