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MichaeL @MPBMWT Flavortown, USA

2006 TIME Magazine Person of the Year.

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@jcupisinnocent He said keeping my money and my funny up @aircheeseburger @notjoseluis4 @TrystenHill @MySportsUpdate @JosinaAnderson Clowney wants paid a hole in one, he’ll get paid a double bogey @TristanGHill Gotta get Breathing asmr at mine for sure
@YellingMadman Facebook market is where my nieces got theirs fromBaker has more career completions, higher career Completion %, more career Passing Yds & More career Passing Tds th…
Retweeted by MichaeL @CBJcoverage I’ll spit on everyone in the organizationI could puke rn
@froste came up in my memories on snap today LMAOOOO
So he just admitting to it ? Fuck @tr_exy Big stretch to assume they would have a wife and kidsMan go listen to Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor for Piano, Op. 27, NO. 2 Moonlight II. Allegretto @NitesTV @B0WEEEE @Froste “ and we actually cured her “ @Froste The first and the last ones both go crazy hard @kliqdic @Gymshark Sponsor her @gymshark
@Icy_Rapture I’ve never really liked any of them besides 3 @Icy_Rapture Battlefield, not even a hard one. @FavsPriv @CarbideFortSkin Better than @CarbonForeskin
@IKhoR_Slayz @Froste Ahh didn’t see that idk then sumn not right @THump @kliqdic What is dn @Froste 4 means you don’t have a credit score homie just gotta make payments and build it up @oFabz @HarryButAverage Hey @HarryButAverage LETS GOOOO FINALLYYYY @fuzzyfromyt Freak of nature @GrumpyGirl143 Hey I’m 6’2 I’ll give you another kid queen @Icy_Rapture Make sure you bend all the little pins on that tooLove u @BlueJacketsNHL
@oFabz Literally the least enjoyable cod I’ve ever played the fuck up Ellen @Chaosxsilencer Counter strike baby @LazasBautista De🐐 @FavsPriv @BigBallsGaming Congrats dude you’re such an inspiration to the big balls community @LegendaryAsshol @YesIAmBackk Ahh okay @YesIAmBackk I thought Canadians liked him
@HarryButAverage The new crew one is pretty sick @mtvMister @mtvMister A heinous amountHe should be locked away for life for throwing those sliders
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@22lexi_ @CrypticNoHoes Idk if I’d take it that far
@LazasBautista Your baseball team has a win ? Could not be me @mtvMister LMAOOO @mtvMister You going to the pussy doctor ?Klubot Look-up, Head Nod, and Robotic K Strut. 🤖 The little things I missed in the game... ♥️⚾️
Retweeted by MichaeL @tr_exy @beckett_grading Damn an upside down print must be worth so much @tr_exy Average lebron hater
@mtvMister throwing motion
Retweeted by MichaeLGinger girls > but not the cigarette kindSus
Shane Bieber last year: 14 K on Opening Day This year: 12 K on Opening Day Pitchers with multiple 12+ strikeout O…
Retweeted by MichaeL @Indians Memba frankie? I membaThe chances of him ever coming back to Cleveland are at an all time low @LazasBautista Generational talent for sure @LazasBautista Enjoy him such a stud wish my teams owners weren’t stingy fucksBOOK IT
Retweeted by MichaeL @itsWaddles_ @itsWaddles_ YO HES ALIVE @FavsPriv Yeah somethings off about that LMAOOOOO @FavsPriv Sheeeeesh so she’s just actually off her rocker @FavsPriv Smiling not laughing @FavsPriv Do you like where you work ? Was she happy bc working there is shitty or something
@LazasBautista @kliqdic It’s gross if you’re using it to cook something savory w but it’s great any other wayIf you have the soap gene you’re beneath me as a human is such a cursed headline @LazasBautista Idk what you’re talking about @kliqdic You got sugar daddies on deck @LazasBautista I’m w you guys this year bc the Indians will be unwatchable 🤠 @kliqdic Hope you enjoy the sketti o’sWatson putting up Cosby numbers
@HarryButAverage Goodnight HaroldAll this for a 36 year old man.
Retweeted by MichaeL @kliqdic Beastcaucassian was up in them gutsKD valid again @CrypticNoHoes @Avalanche100T I don’t think that’s what he asked @GrumpyGirl143 It really is but I’m not complaining @GrumpyGirl143 Somehow got nicer @GrumpyGirl143 Dear lord @Xenallity r/idiotsincars controls my nights @kimmydammit I wouldn’t be able to eat for a week after tearing through that many wings @kimmydammit Damn you must be stuffed @kliqdic SOMEONE GET HER TO 1K IM BEGGING YOUMaybe just live idk @HarryButAverage @Froste He’s dead My baby’s dead
@kliqdic Why 😪 @TristanGHill Also released a sexy ass collab w adidas a few years back @kliqdic Hear me out: you, me, international women’s day, strap on, peg me @JhbTeam How are you doing jhb team
LeBron on the Cavs from 2003-2010
Retweeted by MichaeL @Icy_Rapture @Ryan_Recon That’s gonna be a big hit to the wallet @FakeySensei @notchaselyons Right now I’m sitting at a solid 98% body fat
Retweeted by MichaeLHappy 3-28 Day!
Retweeted by MichaeL @kliqdic Sheeeesh wanna be my sugar mama 🤌
2021 is a myteam lineup @KnownAsLit Yeeeesh @Class Sorry for your loss 💜 @mcblockdaily @Class Homie went from never playing Minecraft in his life to this.. my hero @brgridiron @KingHenry_2 Freak of nature