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Michael Quinn Sullivan @MQSullivan Texas. All of Texas.

Husband, father, Eagle Scout, Christian, conservative, Aggie. 5th-Gen Texan. Leftists call me a “far-right warlord,” “far-right mandarin,” & “flibbertigibbet.”

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SPORTS: New boss same as old boss at Aledo #TxHighSchoolSports #news
.@RepDennisBonnen @MQSullivan Controversy Takes Down @Burrows4TX: CC: @cahnman @HeidiL_RN
Retweeted by Michael Quinn SullivanExcellent article by the @WSJ’s @KimStrassel. That her reporting is ALL we are seeing about the Democrat’s Fusion o… Beaumont United High dedicates sophomore season of varsity play to late assistant coach… ringing endorsement for a tech giant in Austin... Katy Paetow High returns 44 lettermen from inaugural team #TxHighSchoolSports #news @TimRunsHisMouth Pretty sure @HillaryClinton’s campaign slogan capture it: “I'm With Her" @MarkDavis Concur.I’ve viewed them as “something else” for years.
Retweeted by Michael Quinn SullivanSPORTS: Argyle senior baseball star Dillon Carter named Class 4A co-player of the year think @ChevyChaseToGo did something like one time in a Ford Taurus... @snopes Really? Who thought it was necessary to post this? That person at Snopes should be fired.
Retweeted by Michael Quinn SullivanIt’s inevitable: 1 day a politician is going to campaign on the promise of a single-payer food system after crushin…
Retweeted by Michael Quinn Sullivan“The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam that nearly caused me to be murdered” Hard to believe people…
Retweeted by Michael Quinn Sullivan @TimRunsHisMouth Many, many, many moths ago.🙋‍♂️
When someone offers you a bribe, or solicits activity from you in exchange for official government favors - like… #TxLege Speaker @RepDennisBonnen pointed his unethical quid-quo-pro proposal-gun at me in the meeting he calle…, because the @NYTimes is the very definition of #FakeNews. Talking to the leftist press is a waste of time. to all this was #TxLege Speaker @RepDennisBonnen’s VERY public pronouncements that he would punish any leg… Burrows resigns as @TXGOPCaucus chairmanship. Bonnen refuses to recant or apologize. 10) Texas Rangers are asked to investigate. I privately reject their solicitation offer 5) Bonnen denies he did anything. 6) I publicly reject their offer.… 1) #TxLege Speaker @RepDennisBonnen asked me to meet with him. 2) He proposed a quid pro quo: I engage pol… Resigns as House Republican Caucus Chairman - Texas Scorecard
Retweeted by Michael Quinn SullivanFor his role in #TxLege scheme, @Burrows4TX has resigned as @TXGOPCaucus chairman. But let’s be clear: Speaker… @jerrymaston Well said. I’m amused by the idea, but not sold on it! @jerrymaston Amen, sir! @JimBaxa1 Well, there is that. @mscottb1948 Yes, but I am hazy on the “why” he wanted it. For that matter, I’m hazy on why Trump wants it.Disgusting. US Rep. Tlaib asks for permission to enter Israel on humanitarian grounds to see her aged grandmother;…“You can’t be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy.” – Ronald ReaganIn politics, in everything, people want to talk about what “side” they are you, you are on, I am on. There’s only o… @MarkDavis If we ban a few of them from coming to Texas, will she stay out of here, too?I must admit, there is something mildly amusing about the idea of buying Greenland. Does the Louisiana Purchase rin… When Joe Biden was in the White House, he and Obama banned a member of the Israeli Knesset from entering the…
Retweeted by Michael Quinn Sullivan @cjblain10 ‘Merica!
@SirRonHale @RepDennisBonnen @Burrows4TX Under the House Rules, the Speaker Pro Tem can be swapped at any time by the speaker."...Ignoring corruption of this scale for political expediency is unacceptable." - @TrueTXProject President Fran Wa… her commentary, @TrueTXProject President Fran Waters Rhodes calls for resignation of @RepDennisBonnen and… @mattstringertx @nytimes I don’t think they want me feeling triggered...Since they do precious little journalism, I shouldn’t be surprised the @nytimes hired stalkers. We’ve told the lef… @DonnaDiorio I think some folks are overthinking this. It would be inaccurate to frame it as “do you want an income… if only Omar and Tlaib could be kept out of Congress... it wrong that I’m eagerly cheering for a Democrat primary fight between @BetoORourke and @mjhegar? Mama’s boy tr… Wow.
