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put your money where your mouth is...(she/her)

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@jasoncomix i will gladly eat the entire pan of enchiladasmade a tastier meal than usual tonight for dinner to which the littlest replied “when you cook again, can you make…’s snowing a lot. It’s cold. I would say spare a thought but thoughts won’t keep someone warm. Send money or su…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨i think of today’s snow as a testimony as to how much i love this city🙃 @yasmeenahxo you deserve all the goodness🌙pretty sure @rapsody is my fav rapper rn. so fucking good
Snow got you a little freaked out? Noticing driving is lousy? Now think of this happening election day. Minneapo…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨mama earth was like “you mf’ers need to behave”You know what’s super not helpful? When someone shares a sadness or a problem and your response is “it could always…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨ @mandyapolis @cristabell 😉🙃imagine being an adult and having to debate with muted mics cause you can’t keep your mouth shut HOUSING NO PEACE. Jacob Frey doesn't deserve peace until he's met our demands and given us real housing solution…
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@U2Nurse 💛fucking ovaries man. fuck.bitterness is not the look... @ItsTheBrandi omg i would have been even later after that falsetto cause you know... 😅i mean i guess MN hibernates in the winter so maybe that will stop some spread 😭😭 @MariaIsa 💛💛Free walk-up COVID-19 testing event. Open to everyone. Saturday, 10/24 1–5pm St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Brookl…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨spent the majority of my work weekend gently moving along groups of browsers.. businesses are already at limited ca… @veronicayes68 i just somehow pulled the entire medicine cabinet off the wall 🙃cute
my perfectly cropped & torn up tank needs a dark & sweaty murder she wrote work outjust got mini donuts delivered to the shop so pretty great sunday @zola_ellen love 💛i really like it here... you wanna support me and my bestfriend but can’t come physically embrace us or give substantial emotional suppor…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨waking up the family with a lil Bob Marley, and a pic of @Ladyt2sweet pulling up to the shop on her bike looking li… afternoon ☁️ we’re taking donations for unsheltered ppl at mn youth collective from 10am-2pm today and tomorr…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨PLEASE support my sister who was caught in the middle of a shooting so she can get the recourses she needs and stay…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨ @TUFAWON get some rest 💛
did i really think i could buy candy to hand out to the kids and keep it at the shop without eating itVote for change. Vote for her.
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨ @Christin612 where’s the lie 😘🙃🏆
@zola_ellen 😂😂 oh boy. they know exactly how to get us @ExtraPaleMale the giant costco brand one always makes an appearance in our house around this time of yearTricky😅omg😭😭😭😭saving for whenever i need a good cry @InAWomansWorld @SavannahGuthrie she was greathey hey you you still have time to do the census, takes five minutes
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨idk where they came from or when they started to pop up but those half jeep half pick up things are pretty sexy @JoeBiden the #GreenNewDeal gets us hot.. we dig it @JoeBiden we actually WANT you to ban fracking @realDonaldTrump you changed DACA before the pandemic you fucking idiotalright he is backBiden was doing pretty good, but just fell off😕I can totally picture @SavannahGuthrie being all giddy getting ready for this town hall.. like let’s go mf’erPLEASE complete the Census before the midnight deadline. I can't overstate how important this is. It quite literal…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨ @ziibiing i am the perfect amount of high for it🙃 @brenface 😍😍😍 @realDonaldTrump oh you miserable miserable miserable little fucking manomg i love this idea..
can’t wait watch @JoeBiden on ABC instead is wildin out😳this new world of endless options has one believing there is always something better out there, so no one puts in m… Music was like “we hear you, listen to this lil gem from Moses” @blacktechguru wooo
highly recommend biking with a tiny human on the windiest day with leaves swirling all around you screaming at the… assistance funds are still available! Falling behind on rent or mortgage or related housing expenses? Apply…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨With the deadline dangerously moved up, it's more urgent than ever that you fill out your Census today! Critical…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨budgeting out how much i can spend weekly to support small businesses this winter.. it is gonna be an extra rough one 😩basically i cannot stop thinking about wateralso that pool scene from Wild Things...remember that movie Splash.. well swap out Daryl Hannah with me, and i climb out of the water, seduce mr. white & t…'m sorry but this is funny
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨it’s honestly just time to introspect and watch everything else be revealed. sometimes silence and introspection is enough.
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨ @RamzDizzle it is crazy right?!!
my 3 year old can razor scooter his tiny ass off.. just tried it myself and needed @MelDubs the sex.. i like your style;)and i walked into the house to find a giant piece of a baguette soaking in olive oil and vinegar.. going to have to… sitting in my car, in the garage listing to Keith Sweat sing Nobody, while eating a special cookie... what is life
not the point of this headine.. but go ahead and keep blaming Nader;) @nicycle 🔑And #LandBack
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨Minneapolis, here's a map of locations where you can physically drop off your ballot. Several are already open with…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨not saying one cannot grow & change, but do the changes you desire benefit the person or do they simply serve you 🤷🏼‍♀️most people show you who they are, you can either accept them or keep hoping they are going to change into what you…
I would LOVE to see more thigh meat shown by men. Why yall hiding ya yams from me? Huh? You scurrrrred?.
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨enough already 😭 @ClaireMPLS do it
@jasoncomix 💛💛i am so bummed. we have been doing all the things and playing it so safe. @_taliaknight_ and bread. lots of warm bread dipped in olive oil🤤 @ishkwaakiiwan 💛💛💛
@abywolf same... i was leaning towards a ByeDon one too😂just saw a yard sign that says biden sucks vote biden🤣 that’s where we’re at folks @_omgigi_ 😂😂😂Just give people money. Folks are most interested in feeding, sheltering & caring for themselves than we can write…
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨ @justbrad 😂😂😂 @jasoncomix @ToppersPizza ugh i love that cheesy bread with all those sauces to dip it in 😋remember when the president got covid. shit is so wild.
Saint Paul March heading down University Avenue toward Capitol. #BLM #saintpaul
Retweeted by ✨love harder✨“you get spicy any time i act like a pisces...” feeling this @common versejust out here pressing replay on every @theroots song that pops up on this apologies if you encounter me within the next hour or sooooo make it stop Trump doesn’t want to participate in debate, fine. Give @JoeBiden the whole damn 90 minutes of prime time and l…
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