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Huge thanks to our amazing ambassador @Courtney_Lawes for holding up the @csjthinktank Family award winner for 2020…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPGood decision from Swedish clothing giant @hm 👇👇👇 case is emblematic of the rapid decline of #HongKong. The UK must offer consular assistance to BN(O)s arrested… don’t need lectures on the Northern Ireland peace deal from presidential candidate @JoeBiden. If I were him I wo…
Interview with @BrexitWatch5 and Jonathan Saxty discussing: #Brexit negotiations, fixing the NI Protocol, Internati… pleased Denmark has joined #IPAC with co-chairs @Ammitzboell_K and @uffeelbaek 👇 winner of this year’s #CSJAwards2020 Education Award goes to @FBeyondBorders. FBB uses football as a catalyst…
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Earlier interview with @JuliaHB1 on @talkRADIO regarding the ongoing #Brexit negotiations and the 'quite typical' w… for UK ban on all Chinese data firms after leak reveals 40,000 Britons in intelligence files
The @csjthinktank awards recognise organisations on the frontline of the battle against poverty 👇
Starting tomorrow the @csjthinktank, the @telegraph and a number of famous faces will showcase six award winning sm… is a profoundly ill-judged campaign from @GambleAware - trivialising a very serious issue and with the potenti…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPThe following thread from @DavidGHFrost is proof positive that the #EU has been acting in bad faith in the #Brexit credit: the benefit that kept Britain from the brink
#IPAC members #Standtogether 👇
Boris Johnson’s government is right to protect integrity of UK. For the full FT article read here: Internal Market… Johnson’s government is right to protect integrity of UK
Forget the foaming indignation, this #Brexit bill is perfectly justifiable: section 38 of the WA Act preserves Parl… I raised the unfair treatment of those suffering under the #LoanCharge - @HMRCgovuk has historically behaved…’s Air Ambulance Charity has continued to provide life-saving care to the people of London throughout the pan… outlines crucial clause in Brexit deal to allow PM's latest move in Commons showdown
👇👇from @ShaunBaileyUK members representing 10 legislatures sign a statement of solidarity with Australia amidst rising threats from… Labour MP @Siobhain_Mc to Chinese Ambass @AmbLiuXiaoMing with 135 cross-party MPs/Peers expressing absolute…
***Correction to text: Replace "province" (Xinjiang) with "region".The film #Mulan was already the target of a boycott after its lead actress backed a crackdown on #HongKong proteste… appears that @Disney worked with a Chinese Gov security agency in #Xinjiang province where over 1m people mostly… urge my government to put China right up there as a priority. The freedom of people and the imposition of dictato… Some residents have received letters asking them to enter details into website to check if they are eligible…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPMoved to receive this postcard. The image at the bottom right beautifully expresses how we feel. We don’t want you…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MP
Coronavirus cases are mounting but deaths remain stable. Why? via @spectatorSeriously concerned for the welfare of Maria Kolesnikova in #Belarus. Lukashenko’s regime must make her safe return…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPThis is appalling, aggressive and awful to see from the #HongKongPolice👇 'KIDNAPS' five Indian citizens in disputed border territory via @MailOnline#HongKong shocked by violent #HongKongPolice arrest of 12-year-old girl
The #EU stance in the #Brexit negotiations is a complete chaotic mess and chief UK negotiator Sir David Frost warns… talks 'will be over in days unless the EU realises Britain is serious about no-deal' the right to free speech, The Telegraph's journalism is free to read this weekend
All the journalism published by @telegraph is going to be free to view this weekend. We believe in a free press. We…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPEurope Just Declared Independence From China
British human rights lawyer is convening an independent tribunal in the UK to investigate whether the Chinese gover… doctor tells ITV News of disturbing testimonies of 'forced abortions and removal of wombs' in China | ITV Ne…
Stop threatening Europe, Germany tells China 6 chosen winners of the #CSJAwards2020 will receive a £10,000 grant & be profiled in front of 100's of leading…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPGreat to be on the zoom with @RishiSunak and @MPIainDS. Really interesting ideas & thanks for everything Rishi has…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPSharp rise in Chinese coercive diplomacy in 2020, says new report #Standtogether
This is terrible news! Apart from being a top notch journalist (able to do solid stories even inside #China’s massi…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MP
