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Megan Pope @mpopetweets New York, USA

gay jewish pope. playwright + comedy writer. thirst trap satirist. | (they/them)

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I am 2020 comic to not watch bc u will b stressedI will keep making these jokes til I’m old and worn 😎When people say “deadass” I’m like not 2 b a bitch but I like my asses alive...
Ok literally marry me (and teach me how to add song 2 Spotify) curious to know if Larry David has seen the L word.... @schlife It’s goodI laughed I cried I walk by a bar and a guy says “to be honest, Phil...” to his friend (presumably Phil) letsssss just day I lin… @uncle_poppers HAHAHAHHHwhen ppl say "r u picking up what im putting down?" im always like "no i don't lift" @salty_jess Yes 💞 @ryanntweets_ LolllllMe rolling up to morning zoom mtg after having done none of my work the day b4: person host snl challenge @noahcent Yes#cynthiaerivo at the 70th annual tony awards: clarify they never said gay @MCCisNauseous i die for an olfactory moment 😭give her gifts and free therapy for the rest of her life if she wants it @MCCisNauseous "chirp, chirp, checkmate" I mean... never a truer line written @MCCisNauseous the ending wrecked me 😪when trump said "statistics" i wish this happened: @CharlotteTisch same mind @CharlotteTisch omfg look at what i just tweeted @georgeciveris ok compliment of the centuryis this what the kominsky method is... @larryowenslive the show is so not gay rights that it loops back around and becomes gay rightsu think they're gunna mention love, victor in this debate specifically how the benji boy looks like a smokin hot le… ngl would've loved this debate to b a quibi this = too long @walkercapl wait literally just texted @leannevely thisjoe knows the law - we're talkin' legal and jude even!bye time for dykevice KIDS ARE NOT WELL TAKEN CARE OF THEY HAVE BEEN RIPPED AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS @Rachel_Sennott he bugged a brooklyn open mic for that lineok biden just said "pee pee pee" that settles it, i'm voting for him! 😎joe biden next time throw an "eileen" after that c'mon challenge!they gotta wrap up this debate because i gotta watch @iAmRobbyHoffman Dykevice Live at 10pthey said hitler before gay tonight i owe my friend ten buxevery time joe biden says malarkey im like no it's m'LADYevery1 has same brain @ this pt @ryanntweets_ me if i worked with them: @GKuhlenschmidt onlyyyy a ghost would do thistrump thinks nyc is a ghost town bc every time he comes here we all go "boo, bitch"moderator: mr. vice president do you want to respond to that? biden: MET GOLD STAR FAMILIES? TWO GOLD STAR LESBIANS WITH GOLD STAR LESB KIDS? ok gay rights!trump says we r gonna get 1 hundred million vials got nodeswhenever hannah montana would sing "if we were a movie" i'd b like bitch u are
somehow, despite the pandemic, im back editing a gay podcast at an outdoor cafe while a jazz cover of "come togethr… know in my bones the first movie i sell will be "nonbinary santa" :( @yayayayayasmina @jourdayen (they update this) @jourdayen play stuff! r red glasses r sexi u get this ilymost famous man in the world is Ali from ZipRecruiter @krispy_kreen big d! @colbyjsmith jealous that bradley is ur roomie!!!i think about this tweet twice a day passed out when i told him i was sad about my sadnessjust had 5 min laughing meltdown about if maya from selling sunset starred in band's visit and sang omar sharif @JacksonRickun 😈 @eshap @JayJurden wait same @adubjose it's the bestwhen ppl r like "i'm speechless" i'm like... no ur not u just said thatgood morning, i worry that mayb the prom movie is gonna make ppl hate lesbians more 😎 Hawke and Tony Hawk are brothers one of them just doesn’t do e @christress @ziwe @schlife Sex my gf that last yr I went to Halloween party where @ziwe and @christress were dressed in hot euphoria costumes… with transphobíque Emily in Paris celebrating an Instagram post that says “the vagina is not masculine” ✨ @christiandluu Only thing that makes me laugh these days is thisThe most hilarious thing is how everyone wants to write but nobodyyyy wants to writeshould I delete thisMy parents in 2017: when i think about kristen stewart:
whoever funded quibi should just like fund individual artist projectsmoon is gay im calling it congrats queen can put a man on the moon but cannot cure virus explain that 2 me billie nye @gaynamedsteve @frynaomifry objectively she is doing much better than i am!! @frynaomifry you can have my department t-shirtThis is sad because I really wanted to be a Quibillionaire @TessaSkara 😈when i drink coffee shirtless and spill some on my scars baby THAT's what i like to call: ScarJoe @emmajayne unique song choice! yes gurl!!!The difference between toast, butter croissant, and butter bagel shouldn’t be huge if u think about it scientifical… and the park slope lesbians are running with their babies their heads look like they’re gunna detach am I talki… @larryowenslive Wait I screamed @catcohen Is this bc u r giving sagely advice to meDale more like Dial 911! #bacheloretteI love watching bachelorette and reminding everyone that statistically 1 in 5 of the boys gotta b gayWhen there’s a caps lock HE/HIM In a cis bio i gottaaaaa love it but b scared and sad at same time! 🥰Once again only enby in America watching this show @marybethbarone RiteI rel8 to bachelorette bc she just said “I am the FIRST to crack jokes”
Ya! At this pt I just tweet things like this!When a podcast pauses itself I’m like “I better not b getting a phone call” @christiandluu @allisonoconor ok will in that case i LOVE my monthly sho!hey @MarthaStewart we should do livestream in honor of ur daughter's big holiday movie coming out!! you could even… @schlife 😏every1 should see this, i never shut up about it lol @jeremyoharris @willarbery is out 2day!