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Mo Hampton @MoxieHampton Fayetteville, NC

#ExceedExpectations • Software Engineer • Army Veteran • Mom • Sometimes a #BadassDev #CodingForTheCulture 🥑 In The Making

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Marketing Joke Of The Day: An SEO marketer walks into a bar, bars, tavern, pub, public house, Irish pub, drink, d…
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@lungsoftheocean @ParissAthena So many “wait what’s” in this thread. 😂 @ParissAthena 1) Good Morning 2) Wait. What? @aconsciousthot I'm ready to invest, sis. Let's go!I just invested in @Streamlytics #InvestBlack #BlackWallStreet #BlackTechTwitter
@aconsciousthot Ohhhhh. Sliiiiide. @aconsciousthot Congratulations! Proud of ya! @Wristlocks4All So he is no longer employed at Georgia Tech? Hopefully a loved one will be able to help. Unfortuna… @davenewworld_2 @GeorgiaTech This is disheartening as a Black women in tech. Your students have enough challenges… recently launched a Career Path for the #DevRel team @Camunda and in the spirit of driving the DevRel industry fo…
Retweeted by Mo HamptonIt's almost like the United States has no President - we are a rudderless ship heading for a major disaster. Good luck everyone!
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @AlbreyBrown Thanks for improving my @LinkedIn feed. Your posts are magnets to difficult conversations. It’s not ea… @JeromeHardaway @JSPartyFM should be a great platform.
@steveyp_ Happy Birthday!🌞 Good morning #BlackTechTwitter! I was offered a webinar spot during the week of July 15, but I would like to give…
Retweeted by Mo HamptonSupporting another person's success will NEVER ruin yours.
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@nomadtechie @github @npmjs Yay! Congrats Amal! Can’t wait to hear more.
@DataSciBae @DigitalBlkHippy We’ve had enough violence against the trans community. She needs an education. Hopeful… @krystropolis @ceeoreo_ Yes, Krystal...that’s deep. Forky found confidence. I demand a new poll @ceeoreo_ 😂 @DigitalBlkHippy @DataSciBae Ayodele your description is spot on. At this point she is a performative entrepreneur. @LindseyMermaid But you ain’t lying. @TaelurAlexis Ohhhhh. I’ll be there. @ceeoreo_ But wait... 4 was a whole thriller situation. I was on edge. @techgirl1908 So accurate @theashleyjanell This was Florida on Memorial there’s that. @ladyleet I expect this to happen soon.
❤️🧡🧡💚💙💜 #PRIDE2020 (Artist: IG Shay__Art)
@ForSci_Q Sign me up!!
AMAZING PEOPLE TO FOLLOW Not the same list you usually see @jh3yy @MoxieHampton @mintiiB @EriPDev @_marcba
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@EmmaBostian No more room racists @GarrettHaake OK America. Had enough? Keep your eye on the damn ball. Ignore the daily circus, hourly lies, tw…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @ParissAthena #Juneteenth Joy! You can’t ask us to speak on our issues and not have the decency to actively listen. @GaryChambersJr @Brii_toe_knee @Facebook Congratulations! You’re going to kill it!Know when to get paid or to walk away. #KnowYourWorth @Brii_toe_knee @clarity_conf Excited for you! Congrats! @baskarmib @nerdydivadesign @rowdymehul @shukrijanagale @blackfacts @DThompsonDev @Dawoodiddris @QueerLiving @Clevermath_llc @this_is_jcg @JeromeHardaway my fellow speakers I learned so much from you during the #JuneteenthConf. Thank you! @blackfacts @DThompsonDev
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@NerdNomadMom @PhenyxAthletica Okay! I see you Ari!Just finished watching @theashleyjanell’s talk on “Why You’re Not Landing That UX Role” at #JuneteenthConf Great… Butler is my new hero. Go follow her on LinkedIn. Seriously..."LinkedIn can yeet you off of the platform f… @JeromeHardaway And I agree that we should consider Beyoncé as a rapper too. @JeromeHardaway I Stan, I Stan. No smoke. 😂 @JeromeHardaway @ForSci_Q Why is this a problem?? Hit the cancel. 😅 Make sure you’re watching @techgirl1908’s Keynote Talk ”The Reality of Developing an Artifical Wo… two of @juneteenthunl and we start again with 8 min and 46 seconds of silence. It's a bone chilling reminder of…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton#JuneteenthConf is celebrating and amplifying Black voices in tech and it's happening RIGHT NOW! Tune in to listen…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @ryancrawcour @joshholmes I got you! Please check out my talk at the #JuneteenthConf YouTube channel. There are some great talks there! @mintiiB Your journal talk was everything! I bullet journal and was told by colleague dev “I never seen someone mic… @NateRose2 Looking forward to your talk!May not be popular, but it will assist with social distancing. Give me 6’ and respect Black lives. to all who listened today, U can support @In3DC on social media also donors / partners / sponsors allow us to c…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @aaronksaunders @In3DC Great closing keynote at #JuneteenthConf! Adding this to my list of organizations for donations. @browniepoints @juneteenthunl Thank you Michael and team for our Juneteenth Conference. The first day was successfu… @DigitalBlkHippy @juneteenthunl It was a great opportunity! And you killed it! @techgirl1908 We did that! Looking forward to your keynote today!
