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arabelle ୨୧ @mptybananamilk 4teen !! she/he ,, poc ・゚🧸・。

ugbmi : 16 ,, and you’re hard on yourself and your laugh it just melts in my hands

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@supafink Hey..🙁Angel number and ily guys hehe
Bmi 17 is so annoying bruh why am I stuck hereSlim thighs look so good on women oh my godSeptember is sooo boring but tbh it’s kinda nice I’m taking it slow and easygoals for the end of this year: slim thighs, toned tight stomach, silky hair, good grades, consistent studying + wo… place just seeeems sooo repetitive now 😭😭😭 sorry maybe my timeline is just dry
Bruh everytime I open this app I see the most disgusting gut wrenching jaw dropping shit then I just close it again>semi recovery >eats normally with no disordered thoughts or behaviour >going great tbh😄 >now has very fast metabo…
This shit starting to not be worth it idk I’m just out of my honeymoon phase 😣Exam season that’s why I’m not active but stay skinny yalls 💋rt if u want to cry in ur mothers arms like a child and have her tell you you’re beautiful and that it’s all ok or if ur hungry
Retweeted by arabelle ୨୧ @heartskcal HEHWHHAHA
@heartskcal How bro @hearteyedgf4 Ur so perfectTake me back to when i was satisfied with one layout for a month but now I keep changing it cause I open the app and it just irks me broDude I love clairo so much her songs are just so gentle and nice @agexisting I’m love horror and video games so much,I sleep with 3 pillow and one shark plushie and I have a huge sweet tooth ;)
you don't hold an obligation to hurt yourself, you know? you don't deserve it, no matter how much you think you…
Retweeted by arabelle ୨୧ @chaengi3cals Fr they’re all abt “I’m a top I’m a bottom” and it terrifies me
@DOLLCRAVES Ur food pics always look bomb“Calories in cum?” -the literal 13 yr old. 😭😭😭Idk how y’all can be so open on Twitter like u guys talk abt having intercourse so@openly it’s scaryYo can smn reassure me that people still like skinny bodies hahaha before u go crazyI want to kms I hate my body so muchMy mom has skinny shamed me sm I feel like my bf wouldn’t love me if I got skinnier 😞😞😞😞😞
@thighspo66 IKRRRI don’t wanna eat anymoreSo obsessed with the idea of being skinnyWhy is losing that little 1kg so difficult @jinricalorie It’s giving last night was a movie bro
Me: I want to be taller/grow and change!! Also me: does not eatWhy the skinny shaming actually getting to me bruh
I prefer maintaining rn cuz im lazy to lose 😅I can’t do anything anym lmaooo Idk why starving got so srs for meLiterally on the brink of fainting everyday and my legs tremble when I go down the stairsI get so weak when I don’t eat now I don’t know whyMy skirt being loose is a nice feeling I don’t even want to adjust it
I don’t understand why does everyone make me feel crazyIs it because I am actually crazy? Is that it am I just so crazyGuys I don’t understand why does no one understand me @heyascalz Lose 20 idc if it’s severely underweight I’ll take it
my skirt was tight before the holidays now it’s loose 😛 @fourleavez MORNINGGG @fourleavez I MISSED THEM SMI guess I should be be happy that food seems gross to me then I won’t eat it💁‍♀️The smell of food makes me disgusted nowHaven’t ate in so long when j tried to eat today it literally felt disgusting I’m not gonna eat properly tmrMy morning skinny had been hitting soo diff recently4k 🍾🍾🍾🍾😛😛HEYYY GUYSSS 4K LETS GOOOO41 kg bmi 17.4 😛😛Spare 1? 😛😛😛
@kayspos MememeeeJust very motivated to look sickIn my unhinged eraWant to be sick skinnyI feel like I’m in my honeymoon phase againOreos are the most binge inducing food in the world
Retweeted by arabelle ୨୧ @lollisnstarvs FRRRR @skinshxt @Imjustcuwuter 1🥺 @heartskcal HEHEHAHAMy bf is not even worried even after hinted at him im relapsing 😭😭😭 okay I’ll just make people worry3.4 kg left to go41.4kg bmi 17.6 ( ´∀`)
@lillyrosedepop HELP I DONT USE LBS I USE KGGGGG😭😭😭Starving till I’m 40 kg I think I can do thatOh to see the scale start with a number 3 😭Starving as long as i can I have no appetite and it hurts to eat anywaywas 44kg now I’m 42 ughh can I pls go back to my lw @4m0nk3y U still look greatt @4m0nk3y My god ur so tonedddd absolute goals @valleylyly Yess take iron pills u could end up fainting @mhinspo Haven’t had them in awhile so idkkHaven’t eaten a meal in 5 days ❤️On a trip rn and my family has been skinny shaming me this whole week lmaooo
@juxebox_joints I didn’t actually HAHAH
@I_neEd_loona 1 or 3 so cutee @bmitoohigh Who do u think gave me this ed bruh😂😂 @weetaspo Just block them fr they’re jus acting hurt for bait @L0VEBUNNI @WISHSPO @sick_mon @m4rkusb4rkus_ @suiotd This is so funny 😭😭😭 @MochaPilates Big numbers in the bank and little numbers on the scale is the dream
Retweeted by arabelle ୨୧ @outr0ten ty for noticing heheh @L0VEBUNNI HEHEH THANKSSS<33 @Streakyymanz I WANT THAT CUP SO BAD PLSSSS @mikrocalsmos This made me shake my head bruh @nyingspo @valIeydoll YES!! Her and b311e d3lphine love acting like l1ttle girlsHow r u proudly racist @valIeydoll @nyingspo I rmr she wore a pacifier 😞 @4m0nk3y You’re so pretty omggg and ur nose is perfect @dietcolaloverr HELP how’d you know🙈🙈 @wonyoungsslut GOALSSS @L0VEBUNNI Yipeee @slowphia HEHE thank you!! @judy6344587 Either way ur still super skinny😚😚 @judy6344587 FOR REAL BRUH😭😭😭😭Seeing irl thinspo actually makes me want to scream and cryI saw so many skinny girls at this mall I went to it was actually sickening 😭 @amourkcl Thank youuu<3