Thinking about the session results, I’m reminded of how stupid it was for #txlege @Burrows4TX to propose limiting p… politicians. Everywhere. keep saying no, but the #FakeNews @nytimes keeps pestering me to participate in their attack-profile of me. No, I…“We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in.” – Thomas Payne
16 days and 1 hour until kick off for the first @AggieFootball game of the year! #GigEmAggies! #btho @txst! @SirRonHale @quorumreport @TXGOP Better question: Which hasn’t?Great piece by Charlotte Allen, quoting yours truly. UT President Greg Fenves is turning the University of Texas in…
Retweeted by Michael Quinn SullivanSeems like ⁦@MLB⁩ should be more concerned with replacing all those empty seats and declining ratings with fans and… sure which is more saddening: #TxLege @RepDennisBonnen’s unethical offer and his series of misrepresentations a…’m hearing #TxLege Speaker @RepDennisBonnen is slated to receive an award tomorrow from @alec_states. 1) Always hu… to whoever called me from a blocked number at 6:35pm, 9:33pm, and 10:54pm but never left a message: I don’t an… like an idiot 👇 @TweetTonyMac @ssharmaTX Wouldn’t it seem like he might be more of an expert on vegetables for that reason?Are we sure the software was mistaken? Maybe it was just futurecasting... day, new round of pestering from the #FakeNews @NYTimes for the attack-profile they’re writing. It’s not that I…“Texas will again lift its head and stand among the nations. It ought to do so, for no country upon the globe can c…
#FakeNews @nytimes apparently working on a profile of me. No thanks, not participating.WOW... Lt. Col. @AllenWest has called upon #TxLege House Speaker @RepDennisBonnen to resign.’s 1767 all over again... the more reason for #TexasGOP & ⁦@TXGOPCaucus⁩ to clean up #TxLege Speaker ⁦@RepDennisBonnen⁩’s unethical mess… @RepDennisBonnen @statebaroftexas @ChrisKGober @TexasGOP Just was reminded that Fischer was chairman of the…
Retweeted by Michael Quinn Sullivan#TxLege Background: remain hopeful Mr. Bonnen will recant his false claims about me and the facts surrounding our meeting.I recorded the meeting to protect myself from Speaker Bonnen’s proven practice of using lies to attack his adversar… I am disappointed Speaker Dennis Bonnen and State Rep. Dustin Burrows chose the course they did to deceive th… to the world you created, Dear Left. Brave New World.
Retweeted by Michael Quinn SullivanEvery single weekend, nearly 50 people are shot in Chicago This past weekend: 47 shot, 4 dead I wish Democrats sp…
Retweeted by Michael Quinn Sullivan @benshapiro Personally, I’m enjoying the opportunity to watch the PC crowd eat their own. @Conservativeind Because it's never been about #guncontrol at all. If it was they'd stop passing totally ineffectiv…
Retweeted by Michael Quinn Sullivan“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” – George Herman “Babe” Ruth2/2 Here’s one particularly nasty quote from Margaret Sanger (1939): “We do not want word to go out that we want to…
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It would appear ⁦@algore⁩ is on heavy drugs. Class 4A Division I runner-up Liberty Hill High’s new-look roster means ‘starting over’… Senior cornerback Espinosa sparks San Angelo Lake View High defense“Blessing and honor and glory and pow’r, wisdom and riches and strength evermore give ye to him who our battle hath… Rockwall High to rely on good hands of returning 4-star wide receiver Smith-Njigba
SPORTS: Austin St. Dominic Savio Catholic High pitcher Joshua Stewart commits to University of Texas… Seven Lakes grad Rudd registers U.S. Olympic swim trials qualifying time Former Keller Central star James on national watch list for soccer honor Euless Trinity, Longhorns star Turner joins national men’s team training camp roster… Donor to Bonnen Investigator is ... Dennis Bonnen? - Transparency Texas I was asked if the senior senator from Massachusetts was a habitual liar and appropriator of Native American… @VoteBeebe @RobbyMontoya @CaryCheshireTX @texasdemocrats @txdemocrats I say we compromise with one of each...
SPORTS: Allen graduate Davis named to soccer national award watch list #TxHighSchoolSports Former Hutto pitching star shines in summer league #TxHighSchoolSports #news @RobbyMontoya @texasdemocrats I’m already thinking about what frivolous thing I’ll buy for the office when the… am curious... @TexasDemocrats are suing ME over a meeting to which #TxLege Speaker @RepDennisBonnen invited me wi… @VoteBeebe @James_Barragan @RepDennisBonnen It’s very possible @RepDennisBonnen – in a fit of rage – drew all over… @rkecseg84 When Speaker @RepDennisBonnen and his moronic #TxLege toady @Burrows4TX pointed their quid-pro-quo gun a… The signed letter is with Bonnen and Burrows, not me. You should next demand @Burrows4TX give you the signed… got served with the frivolous lawsuit from the morons at the @TexasDemocrats! They state as a “fact” that the…