🗣STOP Comparing yourself to other tech influencers. - @MoxieHampton #JuneteenthConf
Retweeted by Mo Hampton"Although givers are often the most valuable members of society, they are also the most at risk of burnout" -…
Retweeted by Mo HamptonGivers = Volunteers. Regardless of your motivation, there is a great reward and challenge. There has been increased…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @stilldrey Thank You! @matthewhelmke Thanks for listening! @blackeuler Be you...they'll adjust. 😎 @__dphm Alllll of this! ♥️ @AmrutaRanade READ THE DOCS! 😁 @baskarmib Yes, anybody. And I'm all about sharing the plan. Thanks for the support and sharing!Anybody can code! But you need a plan by @MoxieHampton #EmpoweredByTechnology #JuneteenthConf
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @ssheilah Metrics changes a dream into a goal! Thanks for listening and supporting!“Breaking into Tech: From the Trenches” - presenter and Army vet @MoxieHampton - foundation, courage, consistency.…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @awkwardblkcoder @DigitalBlkHippy Thank you so much for showing up for me and the other speakers! ♥️♥️ @AdrienneTacke Ahhhh! Adrienne, I did it! Thank you for coming through and supporting. ♥️Ready to listen to @MoxieHampton at #JuneteenthConf!
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @that_cookout It was! :)#JuneteenthConf @MoxieHampton 's gems of wisdom: - Find your tech squad - Nothing speaks louder than delivering res…
Retweeted by Mo HamptonAvoid burnout: Don't schedule every moment of your life. Stop comparing yourself to Tech influencers on IG, TikTok,…
Retweeted by Mo HamptonSquad up! Distribute that load! If you have friends, you probably are interested in similar volunteerism opportunit…
Retweeted by Mo HamptonDo you wanna mass follow these badass human beings from @juneteenthunl? Here you go! @AccessForAll
Retweeted by Mo HamptonIn less than an hour @JeromeHardaway, my military brother, will speak at #JuneteenthConf about how he leveraged… @QueenBee1616 Division? #Juneteenth is one of the most AMERICAN holidays you could ever have. It celebrates freedo… Angela took notes! Thank you @AngelaRiggs_ !"Nothing speaks louder than delivering." ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! @MoxieHampton #JuneteenthConf #EmpoweredByTech
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @AngelaRiggs_ 💥💥💥 can be an important part of breaking into tech, especially when you're not part of the over-represented…
Retweeted by Mo HamptonNext up, @MoxieHampton -- software engineer and army vet -- is giving awesome advice for becoming a developer as a…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @chixcancode Hoooaaahh! We get the job done. Thank you so much for listening and sharing!Currently listening to @DThomasDev's awesome keynote to kick off #JuneteenthConf. Check out the speaker lineup here…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @iamkchat Yes, yes we did. @girlie_mac Thanks so much for the support and sharing!@MoxieHampton sharing us her experience being a black woman / army veteran / mom, to get in the tech in her inspi…
Retweeted by Mo HamptonAwesome talk @MoxieHampton!
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @MoxieHampton great talk! 👏 I literally lol'ed when you mentioned the JS not being linked to the HTML page. We have…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton#delivery is a key. Everyone can brag they are knowledgeable. #help other. Build a circle of #trust. #share how…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @TrishaChetani @juneteenthunl Yes! YES! Thanks for watching and supporting. ❤️ @andr3 @juneteenthunl Ugggh 😂 So glad I’m no longer stubborn and able to reach out to my tech squad for help. @tannewt Thank you!!Love how @MoxieHampton is sharing how she approached her journey to tech as an operation just like she would in Arm…
Retweeted by Mo Hampton @almeezyuh My heart is going out to you. Sending strength and love your way.