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co-creator The Pervert. nominated for LA Times Bookfest Graphic Novel prize wrote in eisner nominated Island Magazine/eisner nominated @womenoncomics 18+ only

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Retweeted by michelle perezNancy by Olivia Jaimes for May 26, 2019
Retweeted by michelle perezhe single
Retweeted by michelle perezDon't worry about it son, I took care of those monsters in the closet for ya. Now, let's go get some ice cream!
Retweeted by michelle perezTo view the uncensored version go to my storeny. #criticalrole #nsfw #art
Retweeted by michelle perez @IHateNYT bootleg ass ambien. no antisemitism. The weak shit @IHateNYT not the real stuff. Must be a generic ambien. No racism. No wife love @scolipedeVEVO The two gender s @leslieleeiii damn. It bapsI was gonna add more to this but i couldn't think of anything. Someone else finish this one off for me
Retweeted by michelle perezmy patrons helped me pick a name! her name is Roxanne
Retweeted by michelle pereza WIP of some art i want to make for the summer heres some weeb-y daidouji and zarya just for fun. i think i made z…
Retweeted by michelle perezjiggle!!!
Retweeted by michelle perez @mperezwritesirl sleepy butt ☺️
Retweeted by michelle perez @mperezwritesirl My butt in shadows :3 Sry if I'm late!
Retweeted by michelle perezFull moon tonight 🍑
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Retweeted by michelle perez @mperezwritesirl Hope it's not too late to join in on the fun!
Retweeted by michelle perezno more wives. it's enough.
Retweeted by michelle perez"where in chat do i put the wife death" - @mperezwritesirl
Retweeted by michelle perezGlenn cant hide behind bolsonaro anymore and you fuckin people gotta stop encouraging ithe couldnt possibly be part of the problem. He knows people of different beliefs. To say a gay man could be a Roy C… know what ive never done as a trans woman? Ive never supported a politic that leads directly to the trans day o… rights activists. Hes indistinguishable from a uk gender critical white woman who deals in the politics of ex… is a fuckin roy cohn gay, to his fucking bones. There isnt a gay person or a trans person he isnt willing… dont give a shit about cancelling. greenwald and co pay lubchansky, bors and the like. Greenwald and scahill are… @mperezwritesirl arrested development season 4 pathetic irredeemable michael bluth vibes
Retweeted by michelle perezive done more for trans people than glenn greenwald because ive never aligned with people trying to kill us wholesa… hot
Retweeted by michelle perezfirst thing greenwald said to me after saying trans rights activist was a pejorative not unlike SJW was him saying… greenwald looks like roy cohn if his tanning bed was a fucking microwaveglenn greenwald rules because hes facing down jair bolsonaro, who would murder him/his husband without a second tho… Greenwald's 8chan account dedicated to getting trans women he disagrees with murderedglenn greenwald is a great libertarian leftist to leak to if you want to have The Intercept give up your information and get you killedWow what a fuckin magnificent asshole they have @mperezwritesirl ohm ship im late for a butt thread where did i put my dang butt
Retweeted by michelle perezglenn Greenwald hates trans people and thats hilarious considering a neofascist regime actually wants to murder him… trans man and enby showing me their asshole in fishnet s. Are the true kingsHORNY IS LEGAL
Retweeted by michelle pereznice a crossdresser. Cool @mperezwritesirl I have an anal fixation.
Retweeted by michelle perez @dreadful_damsel Ngl ... You x trans girl vid would legit rule @HORSETRAUMA lol u are the only complete couple i crush on 😭Update and shift in patreon functionallity Just letting everyone know where I'm at and wha…
Retweeted by michelle perez @mechapoetic First zangiefsexual on the timelineVault Release: Panty try on #1 just went live on, you should totally go check out the FREE…
Retweeted by michelle perezJust made a sale! Peek-a-boo ass tease #MVSales #ManyVids
Retweeted by michelle perezVault Release: Panty try on #1 just went live on, you should totally go check out the FREE…
Retweeted by michelle perezBrief intermission so I can finish making this damn femdom preview. Here's my butt cheeks.
Retweeted by michelle pereztiddytiddytiddytiddytiddytiddypretty.
Retweeted by michelle perezdrunkGood morning black kings 👑 and queens retweet and say it back HAPPY EASTER 🐇 🐇 🐇
Retweeted by michelle perezMe and my bitch sandwich a dick 💋 🍬 🍭
Retweeted by michelle perezI 💘 love this dick crucify my throat
Retweeted by michelle perezI want a 1000 likes for this because this white guy fuck my throat really fucking hard.but I enjoyed the dick in my…
Retweeted by michelle perezSissy hypno superman @mperezwritesirl A yeen peen with a sheen?
Retweeted by michelle perez @banalplay Superman tf'd into a fuck ass bitch @VondranArt i love when the girl have the slick yeen cock @VondranArt when the girl has fat skunk nuts @170HP Thank you for the yaoi assholeThe Juul Pussy @mperezwritesirl Notes of seltzer and vape
Retweeted by michelle perezScreaming Boochie at the top of my human lungs @mperezwritesirl
Retweeted by michelle perezTfw this Bitch Got Basil In The Cum. The complex tran notes in the tasteJust getting ready for you :3
Retweeted by michelle perez @pissmancy The most complex tasting trans cumsD.C. Council member seeks to decriminalize sex work. The bill would repeal criminal penalties for sex workers and t…
Retweeted by michelle perezKite and doggie have trans bootleg porn on limewire chaos energies. Beauty buttholeskite and doggie too fuckin hot. Hottest tran gfs and hottest bfs. Hottest partner of tran, all manner of pronounNew embroidered snapback from @undying_apparel It's....uh....a hat that says "sexual pee" on it.…
Retweeted by michelle perezOK BUT HEAR ME OUT HERE: MY DICK IN MOUTH OR BUTT (BOTH?!?)
Retweeted by michelle perezWhomst'd've gonna suck me off
Retweeted by michelle perezThe ftm asshole. Consider the pussyboy s @mperezwritesirl fufufu... my booty...
Retweeted by michelle perez @DNoizes transition from this bitch to THIS BITCHok so I was going through my pics/vids on sale thru chaturbate and i found and old photoset from when i was...20 or…
Retweeted by michelle perez @petslimegirl onen of the few vids where i know someones got the jewel plugTurn sound on
Retweeted by michelle perez @mperezwritesirl hey sup
Retweeted by michelle perez @mperezwritesirl @emuchaton ^_^
Retweeted by michelle perez @leslieleeiii holy fuck @leslieleeiii Big bbq sauce jim being Texas and being trans positive is Legit trans positive rips ass to meI like that #AEWDoN seems to be a show produced by humans.
Retweeted by michelle perez @Boringstein Illegal. Thisi s pussy b0yncultire friday feel me up but this time it’s my cock!
Retweeted by michelle perez @DNoizes Are they spicy @mperezwritesirl Butts you say? I sure hope there isn't an explicity cap
Retweeted by michelle perezRip to wife'sCliff Wife 9/11 Exploded
Retweeted by michelle perez @AjaMercury Fuck ing, incredibly to meI'm about a week away from finishing up my pretty intense exercise regime and I'm feeling super proud of the change…
Retweeted by michelle perezshowing up to the Dominos where the world's fastest pizza boxer works and heckling him into the fucking ground
Retweeted by michelle perez @niceupdog @irlupdog infuckingcredible with the crop topponytail mode activated
Retweeted by michelle perezEat with pleasure fuck with pleasure 😝🚿 🍭
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