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPTwo weeks ago, the young activist #AndyLi was arrested under the new national security law Beijing imposed on… can't have TikTok's HQ in Britain: the UK's rush for business with Communist China shouldn't replace our moral d…
Let the journey begin! It’s the first day of our CEO @Mike_Palfreman and friends 900mile epic walk from John O’Groa…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPLetter from MPs and Peers in the @Telegraph in defence of free journalism in #HongKong
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPRevealed: auditors raised minimum-wage red flags at Boohoo factories | Boohoo | The Guardian
China's European charm offensive disrupted by activists | @guardian "In every capital Wang visits, he is being ac…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPExc: China attempts to extend influence by sending more diplomats to London Number has quietly risen by almost a q…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPThe purpose of these diplomats being here is they see the UK as a back door to the USA. The UK Gov must step up & s…
Statement from @hk_watch on the arrest of pro-democracy lawmakers, Lam Cheuk-ting and Ted Hui Chi-fung, and other a…
I don't see the point in people producing "doomsday scenarios". You could produce a scenario where everything is wo… tests 'should be done at work to catch middle class cocaine users' China uses Muslim press trips to counter claims of Uighur abuse's time to show some Churchillian spirit and win the battle to get our children back in school
It would be madness to welcome TikTok to the UK. We cannot ignore the abuses of the Chinese state 4/4...upon request, regardless of where such data was obtained. Also requires firms (when asked) to lie about receivin… ByteDance is in fact a Chinese company. This is important because it means ByteDance and its subsidiaries,… (TikTok) claims it's a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands, a tax haven. The reason for this unusu… exam fiasco we need a bonfire of the 412 quangos undermining MPs
...lobbying on behalf of Beijing’s interests. It’s time to end this subsidy. A body like this, are of course free t…£25 million of taxpayers’ money has been paid over 10 years to a pro-China business group. The China-Britain Busine…
The Chinese Government's horrific treatment of #HongKongers & the #Uighur Muslims violates every human rights law i… the smashing of the Sino-British agreement over #HongKong and the arrests of decent people in Hong Kong under… UK Gov should lobby @iocmedia to boycott the #WinterOlympics & change the venue. China is dictatorial, aggressi…
Interview on @bbc5live earlier regarding A-level exam results 👇 fighting for his life after stabbing by Highams Park railway concerning reports of #Uyghur birth repression in #Xinjiang. #IPAC (@ipacglobal) calls for a UN led investigat…
👇👇👇 Duncan Smith tells government to "put things right" over A-level shambles - LBC @LBC
I’ve called for the UK Gov to refuse this move on security & human rights grounds. The UK must harmonise with other… must break vicious circle of slavery and human smuggling modern slaves paid as little as £2ph to work in 'rat infested' factories
📢 OUT TODAY | Parallel societies: slavery, exploitation and criminal subculture in Leicester “One thing for this r…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPbenefit fraud, VAT evasion & money laundering. The fear of contracting #Covid19 briefly became bigger than the fear… report from @csjthinktank “Parallel societies” exposes slavery, exploitation & criminal subculture in Leice… has exposed extent of slavery in UK and shone a light on a “lawless state” within Britain, where people…
Police couldn’t take into custody Apple Daily’s inspirational courage, commitment and conscience|Benedict Rogers… & democracy matters - 👇from @joshuawongcf “I don’t know when my time will come, I believe it is only a matt…
Sadiq Khan's new City Hall plan smacks more of PR pomp than saving taxpayers' money
...broadcast media news? What’s happening now in Hong Kong is just as important as our domestic news stories. I hop… #HongKong decent people are being arrested on trumped up charges using the National Security Law, some facing li… @selinathinks - I've written to the SoS for International Development raising my concerns about the spill. T… worrying news emerging from #Stonehaven of a train derailment earlier with reports of serious injuries. My tho… can play a crucial role in easing global strategic reliance on China, says British lawmaker
#IPAC statement on the arrest of #HongKong pro-democracy journalists & activists under the recently imposed draconi… wrongfully arrested in #HongKong must be immediately released without charge. If the Chinese Government conti…
#IPAC 🇬🇧 member @GarethDavies_MP calls on the UK's financial sector to work with the government on holding Beijing…
Retweeted by Iain Duncan Smith MPLebanon's entire government has resigned over Beirut explosion via @MetroUKChina to sanction 11 Americans, including @ipacglobal US co-chair Senator Marco Rubio in retaliation for restrictio…